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Autel EVO Lite Gimbal Failure (& How to Fix It)

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Have you ever flown an Autel EVO Lite with the camera vibrating uncontrollably? Or with a camera that doesn’t move at all?

You can tell it’s too dangerous and something you must change before attempting a flight again. How do you fix the issue?

To fix Autel EVO Lite gimbal failure, check the gimbal mechanical components for obstruction and update the software. If neither of those checks solves your issue, you must contact Autel. The problem is a failure you won’t be able to correct, and you should send the drone back to them.

So how should you proceed to solve your gimbal issue?

We’ll tell you everything you need to know ahead, including step-by-step instructions, so keep reading!

What causes Autel EVO gimbal failure? #

When flying your Autel EVO Lite, the camera gimbal can wobble or get stuck.

These malfunctions are dangerous, as you lose your principal navigation aid. The camera won’t provide a clear image as it will have lots of noise due to the vibrations.

Also, you won’t be able to precisely check your surroundings, as the camera can’t rotate.

The Autel EVO Lite gimbal consists of four motors that allow the gimbal to rotate your camera to the sides, up or down, clockwise, and counterclockwise providing smooth footage.

Each of those motors has a self-stabilization function that eliminates wobbling.

Also, with the fourth axis stabilization, you avoid that up-and-down motion to shoot videos without any shaking.

However, if any of those motors work improperly, the gimbal won’t be able to work, presenting wobble or stuck malfunctions.

But why do these malfunctions happen?

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Foreign Object Debris (FOD) #

Gimbals are delicate pieces with moving parts. If any of those components are obstructed by a FOD, the gimbal will perform erratic movements or no movement.

Outdated firmware #

Another reason for gimbal failure is outdated firmware.

When it isn’t current, the software accumulates bugs that interfere with the drone’s functions.

These bugs can slow your command inputs or send undesired signals to the gimbal, making the gimbal move erratically.

Faulty gimbal #

Lastly, the gimbal components can experience wear and tear.

Plus, the four motors that control the gimbal are electrical. Electrical components tend to fail without notice, and there isn’t a solution more than to replace them.

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How to fix Autel EVO Lite gimbal failure #

Before attempting a solution, you should understand which failure your EVO Lite is experiencing. Then you can apply the correct steps to solve it.

Step 1: Pre-flight inspection #

Autel gives us a step-by-step pre-flight inspection to follow.

This inspection involves checking the drone’s integrity and preparing it for a safe flight. Most pilots don’t follow this procedure, as we think we can cover everything by memory, forgetting vital steps.

One of the most forgotten steps is to remove the gimbal cover. If you ignore this step, you subject the gimbal motors to stresses that wear them.

Other accessories as ND filters can interfere with the gimbal movement if installed incorrectly or if they aren’t meant for the EVO Lite. Yu must remove them.

Finally, remove debris like little rocks, sand, or grass, as those affect the gimbal movement if stuck in the motors.

Step 2: Update the firmware #

You should also check any prompt in the Sky app that states to perform a firmware update.

We tend to neglect these messages to the point we don’t perceive them once they pop up. The more firmware updates we ignore, the more bugs our EVO Lite will have.

This lack of updating affects our gimbal’s proper functioning, so we must solve it as follows:

  1. After you have paired the drone with the Remote Controller, open the Sky app on your mobile device.
  2. The Sky app will prompt you to update the firmware if available. Tap the Update button and then the Downloading button.
  3. If the update fails, ensure your drone, Remote Controller, and mobile device have at least 75 percent battery or charge them as necessary. Restart your devices and attempt the firmware update again.
  4. Once the firmware update is complete, tap the Acknowledge button.
  5. Restart your EVO Lite and mobile device.
  6. Pair the drone and Remote Controller again to access the Sky app camera view.
  7. Now move the gimbal with the Remote Controller. Rotate it up, down, to the sides, clockwise and counterclockwise.
  8. Ask yourself these questions: Does it move freely? How is the Sky app camera view while moving the gimbal? Is it wobbling or vibrating?
  9. It was a firmware update issue if the gimbal moves freely and the camera view looks smooth.
  10. If you can’t solve the gimbal failure after following these steps, go to Step 3.

Step 3: Gimbal calibration #

The final step to solve gimbal failure is to calibrate it. This procedure solves issues different from the firmware update as gimbal imbalances.

You can perform this calibration as follows:

  1. After you have paired the drone with the Remote Controller, open the Sky app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the Settings icon on the right upper corner of the camera view.
  3. Click the Control option from the left menu.
  4. Scroll down to find the Gimbal Calibration option on the right menu. Tap it.
  5. The calibration screen pops up with a blue Auto Calibration button. Tap it.
  6. During the process, the gimbal will rotate, so avoid moving or touching the drone, gimbal, or surface.
  7. Once calibration is complete, restart your drone and mobile app.
  8. Pair the drone and Remote Controller again to access the Sky app camera view.
  9. Now move the gimbal with the Remote Controller.
  10. It was a firmware update issue if the gimbal now works fine.
  11. If, after completing these steps, you can’t solve the gimbal failure, go to Step 4.

Step 4: Contact Autel #

If nothing else has worked, the problem boils down to gimbal hardware, which is something you can’t fix. Well, at least you shouldn’t try to fix it, as the drone can lose its warranty or you can damage it.

The best way to solve this failure is to contact Autel for a new gimbal. Autel may ask you to return the drone for them to check it.

We advise you to send a detailed email with a short one-minute video showing the issue.

  1. Copy and paste the applicable email address according to your zone.If you’re in the United States, write to located in the European Union, send an email to you reside outside the US or EU, contact Autel via
  2. Write “Autel EVO Lite Gimbal Failure” in the email subject.
  3. In the email body, write your Aircraft Serial Number S/N. You can find it in the drone battery compartment. It also appears on the box your drone came in. After pairing it with the RC and mobile device, check the Sky app. Tap the Settings icon and find the About option. Tap it to display the Aircraft S/N.

Write in detail what your EVO Lite is experiencing. When did the issue start? Which steps have you followed to solve the issue.

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Avoid writing long paragraphs and information that doesn’t add value to the Autel engineering team.

The idea is to film the erratic or stuck gimbal for Autel better understands the issue. As you need your mobile device paired, use another device to film the problem.

Here’s an example of an email you might send.


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