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Best Accessories for Holy Stone HS720E

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Thank you for checking this article with the best accessories for the Holy Stone HS720E.

When we’re looking at this drone, it’s a great choice to get started in this hobby. And a cheap one, indeed.

However, like with other drones, sometimes accessories are needed to enhance flight capabilities or help in different situations.

And, of course, the HS720E is no exception.

Although accessories are not mandatory, it is highly recommended that you have some. And we’ll try our best to help you sort out which ones you need and which ones you can do without.

Quick Verdict #

After much consideration and testing, here are the accessories we recommend for the Holy Stone HS720E.

  1. Drone Night Lights for HS720E – To follow the drone laws
  2. Propeller Guard for Holy Stone HS720E – Best for protection
  3. Drone Landing Pad – Best for landing/takeoff your drone
  4. Foldable Landing Gear for Holy Stone HS720E – Best for landing on uneven surfaces
  5. FAA Licensed Drone Pilot Vest – To alert bystanders to operations
  6. SD Cards for your Holy Stone HS720E – Best to record footage and take photographs

1. Drone Night Lights for HS720E – To follow the drone laws #

In the United States, to legally fly any drone during the night, including the HS720E, you must obey FAA laws and regulations of having visible strobe lights on your drones.

This will help the drone to be observed even by incoming aircraft in the night sky.

In reality, there are no drones that fit these requirements from the factory. So we always have to look for additional accessories.

I sometimes fly my drones at night for some night photography and filming. I love to do it.

Flying at night is always risky. And I, like everyone, have to respect the drone laws.

This accessory is recommended for the Holy Stone HS720E but can be used with other ones as well. 

You can attach universal strobe lights to your drone, but I prefer to go with this for the HS720E.

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2. Propeller Guard for Holy Stone HS720E – Best for protection #

If you’re a beginner and just got the HS720E as your first drone, congratulations. All of us drone pilots started with this first step (maybe not with this drone).

However, flying any drone as a beginner can be challenging. We must remember that propellers are, in fact, weapons, and if the drone is not flown with care, they can damage objects or the drone or even hurt someone (unintentionally, of course).

That’s why, when I got into the drone hobby, I considered some propeller guards to be an essential part of my kit.

These will offer you some level of protection for your drone and others in the worst-case scenario where you lose control of the drone.

Though it may not be as safe as a cinewhoop, it will make a difference.

And because the Holy Stone HS720E is not a drone under 250 grams, you should not worry about a few extra grams of weight.

What we recommend is specifically designed and manufactured for this drone. 

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3. Drone Landing Pad – Best for landing/takeoff your drone #

They come in many shapes and sizes. They look like massive preferred nap beds for your cat. These are drone landing pads!

Holy Stone, DJI, or Autel, no matter what your drone is, you should always have a drone landing pad. It’s not mandatory but is very much recommended as it comes with several benefits.

  • Your drone can take off and land in the same spot without trimming the grass.
  • It offers visibility for others and a mark point that a drone is flying and will land – so people may keep their distance.
  • Drones love landing pads – the downward vision sensors and intelligent systems MAY detect the landing pad as the takeoff point and will be more visible in darker environments. I don’t think I remember one time that my drone missed the landing pad.

A landing pad has many benefits, and it does not occupy much space as it will fold. 

Whenever I fly a drone, I take my landing pad with me, whether I need it or not. It’s good to always have it on hand!

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4. Foldable Landing Gear for Holy Stone HS720E – Best for landing on uneven surfaces #

If we’re still in the landing section, on top of the cat’s bed (landing pad), we should also look at possible landing gear for our HS720E.

The surface underneath the drone is mostly flat, and if you land your drone on uneven surfaces (pavement or rocks), it can easily scratch.

In the worst-case scenarios, the downward vision sensors can be damaged. You don’t want that.

So, whether you have a landing pad or not, a set of landing gear would be an additional safety feature to consider for the sake of your brand-new shiny drone, especially if you’re just starting out in the hobby.

We recommend a foldable landing gear so it won’t take up a lot of space; also, the landing gear will not add much weight, even if added together with the propeller guards.

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5. FAA Licensed Drone Pilot Vest – To alert bystanders to operations #

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to deal with “Karens” buzzing in my ear that I’m not allowed to fly there, to show her my drone license. That, of course, was while I was busy flying my drone.

There are people and people, and most of them don’t understand that they should not only keep a safe distance from the pilot operating a drone but also not disturb – the same as they should never bother the bus driver.

So, if flying in a more populated area or park where you’re allowed to fly, you may have to deal with these people. They’re there, waiting to spot you! 

Wearing such a vest will make you look more “official” and “on the job,” even if you’re flying recreationally. If you fly commercial drones, then you should always have one.

It’s not an anti-K “Karen” vest, but it surely will make some people think twice before approaching you. 

It’s good for your HS720E and good for flying any drones at all. Such a vest can make the difference if we’re not flying in remote areas, far away from any population.

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6. SD Cards for your Holy Stone HS720E – Best to record footage and take photographs #

Of course, like with any drone, the HS720E is not an exception in needing an SD card to save footage and images you take – the drone does not have any internal storage.

This drone does not support any MicroSD cards above 128GB – they have to be less than 128GB in size and with a minimum writing speed to avoid your 4K footage being stuttered. 

So, here is our recommendation in terms of SD cards for your Holy Stone HS720E – the SanDisk 128GB Extreme.

SanDisk has proved to be one of the most reliable companies when looking for SD cards for drones. And this one is one of the best and fastest (and reasonably priced) you can have for your Holy Stone drone.

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Why do we need accessories for the Holy Stone HS720E? #

These accessories make your life easier when you want to fly your Holy Stone HS720E. They’re not there to rob you of money but to help you have a better and safer flying experience.

There are many accessories on the market, and not everything is perfect. But what we recommend has proved reliable and can surely help a beginner fly this drone. 

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Are other accessories compatible with this drone? #

Some accessories are universal not only with the Holy Stone HS720E but also with many other drones.

A few of them we can think of are the SD cards, the landing pad, the vest, and even the strobe lights. And many more accessories found for other drones can work well with your HS720E. But not all of them.

Be aware that if something is explicitly designed for a drone (such as the landing gear or propeller guards), it will never work with other drones.

For instance, the propeller guards will not match the holding mechanics or the propeller size. The landing gear will simply not fit.

But the strobe lights, even if some are not engineered for this drone, can be attached, even if you have to DIY. 

That’s why, when looking for any kind of accessories for a drone, whether we’re talking about the HS720E or any other drone, make sure you research and watch some videos to ensure proper fit.

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Can I fly my Holy Stone HS720E without accessories? #

Of course, you can.

The Holy Stone HS720E can be flown with only what you have. And that’s it.

Some accessories are only optional to help you through your learning journey. But others are necessary, especially if you’re looking to record videos or safely take off or land a drone.

Now, what you should aim for is entirely up to you.

But my absolute recommendation is to go with the SD card, landing pad, and vest, at least.

You need to make yourself noticed for others to keep your distance because, as we said, flying drones can be dangerous, especially if you’re a beginner and have a difficult time focusing because others put pressure on you (the agitated wasp).

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