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Best DJI Mini 3 Accessories

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Just in time for the holidays, DJI has released yet another drone to its impressive line-up, DJI Mini 3, not to be confused with the DJI Mini 3 Pro.

As a successor to the Mini 2, the Mini 3 sits comfortably between the Mini 2 and the Mini 3 Pro, omitting a few of the pro features the Mini 3 Pro has while retaining the performance and aesthetics of the Pro.

The accessories that either protect the DJI Mini 3 or enhance its usability include the DJI Mini 3 and DJI Mini 3 Pro 2-way charging hub, additional batteries, DJI 30W USB-C charger, protective case, ND filters, after-market gimbal guard, prop guards, and SD Cards, just to name a few.

If you have or will be receiving a DJI Mini 3, you just might find some of these accessories useful.

DJI 30W USB-C Charger #

It looks like DJI went the Apple route in regard to adding chargers in the box with the Mini 3’s.

Just like Apple, DJI has included the USB-C cable to charge the drone, however, they have omitted the actual charger, instead charging a hefty premium for their 30W charging Brick.

The 30W charger is a must-have accessory because, according to DJI, it is a fast charger that can charge a Mini 3/3Pro standard battery in about an hour.

Also, it is important because, well, one is not included.

While I am one to normally use the manufacturer’s accessories for my drones (when there is one available for sale), if you have access to any 30Watt USB-C charger, you should be able to charge your Mini 3’s batteries with no problem.

You will notice, however, that with one USB-C cable and one 30Watt charger you’ll only be able to charge one item at a time: either the Mini 3 with the battery installed or the controller (DJI RC or RC-N1).

That leads us to the next accessory.

Mini 3 Flymore Kit (Standard or Plus) #

As the Flymore Kit has so many items, we’ll go through each one, as the included items are indeed useful, and sometimes necessary, items to have.

Two-Way Charging Hub #

The two-way charging hub is a must-have accessory, even if you do not have multiple batteries, which we will discuss next.

As mentioned prior, the Mini 3 only ships with a single USB-C cable.

If you were to purchase the DJI 30W charger (or any other charger), you will only be able to charge either the Mini 3 or the remote controller at a time.

With the two-way charging hub, you can charge the Mini 3 battery (in the hub), while also connecting and charging the DJI RC or RC-N1 controller.

There is also an additional USB-C cable included, so once you get the kit, you are set to charge all of your Mini 3 items.

Note: While all 3 batteries and remote controller can be connected to and charged with the two-way charging hub, each item will charge sequentially and not simultaneously.

Intelligent Flight Batteries #

DJI Mini 3 has an impressive 38-minute flight time with the included standard battery.

While this might initially seem like plenty of time, when out and about flying, that time seems to fly by (no pun intended). Add to this wind conditions and landing close to the 30% mark and the one battery isn’t quite enough.

I’ve always been one to encourage drone owners to purchase additional batteries.

Likewise, in the Mini 3’s case, I highly suggest getting a Flymore Kit. With the added 2 standard batteries, you should easily be able to fly for more than an hour.

The Plus Battery kit increases the flight time of the Mini 3 from the Standard Battery’s 38 minutes to 51 minutes of flight time. It is good to know that the Plus batteries will put the Mini 3 over the 249g mark.

Note: When used with the Mini 3, the batteries in the flymore kit get 4 extra minutes of flight time than the Mini 3 Pro, due to the Mini 3 being slightly lighter and using less processing power. The Mini 3 Pro gets 34 and 47 minutes respectively.

Propellers and Screws #

Something that is necessary when owning any drone is having spare propellers, and screws.

Yes, DJI Mini 3 comes with 4 extra propellers (1 set) but having an extra 8 (2 sets) in the flymore kit is a bonus.

The reason is that with the Mini 3 being so small, operators might be tempted to fly through fairly tight pass-throughs (myself included), which could result in dinged or cracked props.

Not to mention that with newer flyers, crashes might happen frequently.

Also, due to extreme weather conditions or storage practices, it is recommended to replace propellers on a regular basis to ensure they are flight-worthy.

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Aside from DJI’s propellers, there are a few 3rd party propellers available, with Master Airscrew Stealth propellers being highly regarded in the drone community.

Master Airscrew Stealth props also come in an array of colors, some of these aiding in seeing the Mini 3 slightly better at distance.

Shoulder Bag #

The included Shoulder Bag is a nice addition for anyone looking to take their newly acquired Mini 3 with flymore items out and about, whether on vacation or on an excursion.

While the bag is not rugged or bump/drop proof, there is slight padding around the entire bag.

What is appreciated about the shoulder bag is that it can actually hold every single item that comes with the flymore kit, in addition to the Mini 3 and DJI RC or RC-N1 controller, with room to spare for little odds and ends.

The only thing missing from the shoulder bag, in my opinion, is the side handle that is present on the DJI Air 2S flymore shoulder bag.

Aside from that, the Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro Flymore shoulder bag works great for those on the go.

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Rugged Hard Case #

For many, myself included, there are times when carrying the Mini 3 in a Khaki shorts pocket or even shoulder bag just won’t do, like when it decides to rain during your long-awaited flying session, or when taking the Mini 3 on a plane as a carry-on.

In those instances, a rugged, water-proof, element-proof, drop-proof case is in order.

Thankfully there are a ton of rugged cases for the Mini 3 Pro, which fit the Mini 3 as well.

These rugged and professional cases are well designed and orderly, housing the drone, controller, cables, chargers, batteries (some hold upwards of 6 spare batteries or more), ND Filters, SD Cards, and even tablets.

ND Filter Set #

If you are planning to shoot videos with your Mini 3, ND filters (Neutral Density) are a must, especially during bright and sunny days. Because the Mini 3, like the Mini 3 Pro, has an f1.7 aperture, a lot of light is let into the camera.

ND filters will allow you to lower the amount of light coming into the camera, allowing the following of the 180-degree rule for videos.

The 180-degree rule is where you set your shutter speed to be double the frame rate you are shooting in, this aids in getting the proper motion blur when filming.

Currently, as of this article, Freewell has some of the highest-rated ND Filter sets on Amazon, with the most reviews.

If you are looking to get ND filters that run the full brightness gamut of ND4 – ND1000, you can’t go wrong.

SD Cards #

Whether taking videos or photographs, SD cards are a must for any drone. The Mini 3, unlike the Mini 3 Pro, has absolutely no internal storage, so buying a memory card is one of the first things many new Mini 3 owners purchase.

Additionally, if you have a DJI RC, an SD card can be installed to save any screen recordings taken with the remote controller.

The sheer number of manufacturers and types of SD cards are staggering and oftentimes confusing.

To cut through some of this, below are DJI’s Mini 3 memory card recommendations:


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