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Best Part 107 Online Test Prep Courses (With Best Pass Rate)

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Welcome to my review of the best Part 107 Online Test Prep courses.

As an FAA-certified Remote Pilot, I, too, have had to go through the test prep process and sift through which online courses are the best in terms of quality and value for money.

Also, as an editor, I have personally had a chance to preview lots of Part 107 courses, and I’ve brought you a list of the best options on offer.

I’ve ranked the courses according to the best pass rate, amount of study time required, the best value for money, and the most qualified instructors.

Choosing one of these Part 107 Online Test Prep courses will practically guarantee you a pass on the Part 107 exam the first time around, without wasting your time searching out the information you need to know, or wasting your money on a course that doesn’t teach what you need to know.

Let’s get started.

Quick Overview #

After spending time with each of these online Part 107 Test Prep courses, I can confidently say that these courses will cover all the information you will need to know in order to pass the FAA Remote Pilot Knowledge Exam.

These are the top 6 courses that I recommend to help you study up for that exam.

  1. Pilot Institute – Most qualified instructor
  2. Drone Pilot Ground School – Best learning experience
  3. Peltier Photo Courses – Best pass rate
  4. Drone Pro Academy – Shortest study time
  5. Altitude University – Best value for money
  6. Drone Launch Academy – Most varied instructor panel

Let’s take a closer look at the best online test prep courses for Part 107.

1. Pilot Institute – Most qualified instructor #

Features #

  • Study time/course hours: 15-20 hours
  • Pass rate: 99.8% pass rate. Full refund if you fail the FAA test, and reimburse testing fee.
  • Course Access: Unlimited lifetime access.
  • What’s included: 210+ video lessons (average length of 3 minutes), 20 lesson quizzes, and unlimited practice exams, downloadable lecture slides, flashcard app, and a 14-page illustrated cheat sheet for last-minute studying. 

✅ Pros #

  • Manned aviation instructor gives you a solid knowledge base to thoroughly grasp the material.
  • First-time pass guarantee so you can take the test with confidence.
  • Tons of extra study aids and tips help you remember what you learn in the lessons.

❌ Cons #

  • Not one of the cheapest courses out there, but one of the most comprehensive.
  • More in-depth material coverage than maybe you need to pass the Part 107 exam.

Overview #

The Part 107 Made Easy course from Pilot Institute will do what it claims, in spades. It will prepare you to pass the FAA Remote Pilot Knowledge Exam on the first try.

But it goes way beyond that – it will give you a solid understanding of everything you need to know as a drone pilot to operate safely and in compliance with airspace laws and regulations.

This course is perfect for people who want to know the “why” behind every principle and rule, and need every step of the learning process carefully laid out in an organized way.

The course materials build from easier to harder topics to get you “warmed up” for the more challenging material, helping you gain confidence with each module you successfully complete.

Though it’s not one of the cheaper Part 107 courses out there, it is one of the best by far.

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Review #

When it was time for me to study for my Part 107 exam, this was the course I selected. Most learners, including myself, thrive with an organized learning plan, and this is very clearly laid out with each module.

The module quizzes test your knowledge of the material in each section.

This shows where you need further study, or gives a motivating feeling of satisfaction when you get that little green “pass” checkmark, keeping you hooked and confident for the next module.

I also enjoyed digging just a bit deeper into the topics to gain a fuller understanding (which will hopefully help me remember it better for real life use!).

Greg’s background in manned aviation is perfect for providing that fuller depth of knowledge.

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Even though the Pilot Institute course is a bit on the pricier side as Part 107 prep courses go, the knowledge base you will gain will serve you well as a professional drone pilot.

While some other courses might cost a bit less, they won’t get you that confident feeling of “I really understand this.”

If you’re looking for a Part 107 Course that will teach you the knowledge you need to operate safely as a professional drone pilot, and thoroughly understand all the rules and regulations, not just pass a test by the skin of your teeth, this is the course for you.

2. Drone Pilot Ground School – Best learning experience #

Features #

  • Study time/course hours: 15-20 hours
  • Pass rate: Over 99% – Full refund if you fail the FAA test
  • Course Access: Unlimited lifetime access
  • What’s included: 12-page cram sheet, over 300 text and video lessons, lesson quizzes, and practice tests with real FAA test questions. 

✅ Pros #

  • High-quality instructional videos and graphics make the learning experience easy and enjoyable.
  • Tons of “extras” like cram sheets and study guides to solidify your learning.
  • Unlimited lifetime access so you can review materials when it’s time to renew your certification.

❌ Cons #

  • The course is not taught by an aviation expert, but it’s still comprehensive and accurate information.
  • On the more expensive side, but the course streamlines the learning process, and you have a money-back guarantee.

Overview #

The Part 107 test prep course from Drone Pilot Ground School is one of the most popular online Part 107 courses, and for good reason.

The course is designed to be visually appealing and easy to understand. Video lessons are short and to the point, and modules are organized in a logical manner.

This course is perfect for learners who benefit from hearing, seeing, and/or reading the material in order to take it in, as all the information is available in multiple formats.

While it’s a bit more pricey than some other online courses, the money-back, first-time pass guarantee gives you confidence that this is money well spent.

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Review #

When it comes to a learning experience, the visual appeal of an online course matters more than you might think.

Especially for visual learners, having video lessons that are eye-catching and present material with high-quality graphics helps make the overall learning experience smoother and easier.

The folks at Drone Pilot Ground School understand this and have created a learning experience that is top-notch.

From the video lessons with clear, easy-to-follow graphics and a dynamic video style, to the visually appealing study materials, everything is presented in a well-designed, user-focused manner.

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I really enjoy Alan’s teaching style and appreciate the variety of presentation styles employed in each lesson.

The quiz that goes along with each and every video is another excellent feature that reinforces learning.

They also serve to alert you, the learner, to any areas where you might need to focus more attention as you go along, rather than realizing at the end of a section that you didn’t quite get it.

3. Peltier Photo Courses – Best pass rate #

Features #

  • Study time/course hours: 15-20 hours
  • Pass rate: 100% with an average score of 90%. Full refund if you fail the FAA test, and reimburse the testing fee.
  • Course Access: Access for 30 days ($79 fee) or unlimited lifetime access ($129 fee).
  • What’s included: 10 hours of video lessons, 36 quizzes, unlimited access to practice tests, and direct access to support from the instructor. 

✅ Pros #

  • The instructor brings a depth of knowledge from his personal background in aviation to the course.
  • Highest published pass rate of any of the other online Part 107 courses.
  • Varied instructional materials for all types of learning styles.

❌ Cons #

  • The lower price does not include lifetime access. Lifetime access is available at a higher price point.
  • Not as well-known as some of the other Part 107 courses. Best pass rate is based on a smaller overall number.

Overview #

This test prep course by John Peltier is nestled amidst a host of photography (drone and otherwise) courses.

If your aim is to develop your drone photography skills to the point of becoming a professional drone photographer, you can be sure this course will help you achieve that goal.

With a background as a military and civil flight instructor, and as a certified FAA instructor, his credentials speak for themselves.

Your instructor in this case definitely knows what he’s talking about.

John prides himself in keeping the course information up to date, and in cutting out all the extra fluff that you don’t need to waste your time on.

Lessons are brief and to the point, helping you learn what you need to know without all the extras that just get in the way.

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Review #

While the format of this course is similar to many of the others, with a series of video lessons, quizzes, and other materials, where it differs is in that the lessons are kept brief and to the point while fully and clearly presenting exactly what you need to know.

There are only five and a half hours of video instruction, compared to much longer courses, and this could be good or bad depending on your learning style.

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If you can easily make connections yourself, you’ll be on the way to the testing center that much sooner.

But if you like a lot of hand-holding, you might prefer a course that spells everything out in much more detail.

I especially like that the instructor himself is available by live chat and email. If you have questions, you can ask the expert directly.

4. Drone Pro Academy – Shortest study time #

Features #

  • Study time/course hours: 5-10 hours
  • Pass rate: Not advertised. $160 reimbursement if you fail, to retake the test.
  • Course Access: Unlimited lifetime access
  • What’s included: 2 hours of video lessons, 37-page Part 107 Cheat Sheet eBook, 116 question practice exam

✅ Pros #

  • Short study time to get you on your way to the testing center sooner.
  • You have access to materials for life, including updated regulations.
  • Lowest cost course of those we recommend.

❌ Cons #

  • No advertised pass rate and short study time leave you to wonder if you’ll be fully prepared for the exam.
  • The instructional style is a little rough-n-ready.

Overview #

Chris Newman, the force behind Drone Pro Academy certainly has an impressive portfolio as to his drone photography and videography background.

In addition to his FAA exam test prep, he also offers a drone cinematography course to share his secrets of creating epic, inspiring drone video.

The Part 107 test prep course offers 2 hours of instructional videos, along with a cheat sheet and practice exam questions.

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Review #

This course is ideal for self-motivated learners, because you might be left to fill in some of the gaps yourself.

While the course is short and to the point, it does cover in a brief sweep all the topics you need to know for the FAA exam – just not in deep detail.

With only two hours of instructional video, you can expect to put in a total of 5-10 hours of study time before supposedly being ready to schedule your exam.

**» MORE: **Drone Pro Academy – 107 Commercial Drone License Course

None of the other courses listed here are that brief, but then again, none of the others come at the very reasonable price point of this course.

If you’re worried that you won’t be adequately prepped for the exam, you can rest your fears on the 30-day money-back guarantee – if you feel the course isn’t meeting your needs, you can get your money back.

5. Altitude University – Best value for money #

Features #

  • Study time/course hours: 15-20 hours
  • Pass rate: 99% Pass Rate. Full money-back guarantee if you don’t pass your test.
  • Course Access: Unlimited lifetime access to all materials
  • What’s included: 40+ on-demand instructional videos, 12 practice exams by subject area, more than 300 practice questions, including real FAA test questions, 75-page downloadable E-Book study guide

✅ Pros #

  • Slightly lower price point than some of the other courses.
  • Complete and comprehensive material, with lifetime access.
  • Interactive lessons and variety in instructional material appeal to different learning styles.

❌ Cons #

  • Student support is offered by a support team, but not necessarily the instructor himself.
  • Instructor’s credentials are not advertised.

Overview #

Altitude University, while not one of the biggest names in the FAA Part 107 test prep space, is a solid resource that you can trust to get you up to speed on what you need to know to pass the test.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of this course is that it comes at a slightly lower price-point, while offering all of the hand-holding and complete, comprehensive, in-detail instruction that you need to feel confident as you enter your exam.

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Review #

One of my favorite parts about this course is that the video lessons are interspersed with recorded live Q&A sessions with other students from the course.

These provide extremely useful answers to any lingering questions you may have about the material.

It’s also nice to have some variety in the typical format of the instructional video. We learn best from other people’s questions, don’t we?

**» MORE: **Altitude University – Part 107 Commercial Drone License Course

In terms of the video lessons, I will say that though they are professionally put together, the instructional style is a tad on the boring side – it looks like the instructor is reading a script, which leaves one to wonder if he really knows the material inside and out himself.

Notwithstanding, all the information is accurate and complete, so even if it’s boring, you can glean what you need to know, between the lessons, quizzes, and other materials.

6. Drone Launch Academy – Most varied instructor panel #

Features #

  • Study time/course hours: 15 hours
  • Pass rate: over 99%. Full refund if you fail the FAA test, and reimburse testing fee. 
  • Course Access: Unlimited lifetime access
  • What’s included: Over 5 hours of video lessons, downloadable e-book study guide, 200 practice questions from actual FAA tests

✅ Pros #

  • The course is taught by a panel of highly qualified experts.
  • Lifetime access, plus pass guarantee (plus course refund if you fail).
  • Tons of extra study materials in addition to video lessons.

❌ Cons #

  • On the more expensive side, but with fewer video lessons than some other courses.
  • Video instructional quality is a half-step off of top-notch.

Overview #

Drone Launch Academy is a trusted name in the Part 107 test prep space.

The course if complete and comprehensive, and will do a fine job in getting you trained and ready for your FAA knowledge exam.

The course is taught by several different instructors in the different topics for the exam, including a meteorology and weather expert, an aviation expert, and others.

This alone gives you confidence that they know what they’re talking about.

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Review #

I personally like that this course has multiple instructors, if only because it’s nice to have some variety!

It’s also confidence-instilling to know that the material is being presented by people who really know their stuff.

That said, the videos are not of the consistent, high caliber of some of the other courses, if visuals like that are important to you.

Not to say that they’re hard to watch, there are just a few inconsistencies, depending upon which instructor is presenting the material.

**» MORE: **Drone Launch Academy – Part 107 Commercial Drone License Course

The material is fully covered in an easy to understand manner.

Tons of extra study materials and resources are available to help with different learning styles, and to reinforce what you’re learning.

Conclusion #

When it was time for me to study for my remote pilot certificate exam, I went with Part 107 Made Easy by Pilot Institute.

It was a great choice, although I did feel that the material went more in-depth than truly necessary to simply pass the test. Not a bad thing, if you really like understanding the “why” behind things.

Doing it over again, I might choose to study under Drone Pilot Ground School by UAV Coach or John Peltier, for slightly more dynamic videos.

But really, any of the courses recommended in this guide will do the job. If getting your Remote Pilot Certification is on your to-do list, sign up for one of these courses and get on your way!

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