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Can DJI Avata Fly in the Rain? (Explained)

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Avata is a formidable Cinewhoop FPV drone created by DJI, resistant to flying in hostile weather conditions.

But is DJI Avata water-resistant? Can it fly in the rain?

**DJI Avata has no IP rating and cannot fly in the rain, as the water will quickly get into the drone’s motors and electronics. Avata is neither water-resistant nor can it fly in wet weather conditions. **

There are a few more things we must know if we intend to fly the DJI Avata and it happens to rain, so make sure you keep reading! 

Flying DJI Avata in the rain – What do we know? #

DJI does not advertise that the Avata has an ingress protection rating (IP). It is not rainproof or waterproof in any way. 

The truth is, we rely on luck when we fly a drone in rainy conditions, including the Avata. Too much rain can bring the Avata to ashes if you lose control of the drone. All that water can also damage or break it.

Sometimes, nothing happens, but it is too risky to even consider flying Avata in the rain.

Can you fly DJI Avata in snowy weather or fog?  #

Flying Avata in the rain is similar to flying the drone in snowy weather. Snow can get in the motors and electronics of the drone.

Because of the high temperature on the electronics and motors of Avata when flying, if snow gets inside, it will instantly melt. It has the same effect as flying the drone in the rain. 

DJI Avata is not meant to be used in rain or snow.

But what about fog?

Flying Avata in fog is not as risky as using it in the rain, but if the current humidity is high, condensation can occur. If enough condensation accumulates, the water can damage your drone.

From what we know, flying for a little while in the fog may not be terribly harmful to the Avata. 

Still, nothing is guaranteed, and every pilot should be cautious when flying the DJI Avata in such weather conditions. But what about at night? .

Flying Avata in fog and getting it wet is the least of our worries, as foggy weather reduces the drone visibility to zero.

I have flown multiple drones in the clouds (similar scenario, high takeoff altitude point) and never had the issue of my drone falling. Of course, it was not raining or foggy.

Can you rainproof the DJI Avata? #

There are no reliable methods for waterproofing Avata. 

If we were discussing custom (FPV) drones, that would be a different story. Substances could be applied on electronic boards that may repel small amounts of water, e.g., rain. 

However, applying the such coating is not recommended, and doing it on Avata is impossible.

What happens if the DJI Avata gets wet? #

If rain gets inside Avata, the electronics can stop working, short-circuiting the drone and often causing it to fall from the sky.

The individual motor or motors can suddenly stop working, the image and radio transmission can be cut, or the ESC can even be fried. It all depends on our luck and the amount of rain. 

What to do if DJI Avata got wet because of the rain #

If your Avata got slightly wet, don’t panic.

First, if you are able to return the drone home safely, that’s ideal.

Land it and then turn it off. Remove the battery to ensure no short circuit will happen.

Leave the drone for a couple of hours to dry. If you want to wait longer, that’s fine too.

  • If your Avata wasn’t affected by the rain, the chances are the drone should not be further impacted. You can turn it on and use it again.

  • If Avata was soaking wet but still working at that time, turn it on only after you are certain it is dry. Pleaes do it outdoors in case something goes wrong.

  • If your Avata fell out of the sky because of the rain, there’s not much you can do, and as far as we know, DJI won’t cover this problem. In the worst-case scenario, appeal to your third-party insurance provider and file a claim.

Is there anything else to know about DJI Avata and rain?  #

DJI Avata, just like most drones, was not created to be flown in very humid weather conditions, rain, or snow. 

This can directly impact the drone’s functionality, causing crashes and other damage. You can also endanger other people if you make the decision to fly your Avata in the rain. 

How is that? 

You can hurt someone if the drone falls out of the sky.

If something happens because your Avata crashes, you can be held liable for any damages. Don’t risk it!


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