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Can DJI Care Refresh Be Transferred? (Solved!)

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If you are reading this article, you are probably just about to click on the buy button on a new DJI drone, and you’d like to know if you can transfer it. You’ll be glad to know that DJI Care Refresh is a lifesaver for many drone pilots and owners. It is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, countries in the European Union, mainland China, and Hong Kong. Any insurance coverage you get is purchased hoping that you will never have to use it, but if something untoward happens in the future, you will be glad you have it. So with this in mind, can DJI Refresh be transferred?

You can transfer the DJI Care Refresh plan to a new owner, but there is no need to do so since the DJI Care Refresh is bound to the drone’s serial number. DJI Care Refresh cannot be transferred to a different drone unless it’s a new one you got as a replacement unit.

This article will discuss all that relates to transferring DJI Care Refresh, how many times you can buy DJI Care Refresh, and whether you can add DJI Care Refresh after purchase. 

What Is DJI Care Refresh? #

DJI Care Refresh is a physical damage insurance policy DJI offers for certain DJI products (especially drones). It offers you up to two replacement units in the 12 months that the plan covers. The replacement units covered by the plan are guaranteed to be new or equivalent to new in terms of their performance and reliability.

DJI Care Refresh takes a quite different approach to insuring your DJI drone. Instead of providing coverage for any repair or parts replacement service, DJI offers to send a replacement unit for your damaged drone at a small price. In addition to this, it also covers water damage, damage due to pilot error, signal loss, and other external factors.

DJI Care Refresh is usually in effect for 12 months after the time of purchase. If you have any remaining replacement (meaning that you haven’t used up your two replacement unit options), you can purchase DJI Care Refresh Plus. Doing so will effectively extend your plan for an additional 12 months. The cost of a replacement unit (both first and second) remains at the same level as they are under the DJI Care Refresh plan.

One mistake most people make is thinking DJI Care Refresh is the same as DJI Care. It’s understandable given the similarity in names. But to be clear, DJI Care is a completely different service. It is also an insurance policy against physical damage. The difference is that it comes at a higher upfront cost, and it insures your drone at its market price for repair services while the policy is still on. With DJI Care, you get an unlimited number of repairs. In addition, if your drone is damaged beyond repair, you can get a replacement at no additional cost, provided that you still have sufficient coverage remaining.

When it comes to the cost of purchasing DJI Care Refresh, it usually depends on the product you are purchasing. As is the case with most insurance, the cost of coverage is directly related to the product’s value. So for lower-priced products, the initial cost of purchasing DJI Care Refresh is lower, and for more expensive products, the initial coverage cost is higher. However, it doesn’t stop there.

After purchasing DJI Care Refresh, you still have to pay a fee for replacement should your drone be damaged and require replacement. The cost of the first replacement will be less than the cost of purchasing the plan. The cost of the second replacement should you need it will be a bit higher than the first replacement though not by much.

All in all, DJI Care Refresh is an ideal coverage plan for any drone you purchase from DJI. However, it would be better to get the plan after purchasing the drone so that if you are unlucky and your drone gets damaged, you can get a replacement unit.

Can DJI Care Refresh Be Transferred to a New Owner? #

This is a common question when a drone from DJI is sold or given as a gift and there is a transfer of ownership. If the drone has an active DJI Care Refresh plan, can the plan be transferred to the new owner?

Yes, you can transfer the DJI Care Refresh plan to the new owner. However, there may not be a need to do so. This is because the DJI Care Refresh plan purchased is bound to the serial number of the drone. To transfer the policy to the new owner, all you’d have to do is give the new owner a copy of the DJI Care Refresh service agreement and the proof of purchase.

Can DJI Care Refresh Be Transferred to a Different Drone? #

This question is common among people who get replacement units because of their active DJI Care Refresh plans or people who have to return a drone with a defect to the manufacturer. It is also a question among people who buy a new drone and wonder whether you can transfer the DJI Care Refresh plan to the new drone.

In the first case, DJI will transfer your DJI Care Refresh plan to the replacement drone though it may take a while. The second case is a bit complicated, but DJI has been known to accommodate such customers. All you need to do is contact DJI Care Customer Service and provide the service agreement number, the serial number of both the original and the replacement drone, and proof of replacement from the store.  

In the third instance, you will have to get a different DJI Care Refresh plan for your other drone since each plan is fixed to one serial number.

How Many Times Can I Buy DJI Care Refresh? #

You can only purchase DJI Care Refresh once per drone. After you use up both of your two replacements, you will have to purchase DJI Care Refresh Plus. You can also purchase DJI Care Refresh Plus if the DJI Care Refresh purchased for your drone is still valid and has at least one replacement left.

Can I Add DJI Care Refresh After Purchase? #

Yes. It is a requirement that you have to purchase the DJI Care Refresh plan within 48 hours of buying your drone. If you are past the 48 hours, you’ll have to submit a video showing your drone works properly to purchase DJI Care Refresh.

All in all, DJI Care Refresh can come in handy, considering how expensive drones can be. So why not get a plan for your drone to be on the safe side?


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