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Can You Bring a Drone to Jamaica? (9 Best Places to Fly)

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Before traveling to Jamaica with your drone, you probably want to know first whether it’s worth it, and whether the authorities in Jamaica allow flying drones or not. So, can you bring a drone to Jamaica?

You can bring your drone with you to Jamaica, and Jamaica allows the use of drones. There are a few laws for flying drones in Jamaica that are different than in the US that you should be aware of. If you plan to fly a drone in Jamaica, make sure to follow local drone laws.

In this article, I will familiarize you with the drone laws in Jamaica. I will also share some of the best places to fly your drone in Jamaica. 

General Jamaica drone laws #

Any time you travel, make sure to know the local laws concerning drone flight before launching your drone. Here are the laws that you need to be aware of when flying a drone in Jamaica. 

  • Don’t fly your drone above 400 feet.
  • Do not fly your drone more than 1640 feet away from yourself.
  • There’s a 500-foot restriction on flying near a crowd.
  • The minimum distance between your drone and any person is 165 feet.
  • To use range-extending equipment such as FPV, you must always keep the drone within the visual line of sight.
  • During low visibility or at night, you cannot use drones.
  • Your drone cannot drop any items.
  • In areas where aircraft operate or where airports are located, you cannot fly within 3 miles.
  • The hotel where you are staying may restrict the use of drones if they are concerned about guest privacy.
  • Do not operate your drone on public or private property without permission.

Be sure to follow these local drone laws to avoid any penalties or fines, and make sure to be a courteous visitor to the island, respecting the privacy of locals and fellow tourists alike.

Best places to fly a drone in Jamaica #

Its lush rainforest, coral reefs, powdery beaches, and brilliant blue sea are what make Jamaica so spectacular. It’s known as the birthplace of reggae music, and boasts its distinctive talent, Caribbean rum, and Africa-style joie de vivre.

On a diverse island like this, there are too many incredible highlights to mention just one. Below are some of Jamaica’s best attractions, and great places to fly a drone for spectacular shots:

Falmouth #

In addition to being a famous cruise port on the northern edge of the island not far from Montego Bay, Falmouth is a well-preserved Georgian town in the Caribbean. 

In addition to lush forests and architecture, today’s Falmouth is home to coconut and sugar plantations. 

In the late 18th and 19th centuries, Falmouth was a major slave trading center whose history can be explored on a Heritage Walk. Discover the Albert George Market, Baptist Manse, and courthouse reconstructed in the past few years. 

Luminous Lagoon, which contains an incredible variety of radiant marine life, is also a must-see attraction as well as the open-air markets.

Port Antonio #

Jamaica’s picturesque northeast coast boasted two ports and was once the Banana Capital of the World. It is now a relaxing and peaceful vacation destination, which is a big part of its appeal. 

Besides the lively market, the village also offers Georgian and Victorian architecture and relaxing cafes. This place, however, is extraordinary because of its stunning natural scenery, perfect for some great aerial photography. 

It is impossible to forget the beautiful beaches, turquoise lagoons, and crystal-clear waterfalls that we are constantly imagining. Visiting Port Antonio means relaxing, but also doing some activities. 

If you’re not busy flying your drone here, other options include bamboo rafting down the Rio Grande, swimming in the aquamarine lagoons at Frenchman’s Cove, surfing at Boston Beach, or visiting the Blue Lagoon – a fantastic spring presented in the film Blue Lagoon. Imagine filming yourself at one of these iconic locations – from the air!

Sleepy villages like this one have plenty of history to offer. A storm of 1946 swept actor Errol Flynn ashore on the beach. This event is still a major talking point to this day. The hotel was built in the 1700s by English builders.

Treasure Beach #

Six glorious golden miles of sandy beaches that span four idyllic fishing villages – Billy’s Bay, Great Bay, and the Marine Park – are home to reggae music, relaxation, and rum cocktails.

With its name suggesting the perfect getaway, Treasure Beach has been on the map since the opening of Jakes Hotel over 25 years ago. 

Though it has become popular, the area is still unassuming and lacks its neighboring coasts’ tourist traps and crowded beaches, making it easier to find a quiet place to fly your drone away from people. There are also tennis courts, cricket pitches, football fields, and watersports to enjoy. 

Kingston #

Over half of the country’s population lives in Kingston, the island’s capital and largest city. The city lies along the south-eastern coast. In 1692, after an earthquake destroyed Port Royal in the harbor-mouth, Kingston was created. 

Fort Charles offers a unique look into the capital’s history. Experience Jamaica’s largest farmer’s market, Coronation Market, salsa dancing, and Sunday reggae at Dub Club. Just be sure to keep your drone away from crowds, and the minimum of 165 feet away from other individuals while filming these events.

Some sites to check out near Kingston are Lime Cay, a great place to soak up the sun in this Caribbean town. Or get a taste of the rum capital of the world by trying some surfing or soaking in the Rockfort Mineral Baths.

When flying your drone near Kingston, keep in mind the location of the airport, and be sure to stay well away (at least 3 miles).

Blue Mountains #

This enchanting region is ideal for adventure enthusiasts, with hiking and biking trails, waterfalls, and coffee plantations. With a length of 45 kilometers, Blue Mountain is one of the Caribbean’s longest mountain ranges and the longest in Jamaica. Take your drone along on your hike and capture some stunning mountain scenery from the air.

On a good day, you can see Cuba from the most adventurous peak – the highest point in the park. The mountain slopes are lined with dirt tracks that are accessible by foot, a bicycle, and a four-wheel-drive vehicle. More than 500 species of flowering plants and trees are to be seen as you ascend the mountain. 

Ocho Rios #

The resort is one of the more glamorous hotels, and it’s quite a quiet alternative to Montego Bay despite its reggae parties and bars. Beaches are less of a focus in Ocho Rios than natural landscapes, making it a great place to get a diverse collection of imagery with your drone. 

It is a tropical paradise known for lush plants, meandering rivers, and cascading waterfalls such as Dunn’s River Falls. In addition to zip-lining and river rafting in the rainforest, visitors can enjoy watching dolphins in Dolphin Cove and horseback riding on the beach.

Montego Bay #

There is no shortage of beach vacations if that’s what you’re looking for. The beaches in Montego Bay are among the best on the island, but they are also the most crowded, making it more of a challenge to find a good place to launch your drone here. But still possible on a quiet day. 

An English osteopath declared that the waters here had healing powers in the 1920s, causing Montego Bay to rise in popularity. With time, a village that used to be quiet became Jamaica’s most popular vacation spot. With its amusement park, Walter Fletcher Beach is a family favorite.

Dunn’s River Falls #

Among Jamaica’s top tourist attractions is Dunn’s River Falls. If you take the time to see it, you will grasp why so many tourists trek 90 minutes to see it. Don’t leave your drone at home for this hike.

Terraced waterfalls are as impressive as it gets with a height of 180 feet and a length of 600 feet. It is Dunn’s River Falls which is recognized as a popular waterfall. 

It is the only travertine waterfall on Earth located in Ocho Rios at Little Dunn’s River Beach. Moreover, the waterfalls are among the only waterfalls where you can jump into the rock pools to take a swim. From Ocho Rios or Montego Bay, many tours include hiking to the falls. 

Prepare a picnic for the base of the waterfall if you’re visiting the waterfall on your own. Bring a swimsuit and water shoes, and a waterproof case for carrying your drone – there will be a lot of water! You can avoid the cruise ship crowds if you arrive early or come late.

Negril #

Whether looking for white sand or a turquoise sea, Negril is the best place to go. This western Jamaican beach is known as one of the best in the Caribbean. 

There are many luxury resorts and coconut palms in Negril, the ultimate getaway for water lovers. During your stay, you can try one new water sport every day – cliff jumping, diving, parasailing, and paddleboarding. Set your drone on follow-me mode to capture the epic moments!

Despite only being four miles long, Seven Mile Beach is a beachfront destination that seems endless. Breathtaking beach views are great for filming. When you’re done with the drone time, take a dip in the mineral springs at Blue Hole, snorkel in Long Bay, and visit Mayfield Falls.


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