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Can You Use FPV Goggles with DJI Mini 3 / Mini 3 Pro?

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Flying a regular drone such as the DJI Mini 3 or Mini 3 Pro with FPV Goggles is a dream for many pilots, as they can take the immersive first-person experience to another level. But is it possible?

Can you use FPV Goggles with DJI Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro?

You can connect some FPV Goggles to the DJI Mini 3 Pro but not to the DJI Mini 3. DJI has now made it possible to connect the DJI Goggles 2 and the Goggles Integra to your DJI Mini 3 Pro and the Motion Controller 2, allowing you to fly this mini drone like you would fly the DJI Avata.

Please keep reading to learn more about the DJI Mini 3 Pro’s compatibility with FPV goggles.

How do FPV Goggles work, and how to connect them with the DJI Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro? #

Once you place the FPV Goggles on your head, you enter another world of wonders where you can observe everything from above at another level.

The FPV Goggles follow a specialized technique to receive your drone’s video feed into a headset, offering you a unique perspective on how you perceive the image.

There are two factors to take into consideration when looking to connect FPV Goggles with the Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro:

  • Connecting directly with the video transmission system or goggles
  • Emulating the FPV experience with “VR” Headsets

Can we directly connect FPV Goggles with the DJI Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro? #

We first have to understand how FPV Goggles work to be able to answer this question.

The drone transmits the live image captured by the camera via the VTX module directly to the goggles, receiving it through the antennas and VRX module and then translating it into a live image on the screen. 

In normal circumstances, the DJI Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro information from the video transmission system is communicated directly through the RC and displayed on your mobile phone or RC Pro screen. 

But thanks to a software update, it’s now possible to transmit the DJi Mini 3 Pro’s footage directly to the goggles; all you have to do is update your drone and your goggles” firmware and bind them.

Which goggles are compatible with the DJI Mini 3 Pro #

It’s important to note that not all goggles are compatible with the DJI Mini 3 Pro. Currently, you can only use the DJI Goggles 2 or the newer DJI Goggles Integra. If you have the DJI Goggles V2 or other previous versions or third-party goggles, they will not work with the DJi Mini 3 Pro.

When it comes to choosing between the Goggles 2 and the Integra version, below are some aspects to consider;

  • Budget – If you are on a budget, the Goggles Integra presents a cheaper but functional option.
  • Design – The Goggles 2 come with a touchpad that allows you to access the various features but is a little clumsy for some. On the other hand, the Goggles Integra features buttons that some people find easier to use.
  • Diopter adjustments – The DJI Goggles 2 feature diopter adjustments, allowing people with different eyesight issues to adjustuntil they are comfortable. Instead of diopter adjustments, the Goggles Integra has corrective lenses, which work similarly.
  • Device compatibility – The Goggles Integra are a more upgraded version, allowing them to work with up to 6 different devices. The Goggles 2, on the other hand, only work with four devices.
  • Design – The Goggles Integra have an extra battery compartment in the headband, making them more comfortable to wear. For the Goggles 2, you must figure out where to place the battery as you fly.
  • Live streaming capability – The Goggles 2 have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that allow you to stream, while the Goggles Integra lacks this feature. The Goggles 2 would be a better option if you would like to live stream.
  • Audio capability – DJI also removed audio from the Goggles Integra, so you can’t hear the notifications. The Goggles Integra also lacks the 3.5mm audio port.

Can we emulate the FPV experience with other goggles? #

There are two possible ways to do this, though they will not be as effective as using the Goggles 2 or Integra, and some may not even work. These include;

Drone Mask #

One cheap method to simulate the first-person experience would be to use a device like the Drone Mask, where you slide your phone in, which acts more like a phone holder.

This is an excellent method to block the extra light and stay focused only on your phone’s screen.

However, this method may not be sufficient to offer the same FPV experience when flying the Mini 3 Pro as with an FPV drone.

Moreover, we must remember that every time we want to operate on the mobile phone, we need to take the headset off and even the phone out, as many headsets will come with focus lenses.

Oculus Quest #

Another option would be to use the Oculus Quest VR goggles, which are designed for experiencing virtual reality. I have seen them work with the DJI Mini 2, so they could work with the Mini 3 Pro, but you have to use a mirroring app to see the drone’s footage on the VR. However, the video transmission has a lot of lag, making controlling the drone tricky. If you already have the goggles for other uses, you can try them, but if you don’t and are looking for FPV goggles, this would not be a good option.

Is it worth using FPV Goggles with the DJI Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro? #

Since there are now compatible goggles, it is worth using FPV goggles with the DJI Mini 3 Pro. This mini drone shoots in up to 4K at 60 fps and even has an FPV mode in the gimbal settings allowing you to emulate flying an actual FPV drone without facing the hurdles of buying a new drone. And when you choose to get an FPV drone, you can use the same goggles.


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