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DJI Mini 2 Quick Transfer Not Working (Solved)

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QuickTransfer is a handy feature that DJI added to some of their drones to make it easy to download unaltered footage from the drone wirelessly.

However, lately, there have been several complaints about the feature not working despite following all the necessary procedures.

So, why is your DJI Mini 2’s QuickTransfer not working?

QuickTransfer may fail to work if you’re using outdated firmware, outdated or unsupported mobile devices, or operating in areas with frequency band restrictions.

However, there are cases where you may have forgotten to switch on the location, Bluetooth, or WiFi.

Please keep reading to learn how to troubleshoot this issue and possible ways to fix it. But first, let’s learn how it works to ensure you are doing it right.

How DJI Mini 2 QuickTransfer works #

The QuickTransfer feature is a button, similar to the power button, located at the bottom rear section of the drone.

What this feature does is it allows you to get the drone’s footage in the full resolution you filmed in using both WiFi and Bluetooth.

What some drone pilots do is after filming with a drone, they get the files on the DJI Fly App, edit them and post them on the various platforms.

What you might not know is that the files on the DJI Fly App are cached, meaning they are of a lower resolution.

And when you edit and post them on Facebook or Instagram, these platforms degrade the videos further, so you end up with poor-quality videos, even though you filmed high-quality videos.

To mitigate this, download the uncached footage from your video to your device with QuickTransfer using the following steps:

  1. Switch off the DJI Fly app.
  1. Switch on the drone normally by pressing once, pressing a second time, and holding for a few seconds.
  1. Disconnect any WiFi networks your device may be connected to and ensure Bluetooth is on.
  1. Switch on the QuickTransfer feature by pressing once and pressing and holding until the LED turns blue.Be aware that the long press may take longer than it takes when powering up a drone. So be careful not to let go before the feature is on.
  1. Pressing the QuickTransfer button switches on a WiFi network named DJI Mini 2. Go to your WiFi settings and look for this network.
  1. You will see that it asks for a password, but it doesn’t really need a password.
  1. Switch on the DJI Fly App. As long as the QuickTransfer works correctly, the app will directly ask to connect to your Mini 2.
  1. Press Connect > View Album.
  1. Click on the image or video you want to download.
  1. Press the “I” at the bottom to confirm the resolution and size of the image or the video, and click “Download” on the bottom left section to initiate the download.
  1. You can select the Full Download for the whole footage or Trimmed Download for a section of the footage.
  1. And that’s it. Your videos are now ready for editing.

DJI Mini 2 QuickTransfer not working #

There’s no official communication from DJI about why the QuickTransfer may not be working on the Mini 2 or any other DJI drone.

Some Mavic 3 and Mini 3 Pro users have experienced the same issue.

However, they’ve suggested some common fixes, and through trial and error, some users were able to fix this issue.

Here are some of the fixes that worked:

  • Make sure you are using the latest firmware on all the devices. Some users reported that it worked after updating the drone to a recent firmware update.

  • Uninstall and re-install the DJI Fly app, switch on the controller and drone and make sure they are connected. Access your album on the app, press the QuickTransfer icon, then press the QuickTransfer button on the drone.

  • Try a Different Device – If you’ve switched on both the drone and smartphone, tried switching on the Quicktransfer feature, and it’s still not working, perhaps one of the problems could be your smartphone.It may not necessarily be your phone isn’t supported since it’s already running the DJI Fly App, but several users realized that when they used different devices, QuickTransfer worked flawlessly.And according to DJI Support’s response on this thread, smartphones like Nokia 5.2 and Okitel RT1 are not optimized to use the DJI Fly App. So, to rule this out, try a different device.

  • Frequency Band Restriction – In some regions, there are limitations on 5GHz frequency bands, which could potentially hinder the Quicktransfer process.To solve this, you can go to Settings > QuickTransfer Band > Toggle the Fixed 2.4GHz on or enable DualBand or Auto on your drone.

  • Try using QuickTransfer when on cellular mode. If Cellular mode was already on, try switching it off.

  • Make sure the location is on. Like most file transfer tools, QuickTransfer may need to know the device’s location to work.

  • Ensure there are no interferences or obstructions, such as routers, speakers, and other Bluetooth or WiFi devices.

Conclusion #

If none of this works, you can visit a DJI-authorized repair center to make sure there are no underlying issues.

In the meantime, you can still use the traditional way of inserting an SD card into your drone.

Then after filming, insert the SD card into your PC and download the drone’s footage for editing.

You can use a high-speed SD card reader or connect the drone directly to your PC.


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