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DJI Mini 3 Errors – What They Mean & How to Fix Them

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Although it is one of the newest aircraft from DJI, the Mini 3 can display errors too. Those prompts are annoying, appearing from nowhere. It’s tricky to deal with them.

The most problematic errors the DJI Mini 3 presents are aircraft activation failure, SD card recognition, signal loss, sensor out of calibration, RC buttons malfunction, firmware update failures, gimbal motor overload, and IMU calibration failure.

So, I’m going to explain why those errors happen and how to fix them here. Stay tuned!

You can tell an error is critical if the aircraft status indicator LEDs light up solid red. It can present other errors where this LED blinks red due to excessive sensor errors. But if you don’t know how to deal with them, it’s useless.

All errors a DJI drone presents have a code. DJI says they manage those error codes internally. There is yet to be a dedicated list from them on these error codes and what they mean.

The DJI Fly app prompts an error through your mobile device or DJI RC display. If you see one of these errors, you can go to the DJI help center or forum, type the error code with a description of the situation, and they will assist you.

It is far from being a fast process. And in most cases, it doesn’t deliver a solution. Wouldn’t it be better to have a detailed list of errors, their descriptions, and solutions?

Whatever the case, it is helpful for us drone pilots to know how to approach an error. But we need to understand them first.

1. Activation failure #

You may encounter this error with a new DJI Mini 3 and an RC-N1.

It happens because your smartphone doesn’t recognize the drone.

First, shift the network from WiFi to Cellular or vice-versa. Now, enable your device’s DJI Fly app permissions. In iOS, go to settings and find the app to change it. In Android, go to “Settings,” then press “Manage Apps” to find the app.

Then restart the aircraft.

If this doesn’t solve your issue, try again with an Android device if you used an iOS device or vice-versa. Your device should be on the Supported Devices List (link).

You should contact support if it doesn’t allow you to activate your drone.

2. SD card recognition #

When you insert the microSD card into your Mini 3, the DJI Fly app may prompt an error with the card.

This error means that the microSD card isn’t compatible with the Mini 3. Or it could be that the microSD card or microSD drone port is damaged.

The best solution is to check the microSD card. If you have another drone, insert it on it. You can try it on your laptop too. If it works on another device, it is probably a drone port issue or a damaged card.

To be 100% sure, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Damaged microSD card #

A damaged card can mean it has broken or it is faulty. If it is obvious physical damage, it’s better to replace the card.

But if you check it and it’s in good condition, you can format it via the DJI Fly app. Read this article that explains how to format it.

» MORE: DJI Mini 3 Pro SD Cards: How to Insert, Eject, and Format (Video)

After formatting the card, install it and check if it works.

If this step doesn’t work, go to step 2.

Step 2: Non Compatible microSD card #

Get one of the cards shown below. This came from the DJI Mini 3 specs.


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