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DJI Mini 3 & Mini 3 Pro: How to Update Firmware (Video)

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The DJI Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro continue to be huge successes among those new to drones in general, those new to sub-250g drones, and seasoned drone operators alike.

One of the things that continue to make DJI drones better as time passes is the addition of more features through periodic firmware updates.

This article and the included YouTube video, will be a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to update the firmware on your Mini 3/Pro and DJI RC, which may at times also update the firmware on the Mini 3’s batteries.

Updating the Mini 3s Firmware #

While there are some that like to stay with the original firmware their drone was released with, updating your Mini 3s firmware is beneficial.

As mentioned, new features, tweaks, and fixes are added over time, improving the user experience. One such improvement to the Mini 3 Pro was ****adding 10-bit color.

DJI continues to add improvements to the Mini 3 line regularly.

To update the firmware on your Mini 3/Pro, you’ll need your DJI RC, Mini 3/Pro, and all of the batteries you own and use for the Mini 3/Pro.

The steps to update the firmware on your Mini 3/Pro are as follows:

STEP 1: Prior to turning on the Mini 3/Pro, remove the gimbal cover. This will ensure that when the Mini 3/Pro is turned on, the movement of the gimbal will not be impeded.

STEP 2: After booting up your DJI RC, Connect to your WiFi network. To do so, go into your settings screen by double sliding down the notification shade. If your WiFi is not enabled, simply tap it.

If you are connecting to WiFi for the first time, press and hold the WiFi icon. This will bring you into the WiFi settings. Here you can connect to your preferred network.

STEP 3: Turn on your Mini 3/Pro.

STEP 4: If you use your DJI RC to fly either the Mavic 3 and/or the Air 2S, depending on which drone was flown last, you may need to scroll through the list of drones used, until you find the Mini 3/Pro.

Select the Mini 3/Pro. Then choose Go Fly.

If you only have the Mini 3/Pro, you’ll most likely load up right into the DJI Fly Live View screen.

STEP 5: From within the Live View screen, press the back button, which will take you to the Mini 3/Pro home screen.

Here you will see that there is a firmware update available. Choose Install.

STEP 6: If you haven’t already done so, unfold the Mini 3/Pro, so you can insert the next set of batteries after the initial update has been installed.

During the update process, the lights on the Mini 3/Pro will flash various colors. The DJI RC will also reboot itself.

After the firmware has been installed and updated, you’ll need to update each battery that you own and use in the Mini 3/Pro:

STEP 7: Turn off the Mini 3/Pro and remove the battery that was initially in the Mini 3/Pro for the update and insert the next one. Turn on your Mini 3/Pro.

STEP 8: After the Mini 3/Pro turns on and goes into Live View, hit the back button. You should now see an update available for the battery. Select Update.

You’ll then be brought to an additional screen that says “update available”. Here, also select Update, and then the Mini 3/Pro battery will update.

Note: While the battery is in the process of being updated, the Mini 3/Pro will reboot itself, possibly more than once.

After the battery has been updated, you’ll receive a message saying “firmware update successful”.

At this point, you can exit the Update screen, returning back to the DJI Fly home screen.

If the Mini 3/Pro has not shut off at this point, you’ll need to turn off the Mini 3/Pro, insert a new battery, and boot up again for each battery that you own.

This will initiate the update for the battery after which you can repeat the aforementioned steps.

Depending on the number of batteries you have, this process can take a few minutes.

Manually Checking for Firmware Updates #

If you have not been prompted automatically that there is a new firmware available, you can manually check for updates, by doing the following:

With the DJI RC on, and connected to your WiFi network, while on the DJI Fly home screen, simply go to Profile > Settings > Firmware Update > Check for Firmware Updates.

After the DJI RC checks for the update, if there is none, you’ll receive a message saying “Your firmware is up to date”.

If there is a new firmware update, you’ll be alerted and will have the option to run the update.


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