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DJI Mini 3 Pro Errors – What They Mean (& How to Fix Them)

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Have you ever wanted to fly your Mini 3 Pro, and a warning prompt prohibits you from a seamless flying experience?

There are few things as discouraging as errors. The cool thing is that the Fly app prompts a message when there is a solution.

The reason is that there is an error previously identified by DJI. So DJI added Fly app warning messages for us to follow some steps and solve them.

The DJI Mini 3 Pro Errors include the following:

This article gives you a hand at understanding each error, what they mean, and how you can fix them. Clicking each of the links above sends you to each error troubleshooting.

But first, let’s look at a common practice in this article, firmware updates.

How to update the firmware? #

Watch this video for a step-by-step guide to updating your firmware. Or read this article for a full explanation of the process.

» MORE: DJI Mini 3 & Mini 3 Pro: How to Update Firmware

MicroSD card Recognition #

Once you insert a microSD card into the Mini 3 Pro, the Fly app prompts a message. The error means that the card isn’t compatible or is damaged, or that the drone’s SD port is damaged.

Although you can fly with this error, you can’t record videos or take photos.

To solve this issue, proceed as follows:

  • Remove the microSD card from the drone.
  • Check if the microSD card is compatible with the drone. Here is an article that explains this topic and a list of compatible microSD cards. 

Step 1: The card isn’t on the list #

  • If your card isn’t on the list, get one of the compatible ones and go to Step 2.

Step 2: The card is on the list #

  • Format the card on the DJI Fly app. Here is a quick video on how to format it:

  • Reinstall the card on the Mini 3 Pro and check if this action fixed the issue.

  • If the procedure doesn’t work, please check if the microSD card works on other DJI drones when possible.

  • If you don’t have another drone to check, get another card you know works. Insert it in your Mini 3 Pro and check if it solves the issue.

  • If not, a damaged Mini 3 Pro port is the issue. Contact DJI Online Support.

Connection errors – RC with a mobile device #

In the camera view, notice an RC disconnected prompt after plugging the mobile device with the RC.

The error means the RC-N1 hasn’t established a connection with the mobile device. It can be due to an incompatible mobile device, an RC cable malfunction, or a Fly app bug.

To solve this issue, proceed as follows:

iOS device #

  • Make sure your device is compatible with the DJI Fly app.

  • If your device is on the list and doesn’t work, please use a mobile device with a different operating system.

  • When no device works, the cable could be the problem. Change the cable connecting the device with the RC-N1. Use a cable you know is working.

  • If none of these steps works, contact DJI Online Support. It is a faulty RC-N1 connection port.

Android device #

  • Follow the first three steps from the iOS device troubleshooting.

  • If none of those steps works, check if your device has enabled the USB debugging function.

  •  Go to your device settings and tap the About Phone option.

  • Find the Version and tap it several times until the “You are now a developer” message pops up. Go back to settings.

  • In the search bar, type USB debugging and press the option with this description from the list.

  • Within the list that pops up, find the USB debugging, and enable it.

  • Then, try to establish a connection with your RC-N1.

  • If this doesn’t solve the issue, contact DJI Online Support. It is a faulty RC-N1 connection port.

Signal error during flight #

This is one of the most frightening errors for us pilots.

This error consists of the disconnection of the RC and drone during a flight due to a weak signal or no signal. Then the RC connects to the drone automatically, but the Fly app prompts a remote controller signal error.

This signal error is due to antennas not facing the drone. Or it could be caused by an obstacle interference during flight or the RC having a hardware issue.

To solve this issue, proceed as follows:

  • Before takeoff, observe the environment you want to fly the drone. Avoid crowded areas or areas full of obstacles. Also, set an RTH according to those obstacles’ height. This will help you avoid a crash due to signal loss.

  • Before takeoff and during the flight, always point the RC antennas to face the drone.

  • If you lose the image transmission when flying between obstacles, hover the drone above the higher obstacle. Wait till recovering the signal and RTH.

  • Notice if there is a Fly app prompt signal error. If positive, please update your firmware.

  • If you follow the steps above and still face the signal loss issue, contact DJI Online Support.

Vision system error / Calibration required #

While you’re flying the Mini 3 Pro, the Fly app prompts a message stating Vision System Error or Calibration Required.

You can get this error because something is blocking the lens view. Also, the vision system hardware may be damaged due to vibrations in transit, or it may simply need calibration.

Finally, it could be a firmware error if you haven’t used the drone in a long time.

To solve this issue, proceed as follows:

  • Inspect the lens for obstructing materials such as protective film or dirt. Remove the film or clean the lens gently with a clean cotton cloth dipped in alcohol.

  • If this action doesn’t solve the issue, update the firmware. Then do a vision calibration.

  • You need the Assistant 2 software on your mac, laptop, or PC. You can download it from this link.

  • Go to this dedicated link about DJI Assistant 2, and look for: How do you recalibrate vision with DJI Assistant?

  • If the calibrations don’t solve the issue, contact DJI Online Support.

Aircraft firmware update failure #

This is an annoying error, resulting in a bad firmware update.

The causes could be insufficient battery charge, the mobile device’s internet connection isn’t steady, or you are operating the Mini 3 Pro during the update.

To solve this issue, proceed as follows:


  • Charge your drone and RC to a minimum of 75% before updating.

  • Don’t operate your drone and RC device while updating.

  • If this doesn’t solve your issue, please update through the Assistant 2 software. Find in this link the heading: How do I do updates with DJI Assistant 2?

  • If you can’t update through Assistant 2, contact DJI Online Support.

Mobile device and RC-N1 #

  • Ensure your device is compatible with the DJI Fly app.
  • Fully charge your mobile device before updating the Fly app.
  • Now, follow the DJI RC steps.

Aircraft gimbal moving erratically #

From nowhere, your gimbal starts to move weirdly. Then the Fly app prompts a warning.

This error may happen if the gimbal is uncalibrated or damaged.

To solve this error, proceed as follows:

  • Do a Mini 3 Pro gimbal calibration according to the video below

  • If the gimbal calibration didn’t work, contact DJI Online Support.

Gimbal motor overload #

The gimbal is a section subjected to constant movement, and its motor can overload. In this case, the Fly app prompts a Gimbal motor overloaded message.

This error generally happens when foreign objects or a gimbal hardware issue obstructs its movement. The Sport mode moves the gimbal automatically, reaching undesired angles, causing this prompt too.

To solve this issue, proceed as follows:

  • Before takeoff, remove the gimbal protector. Check the gimbal for obstructing foreign material.

  • Remove any accessory as a wide-angle lens or filter.

  • If the prompt is still on the Fly app, check if your drone is in Sport mode. Then move the gimbal gently with the control stick to the center.

  • If these actions don’t solve the problem, contact DJI Online Support.

Aircraft activation failure #

You may encounter this error when using a mobile device with a Mini 3 and an RC-N1.

The error consists of the drone not recognizing the mobile device if it isn’t compatible. It could also be the internet connection method is creating a malfunction.

Finally, perhaps you haven’t allowed the Fly app permissions on your device.

To solve this issue, proceed as follows:

  • Ensure your device is on the DJI-supported list found on this link.

  • Shift the network from WIFI to Cellular or vice-versa.

  • Now, enable your device’s DJI Fly app permissions. Go to “Settings” in iOS and find the app to change it. Go to “Settings” in Android, then press “Manage Apps” to locate the app.

  • Then restart the aircraft.

  • If this doesn’t solve your issue, try using an Android device if you used an iOS device or vice-versa.

  • You need to contact support if it doesn’t allow you to activate your drone.

IMU calibration #

Other common failures are the “IMU Calibration Required,” “IMU Calibration Failed,” or “IMU Cannot Be Calibrated.” Essentially these errors say you must calibrate the IMU.

To solve this issue, proceed as follows:

  • Fold the drone arms.

  • Your Mobile device, RC, and drone must have at least 50% battery.

  • In the DJI Fly app, press Safety. Tap on Sensor and then on IMU. Press calibration and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • If this procedure doesn’t solve the problem, please restart your mobile device, RC, and drone. Do the calibration again.

  • If it keeps failing, contact DJI Online Support.

Aircraft overheating issue #

The overheating warning while using the Mini 3 Pro is scary and can damage your drone permanently.

The error consists of a warning prompt while flying.

To solve this problem, proceed as follows:

  • Land the drone immediately.

  • Power OFF the drone and wait for it to cool down completely.

  • Check that the weather doesn’t exceed 104 F or 40 C before powering the drone ON.

  • In warm or hot weather, launch the drone after powering it ON. The Mini 3 Pro doesn’t have a built-in cooling fan. Leaving the drone ON will heat its inner components even though it isn’t flying.

  • If there is still an overheating prompt, RTH the drone and wait till it cools down. Contact DJI Online Support.

DJI Fly app error #

You may face an error signaling that the Fly app doesn’t recognize the drone.

A common mistake is using an incompatible RC model with your Mini 3 Pro. This may also occur if you have not updated the RC or drone firmware or if the RC isn’t properly paired with the drone.

To solve this issue, proceed as follows:

  • Check you are using a DJI RC or an RC-N1, as they are the ones that support this drone.

  • Pair the RC with the drone following the Connection Guide on the Fly app. If the drone LEDs blink green twice every two seconds and the left RC LED is steadily red, restart the RC and drone. Pair them again according to the instructions here.

  • If this action doesn’t solve the issue, update the RC and drone firmware.

  • If none of these steps solve the issue, contact DJI Online Support.

How to contact DJI Online Support? #

Contact support on the Fly app or website as follows:

DJI Fly app #

  • Go to the Fly app on your mobile device or DJI RC.
  • Tap the Profile option located at the bottom.
  • Click the headset icon on the right-top corner.
  • Tap Online Support.
  • From the Choose A Product Family list, press MAVIC.
  • Tap the Product and Technical Support option.
  • Scroll down and tap the Still need help? Button.
  • Now you have access to the chat with DJI support.

DJI Support Website #

  • Go to this link.
  • Scroll down and click Contact Online Customer Service.
  • Sign in with your DJI credentials.
  • Now you have access to the chat with DJI support.

Now in the chat, write the issue you have as below:

  1. Name of the issue: Use the name we provide you. If you have an error code number, write it to the side of the name.
  2. Issue Description: Write in detail what process you followed. You can copy and paste our content.

Then support will ask you some questions about the error. Or even send an email with a quick video of the failure. Don’t talk in the video, but write in detail what you are experiencing with the two steps above.


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