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DJI Mini 3 Pro – FPV (Explained)

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FPV provides a wonderful experience, as you feel as if you’re flying from the drone’s cockpit. However, not every drone pilot has the resources and skills to operate an FPV drone.

How do you use the DJI Mini 3 Pro’s FPV?

Although there are no FPV goggles for the DJI Mini 3 Pro, there are other reliable options that you can embrace to achieve the immersive experience of FPV. The Oculus VR headset and DroneMask are some techniques you can use to inject the FPV aspect into a standard drone like the DJI Mini 3 Pro.

Ahead, I’ll talk further about making the most of the FPV experience with the Mini Pro 3, so make sure you check it out!

Can the DJI Mini Pro 3 Do FPV? #

Unfortunately, the DJI Mini 3 Pro does not support DJI FPV Goggles since this isn’t an FPV drone. Further, none of the goggles designed for DJI FPV works with the Mini 3 Pro.

Generally, the Mini 3 Pro isn’t compatible with DJI FPV drone accessories.

Nonetheless, you can still get the immersive experience that comes with the FPV goggles by embracing DroneMask, Oculus Quest 2, and MagiMask technologies.

Here’s some more information.

DroneMask #

While the Mini 3 Pro was not designed for FPV, you can use DroneMask to get the FPV experience you so long for.

DroneMask is designed to let people with regular drone cameras use FPV. The technology includes a casing in the shape of goggles with an opening at the end.

The opening is where you place your smartphone whenever you want to get that awesome FPV experience.

After connecting the DroneMask with your smartphone, you wear the goggles like any FPV goggles and see your smartphone’s screen.

One of the downsides of this technology is that if there is any error on the screen or you want to make some adjustments on your phone, you will have to remove the goggles to access your phone.

Your spotter should help you make the necessary adjustment as you fly your drone.

Also, you can only use the DroneMask with the DJI Mini 3 Pro RC-N1 controller.

Although the DroneMask is a bit expensive with several downfalls, if you need an FPV experience for your Mini 3 Pro drone, it’s a good option to try out.

Oculus Quest 2 #

The Oculus Quest VR headset can also help you create an FPV experience with your Mini 3 Pro.

To get the FPV experience from your DJI drone, you will need a smartphone, Oculus VR headsets, and Screen Stream App.

» MORE: Can You Fly a Drone with Oculus Quest 2?

Does the DJI Mini 3 have FPV? #

The DJI Mini 3 doesn’t have an FPV mode as it was not designed as an FPV drone either.

However, with slight modifications, you should be in a better position to fly FPV with any DJI drone that you have, including the Mini 3.

Can the DJI Mini do FPV? #

Yes, the DJI Mini can do FPV with the help of the DJI Fly app and other support of third-party apps like the Litchi. You need a VR headset and your smartphone to get an immersive experience with your DJI Mini drone.

When using the VR headset, you should make sure that your device is compatible with the VR headset. In other words, you should:

  • Check whether your phone has a gyroscope sensor
  • Use a Google Cardboard app to determine whether your phone has this feature
  • Your phone has the gyroscope sensor if the Google Cardboard gets installed

Purchasing the right VR headset #

Buying the best VR headset can be challenging since numerous brands exist in the modern market. Furthermore, VR headsets have different features, capabilities, and price tags.

Here are some essential aspects you should always pay close attention to when shopping for a VR headset.

1. Lens #

The lens should be of high quality to prevent your eyes from becoming tired quickly. Quality lenses will provide a perfect viewing experience when using the headset.

2. Field of view #

Another essential consideration you must make when shopping for quality VR headsets is the field of view.

The FOV, as the name suggests, measures the area of the observable environment at a given time.

VR headsets capable of providing you with a broader field of view will offer a more impressive experience. Quality RV headsets should have a field of view of about 100-110 degrees.

3. Refresh rate #

The refresh of the RV headsets refers to the rate at which the headset shows images in frames per second. The higher the refresh rate, the more fulfilling the FPV experience.

A low refresh rate will interfere with the headset’s immersive experience and trigger the user’s motion sickness. Therefore, for a great immersive experience, ensure that your headsets have a higher refresh rate.

So far, the most fulfilling refresh rate in the modern market is 120-144 frames per second.

4. The display #

The display of your VR headsets will significantly influence the quality of the images you get when flying your drone.

If you want an incredible FPV experience from your headset, then you must pay attention to the display quality of the VR headsets.

There are three main display types: AMOLED, LCD, and OLED.

The LCD is the most popular display thanks to its incredible 90 frames per second speed.

5. The head strap #

If you’re passionate about FPV drones, you may want to wear the headset for a long time. Therefore, you need a quality head strap that will not cause unnecessary discomfort. 

Furthermore, poor-quality head straps can signify an inferior RV headset that will wear out at a high rate.

6. Heat ventilation #

VR operations require a large amount of processing power from your device. Thus, poor ventilation will result in overheating, which can cause the headset’s poor performance and discomfort to the user.

7. Phone size #

Lastly, you should pay attention to the size of your phone.

The phone size is important because VR headsets are generally designed for various smartphone sizes. Check the size of your smartphone and ensure it will fit.


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