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DJI Mini 3 Pro: How to Unfold the Arms and Change Propellers (VIDEO)

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The Mini 3 Pro has quickly become a drone favorite in the community due to its small size, many sought-after specs, and newer Flight and Advanced Piloting Assistance Systems (APAS), all in affordable pricing options.

Another thing that makes the Mini 3 Pro so popular is its portability and ability to launch fairly quickly. Because of this, if owning multiple drones, many owners will reach for the Mini 3 Pro first to bring with them on their trips and outings.

One feature of the drone that aids in quick deployment is the ability to be unfolded in any order.

This article and the included YouTube video, will be a step-by-step tutorial showing how to unfold the arms and legs of the Mini 3 Pro.

Because the propellers are attached to the arms and legs, we will also discuss properly positioning the props when the arms and legs are folded for storage and how to change the propellers in those unexpected times of need.

Unfolding and Folding the Arms and Legs #

Something most of us have become accustomed to when dealing with foldable drones is having to unfold the arms and legs in a particular order or sequence, whether these are DJI or even Autel drones.

New to the DJI foldable line of drones, and currently only available on the Mini 3 Pro, is the ability to unfold the drone in any particular order.

This is now possible because there are no longer vertical legs on the front arms. This is particularly useful when time is of the essence, and even safer for the drone when unfolding.

One way to unfold the Mini 3 Pro:

STEP 1: Grasp the top of the drone in one hand, while the propellers are tucked safely together, and turn the drone over.

We suggest leaving the gimbal guard on for the time being, to aid in camera stability.

STEP 2: Rotate the front arms up and to the front, being careful not to bend the propellers.

STEP 3: Turn the Mini 3 Pro back over. While gripping the Mini 3 in one hand, pull the left and right legs from their position in the center of the Mini 3 body.

This entire process can likewise be done by unfolding the back legs first, followed by the front arms.

With practice, you can have the drone unfolded and ready for flight in a matter of seconds.

Positioning the Propellers for Storage #

As might have been noticed with the Mini 3 Pro propellers, as is the case with DJIs Mini lines of drones, the propellers are very thin and don’t stay in place when stationary, unlike the ones on the Air 2S, for example.

Getting the propellers securely tucked away, without the aid of prop holders, is important when packing the Mini 3 Pro for travel.

Here is one way to secure the propellers, without having to purchase and use propeller holders:

STEP 1: For the rear leg propellers, fold the propellers towards the center of the drone. Tuck them one under the other, so that they lock each other securely into place.

STEP 2: Turn the Mini 3 Pro over and gently place the propellers within the vertical landing feet. This spot lightly holds both sets of propellers in place.

Changing the Propellers #

Changing the Mini 3 Pro propellers is a little more involved than changing the propellers on larger drones with a twist/lock mechanism.

» MORE: When to change drone props?

Before changing the propellers it is imperative that you use the correct propeller for its motor location. If this is not observed and the wrong propeller is used, it will result in the drone not taking off or flying correctly.

If you look at the propeller packages your new props are in, they are labeled A or B.

The front right and rear left propellers are labeled as A and have a small ridge built into them near the mounting location. The front left and rear right propellers are labeled as B and do not have a ridge on them.

When preparing to change propellers, you’ll need the screwdriver that came included in the Mini 3 Pro box, as well as the proper spare set of propellers for the respective motor location, either A or B.

To change the propellers:

STEP 1: Remove the proper propeller from its packaging. You can also remove the spare screw and set it aside.

STEP 2: Unscrew either both propellers or just one, if only one is damaged.

STEP 3: Set aside the damaged propeller. Next, carefully screw in the new propeller or both.

Although this is a fairly straightforward and simple task, putting the new propellers on incorrectly or loosely can result in the loss of the drone, or worse yet, damaged property.


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