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DJI Mini 3 Pro Issues: 7 Things You Should Know (Must-Read)

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When it comes to flying your DJI Mini 3 Pro, you may encounter some potential issues.

Some failures are less critical, allowing us to continue using our Mini 3 Pro. We can fly or operate it without concern of damaging it.

But what about those failures that prohibit us from using our drones? Or that affect its crucial components?

The seven most common issues the DJI Mini 3 Pro faces are:

These issues are far from fun to deal with. But I have dealt with them and know how to solve them. So let me walk you through what you need to know to fix these issues.

This article explains how to solve these common problems step by step. You have a link for each of them to go directly to the one you need to solve.

To finish off the article, I’ll explain to you how to contact DJI Online Support if needed.

So, let’s start!

Aircraft Linking Failure #

You’ve tried everything, but you still can not connect the RC-N1 to your Mini 3 Pro.

Why is this process failing?

The first reason could be that the RC-N1 is too far away from the drone while pairing. You can fly your Mini 3 Pro miles away, but it doesn’t mean we can pair it miles away. Keep it near you – 2 feet away at most.

If you are attempting to pair them near you and it isn’t working, it could be an RC-N1 firmware issue. The RC-N1 firmware must coincide with the Mini 3 Pro update, according to DJI Release Notes.

This issue is typical when you use the RC with a different model drone.

You need to proceed as follows:

  • Find your phone in this article, where we show you mobile devices with proven compatibility with the Fly app.

  • Is your mobile device on the list? If not, use one that you know works with the Fly app.

  • Connect your compatible mobile device with your RC-N1.

  • Open the Fly app.

  • Go to Profile and tap Configuration. Check that the RC firmware version is the one you have in the last Mini 3 Pro – Release Notes manual.

  • Find the DJI Mini 3 Pro – Release Notes manual here. Click the PDF word in blue at its right. Check the last firmware version on the first page of the PDF document.

  • Follow the quick video below to install firmware updates if needed. The video shows a DJI RC, but the process is the same once you open the Fly app.Look for the DJI Mini 3 Model and follow the steps to download the RC-N1 firmware that works.

  • Shut down your RC-N1 and drone once you finish the firmware update.

  • Restart the Fly app on your mobile device.

  • Follow the video below to turn ON your RC and drone correctly.

  • Open the Fly app and pair your drone and RC-N1, following the Connection Guide on-screen steps.

  • Shut down your drone if you still can’t pair them. Hold down the Fn Button, Photo/Video Toggle, and Shutter/Record Button simultaneously for about 2 seconds.

  • Short-press the Mini 3 Pro power button. Press it again, holding it for four seconds to start the pairing.

  • If your drone didn’t pair successfully, please reach out to DJI Online Support.

Remote Controller Powering ON/OFF Failure #

Most beginners find this error recurrently, as they don’t power ON/OFF the RC correctly.

Proceed as follows:

  • Power ON/OFF your RC exactly as in the video below.

  • If the video doesn’t solve your issue, go on to the next steps.

Remote Controller Powering ON Failure #

  • Charge your RC for 20 minutes.
  • Power ON the RC. If it doesn’t power ON, use another compatible charger.
  • Charge it with another charger for 20 minutes and start the RC.
  • If the RC doesn’t start or you lack another charger, contact DJI Online Support.

Remote Controller Powering OFF Failure #

  • Update the RC firmware as we explain in this video.

  • Power OFF your RC by holding the power button for 15 seconds.

  • If the RC doesn’t shut down, contact DJI Online Support.

Remote Controller Charging Failure #

This error occurs due to a faulty RC port. But before assuming there’s a faulty port, we had better check the power outlet, adapter, and cable, as they could be the cause of this malfunction.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Ensure your charging cable doesn’t present cracks or deteriorated ends and tips.
  2. Gently clean the RC charging port with a clean and soft brush.
  3. Connect the cable to the power adapter and then to a different power outlet you know works.
  4. Connect your RC and check if it is charging.
  5. If it doesn’t charge, use a different power adapter you know works.
  6. When the RC doesn’t charge with a functioning power adapter and charger, the RC charging port is faulty, and you must contact DJI Online Support for an RC repair.
  7. If the RC starts charging with a different power adapter, contact DJI Online Support. Inform them you have a faulty DJI adapter.

Aircraft Battery Charging Failure #

Batteries can fail without advance warning. However, a damaged battery is not always the issue. The charger can fail, too, generating this charging failure. 

To better understand the issue, notice how the LEDs behave. LED 1 is the first on the left.

No battery LEDs lighting #

  • Have you stored that battery for an extended period? A month or so?

  • If yes, charge for 20 minutes to recover it from hibernation.

  • If the battery doesn’t charge or you have been using it constantly, use a different 30W charger.

  • When a different proven 30W charger doesn’t work, it could indicate that the battery is faulty. Contact DJI Online Support.

Battery LED lighting abnormally #

When one of the four LEDs lights, the battery stopped charging.

  • If LED 2 blinks twice per second or LED 3 blinks three times per second, there is an overcurrent or overvoltage. You must use a 30W 12V max charger only.

  • If LED 3 blinks twice per second, discharge the battery to completion. Then charge the battery with a 30W 12V max charger only.

  • If LED 4 lights twice per second, the battery is too hot or cold.

When the battery is hot due to a recent flight, let it rest until it is at ambient temperature. Check if it charges.

When the battery is cold due to climate conditions, insert it in the drone and power it ON. After five minutes, remove the battery and check if it charges.

  • If none of the steps above worked or all the LEDs blink three times per second, contact DJI Online Support to send the battery for a check.

Aircraft Powering OFF Failure #

After operating your Mini 3 Pro, you press the Power button to shut it down. The drone stays ON, no matter if you hold the button down for several seconds.

The first possibility for this issue is a firmware update failure, in which case you need to reinstall it. Or it could be that the power button is damaged.

  • Please update the battery as we explain in this video to find out if the battery firmware is the issue.

  • If the battery is updated and still doesn’t charge, it is damaged. Contact DJI Online Customer support to send it to check.

Capture Photos/Videos Failure #

You are flying your drone and realize it isn’t recording any video. And it didn’t capture the shots either.

The common reason here is that your microSD has an error or is incompatible. Or it could be that the camera is faulty, or it has a parameter setting causing this malfunction.

MicroSD Card Failure #

  • Ensure your microSD card is compatible with the Mini 3 Pro. You can see the list here.

  • If compatible, format the SD card according to the video below.

  • Restart the drone and RC.

  • Did the video solve the issue? If negative, it is a camera failure.

Editor’s Choice

Camera Failure #

The camera is a delicate component. Avoid touching it unless there is a gimbal or camera prompt.

However, you can check it as follows:

  1. Check the camera hardware for evident hits. Remove any accessories or filters.
  2. Check the camera settings and set them to auto.
  3. Set your drone to normal mode and attempt to record or capture footage.
  4. If this doesn’t solve your issue, contact DJI Online Support, as the camera is faulty.

Motor Starting Failure #

Once you perform the Combination Stick Command CSC to power ON the engines, they don’t start. You may get a Fly app prompt, or you may not.

The issue comes as something is happening with the propellers or the engines themselves.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Power OFF your drone and RC.
  2. Check the propellers for cracks and correct installation.
  3. Rotate the propellers clockwise or counterclockwise with your finger with a delicate movement. The rotation must feel smooth.
  4. When engines have debris inside, you feel a rough rotation with cracking or metal sounds. Clean the motors with canned air or a soft brush. Do not use water by any means.
  5. After cleaning, rotate the propellers gently to check for abnormal sounds and rough movement. If they now turn freely without abnormal sounds, CSC to start them.
  6. If the engines don’t start, contact DJI Online Support.

How to contact DJI Online Support? #

Contact support on the Fly app or website as follows:

DJI Fly app #

  1. Go to the Fly app on your mobile device or DJI RC.
  2. Tap the Profile option located at the bottom.
  3. Click the headset icon on the right-top corner.
  4. Tap Online Support.
  5. From the Choose A Product Family list, press MAVIC.
  6. Tap the Product and Technical Support option.
  7. Scroll down and tap the Still need help? Button.
  8. Now you have access to the chat with DJI support.

DJI Support Website #

  1. Go to this link.
  2. Scroll down and click Contact Online Customer Service.
  3. Sign in with your DJI credentials.
  4. Now you have access to the chat with DJI support.

Now in the chat, write the issue you have as below:

  • Name of the issue – Use the name we provide you. If you have an error code number, write it to the side of the name.
  • Issue Description – Write in detail what process you followed. You can copy and paste our content.

Then support will ask you some questions about the error. Or even send an email with a quick video of the failure. Don’t talk in the video, but write in detail what you are experiencing with the two steps above.


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