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Do Yuneec Drones Have Geofencing (And How to Unlock)?

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Geofencing is a type of drone technology designed to keep drones out of restricted airspace.

Do Yuneec drones use geofencing? If so, how do you unlock it?

All Yuneec drones have a program that prevents them from flying in no-fly zones or above 400 feet. To unlock the geofencing, ask permission through an app like B4UFLY or AirMap. Then contact Yuneec to free your drone.

This article will explain more so you can use your Yuneec drone to the fullest!

What is geofencing? #

A geofence is a pre-established zone that sets an airspace boundary.

Civil aviation authorities use geofencing where drones are prohibited from taking off or landing. If you fly into a geofence, your drone will land forcefully or crash.

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Do Yuneec drones have geofencing? #

All Yuneec drones come with no-fly zones pre-programmed, so you won’t be able to start your drone. You can also lose control of the drone once it enters that zone, even when you take off from a free-to-fly spot.

The Yuneec Remote Controller advises you when the drone is in a no-fly zone or when your drone is about to enter one.

How can you solve Yuneec’s no-fly zone issue? #

Yuneec understood that other manufacturers have the advantage on this topic. So that’s why this company developed a Remote Controller app.

DataPilot app safety feature #

Next, Yuneec created a safety feature named the Geofence Failsafe Trigger.

It’s a built-in function in the DataPilot app that allows you to set a cylinder as a boundary area. You can then fly in that area without any trouble.

It doesn’t mean you can set a geofence failsafe in a no-fly zone. It means the geofence failsafe prevents your drone from entering a no-fly zone, losing control, and crashing.

Once your drone reaches the cylinder boundaries, the drone performs a selected safety action. That measure aims to make you aware the drone is about to leave the boundary.

You have four actions to choose from:

  • The None action option is the same as leaving this feature deactivated.

  • With the Warning action option activated, the Remote Controller will emit a sound to warn you are about to leave the geofence failsafe zone.

  • Once you are about to reach the geofence failsafe zone, the Return to Launch action option stops your drone and returns it to the launch site automatically.

  • The Loiter action option stops your drone before reaching the geofence failsafe zone, making it hover in that place.

To set it the geofence failsafe, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the DataPilot app on your Remote Controller.
  2. Tap the Settings icon. You’ll recognize it as three horizontal lines, one below the other.
  3. Now tap the Safety icon.
  4. There, type the deployable menu just right the Action on Breach option.
  5. Set the Action on Breach parameter to what you wish.
  6. Tap the Max Radius white box to enable this feature.
  7. Set the maximum flying radius your drone will be able to fly. The center of that circle is the launch point.
  8. Tap the Max Height white box to enable this feature.
  9. Set the maximum flying height your drone will be able to fly. Your cero point is the launch point.

However, this safety feature is only available to the Yuneec H520 with the ST16S at the time of writing this article.

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How to enter a no fly-zone with other Yuneec drones #

So how should you proceed to avoid entering a no-fly zone with another Yuneec drone?

Plan your flight mission #

You can fly into these zones, but you must take precautions first.

Without planning your flight mission, you can set a geofence failsafe cylinder and still fly into a no-fly zone, breaking the civil aviation authority rules.

Plan your flight first, no matter what aid you have.


If you’re in the US, we recommend you use the B4UFLY app to plan your flights. The FAA recommends it, too, as this app only works with Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR).

You can download it on your Android or iOS mobile devices through the Play and App stores. Or you can use the browser version by clicking this link.

Once you open the app, it localizes the GNSS coordinates of your mobile phone. You can also search for the desired destination as follows:

  1. Tap the magnifying glass in the bottom-right corner of the screen for the app version. In the browser version, you find it in the right-top corner of the screen.
  2. Write the address or location you want to fly in. You should write the address and state, or it can show you that address in another country.

Remember this the app only works for US locations.

Now you can check the restrictions in that area and receive authorization by clicking the get authorization button.

On the map, you will see some shapes and icons in different colors. Those are the boundaries established by the FAA.

The zones you need to pay particular attention to are the red ones.

After you enter an address, the B4UFLY app can show you a do-not-fly red prompt. You won’t be able to take off or land your Yuneec drone in those areas.

Other areas have restrictions on altitude, or you need the permission of the entity that owns that zone, but Yuneec doesn’t prevent you from flying there.

It comes down to your judgment and responsibility. Know that breaking those zone restrictions results in a fine, which isn’t cheap.

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AirMap #

If you’re outside the US, the best app to use is AirMap.

AirMap is available for mobile devices to download in the Play and App stores and as a browser version for your computer. You find it in this link.

We have an in-depth explanation of how to get authorization to fly in a no-fly zone from the app in this link.

The idea with B4UFLY and AirMap is to anticipate your flight and receive approval from your local authority.

We advise you to check the flight plan 48 hours before a hobby application and a week for enterprise applications.

Yuneec no-fly zone removal #

Now you know which zone you want to fly in and have the civil aviation authority’s authorization, but that doesn’t mean you have Yuneec’s consent to do it.

Here’s how you get their permission.

Yuneec customer service #

Yuneec’s preferred way to contact them is via their webpage form.

  1. Click this link. It opens the Yuneec Customer Service webpage.
  2. Scroll down the page, and find the Remove No-Fly Zone Restrictions box on the right.
  3. Click the form text in orange. It opens the Customer Service contact form.
  4. You need to fill the boxes with your name, Yuneec email, and phone number.
  5. Select others from the deployable menu.
  6. On the What’s on Your Mind box, write that you require the removal of no-fly zone restrictions.
  7. Yuneec will get back to you as soon as possible.

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