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ExoColony: Planet Survival

3 mins
Drone Simulators Steam
Table of Contents

About This Game #

**Welcome to an exciting survival colony simulation game that takes you into the vastness of the cosmos!**Starting with a small group of colonists, you’re tasked to mine resources, refine materials, build structures, and innovate with new technologies. Across generations and centuries, you’ll expand your settlement into a thriving civilization. Will your colony stand as a testament to your grand vision?

Prosper Through the Ages #

Colonists are your most valuable asset. Colonists are born, educated, start families, work, retire and die. Education lead them into varied professions to keep your buildings operational. Over time, their needs may grow and dedication may wane. As your colony expand, you face more complex challenges, including managing mutations and crime.

The Art of Recycling #

Nothing just vanishes. Every bit of material you have can be changed into something else. Get ready to reuse everything! All resources have their own cycle and can be recycled into new products. Turn unbreathable gases into oxygen, turn biowaste into food and water, and repurpose metal scraps into new tools.

Food Production #

Transform the harsh, barren soil into fertile farmland using materials from your surroundings. Melt ice for water, use water to grow food, and then purify if for reuse. Balance these elements and watch as your colony grow on the food you produce!

Atmosphere Composition #

Ensuring a breathable atmosphere for your colonists. You need to convert the Carbon Dioxide exhaled by your colonists back into Oxygen. Industrial air pollution is another issue to tackle, along with handling different gases present. As the space of your base expands, managing the atmospheric pressure becomes essential.

Industry Chains #

Your industry starts with mining ores and minerals that are then refined into advanced materials, crucial for constructing buildings and crafting items for your colonists. With each step, you’ll turn raw resources into the building blocks of your growing colony.

Power Management #

Generate energy through diverse sources and balance use to avoid shortages. Build batteries to store excess power for peak times. Keep the energy flowing as power shortages can halt essential operations.

… And More #

  • Research: Exploit new possibilities, buildings and recipes through research tree.
  • Logistic: Manage logistic in the colony via drones and belts. Larger the distance is, the more time and power is needed.
  • Space Management: To expand your colony, you must mine out your surroundings and deal with the material you won’t use.
  • Luxury Food and Goods: Produce various food and goods to make your colonists happy.
  • Fitness: Keep your colonists fit to keep them productive.
  • Leisure time: Fulfill your colonists social needs to prevent unrest in growing colony.
  • Mutations: Deal with the mutations on alien world and turn them into your advantage.
  • Game Events: Strange things can happen in the cosmos. Some events might be nice, but some, well you will see for yourself.
  • Terraformation: Get on the ground and turn the planet to your true new home!

See you underground!


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