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2 mins
Drone Simulators Steam
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About This Game #

eXpanSIM is a universal vehicle simulator that supports VR and lets you:

  • train the technique of driving cars and trucks,
  • test your strength in competitive driving,
  • validate new solutions and conduct experimental research.

eXpanSIM aims to capture the realism of driving cars and trucks of different types (petrol, diesel, and electric). The game offers a range of different locations including urban environments, race tracks, and off-road routes. Driving in VR mode is optional.The project is powered by an original vehicle physics engine designed for professional applications. It was developed by Raving Bots, a Polish indie studio.

Driving school #

Improve your driving skills. Learn the principles of eco-driving and hone your driving technique. A range of specially designed training scenarios will lead you to perfection.

Racing #

Prepare yourself for a high realism and an extreme level of difficulty. There will be no driving assistance systems (unless they exist in real vehicles). You’ve been warned.

Research testbed #

Communicate with the simulation using a convenient API. Conduct a series of experiments and collect results easily. eXpanSIM is a modern tool for engineers, designers, Artificial Intelligence researchers working on autonomous vehicles and more.

Vehicles #

Currently available vehicle types:

  • formula car,
  • muscle car,
  • limousine,
  • city car,
  • pickup,
  • van,
  • city bus,
  • intercity bus,
  • fire truck,
  • off-road truck,
  • lorry (with a semitrailer or a tanker),
  • haul truck,
  • excavator,
  • dozer,
  • forklift,
  • armoured personnel carrier (APC),
  • mobile gun system (MGS),
  • manoeuvre combat vehicle (MCV),
  • main battle tank (MBT).

Vehicle models have right-hand and left-hand traffic variants as well. We are constantly expanding the collection of available vehicles. In the near future, the drones will be added.

Equipment #

To fully experience the potential of the simulator, it is recommended to use a steering wheel with pedals. The game supports popular VR equipment such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Valve Index.

Work in progress #

The project is currently in closed beta testing. Contact us if you would like to get access.


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