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FPV SkyDive : FPV Drone Simulator

1 min
Drone Simulators Steam
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About This Game #

Orqa FPV.SkyDive is a Free-to-Play Drone Racing And Freestyle Simulator, and your gateway into the world of FPV drones. Experience an immersive & realistic flight simulation through the eyes of an FPV pilot. Practice your skills and participate in races, challenges or your own freestyle sandbox tricks as you master your flying skills in both Singleplayer and Multiplayer.

A Realistic Simulation #

  • Optimized and realistic drone flight physics for the most realistic flying experience.
  • A variety of maps in a vibrant 3D world environment

Versatile Gamemodes #

  • Racing – Develop your maverick racing skills in a high-speed FPV adrenaline fest
  • Freestyle – Practice your tricks and flicks in a sandbox environment
  • Contest – Participate in global racing events with leaderboards
  • Flight School – Master the art of FPV!

Seamless Controller Integration #

  • Seamless integration with your favorite controllers
  • Calibrate and fine-tune your rates

Multiplayer & Community #

  • Compete with other pilots in online game modes
  • Join a growing community of FPV pilots

Miscellaneous #

  • Platform agnostic. Run FPV.SkyDive on PC, Mac, or Linux devices.


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