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4 mins
Drone Simulators Steam
Table of Contents

About This Game #

You become a robot. Travel over the world! Enjoy the experience of the photorealistic open-world simulator and create the future!

First, Be a Real robot! #

You can experience various robots in research. We are using 3DCAD blueprint data in some of our robots. You can also change the view from a third-person view to a robot vision(first-person view).For example, Happy Mini 2017 has a full range camera, so you can experience that vision.Fly the skies as a drone, and go through the narrow path as a small robot.Some robots are manufactured and they have participated in robot competitions such as RoboCup.3DCADManifacturedMold of the robotBecause we are using 3DCAD data of a real robot, you can look at the internal mechanical design.

Next, Make a new civilization! #

You can build your house on the ocean floor, and on top of the mountain, because you are a robot!You can also make reclaimed lands. Restore the civilization by your hand!

Experience Future Robot Creator in Creator Mode! #

Creator Mode is intended for robotics experiments.However, you can use windows 10 3D Viewer 3D models and upload them as a robot!

Experience the future architect in Creator Mode #

If you become a robot in Creator Mode, then next let’s upload the buildings/house 3D models!We are also making our real living lab 3D floorplans public free, so feel free to use it.You can build also in the air, and make a future aerial city

Upload your own robot #

You can upload your designed 3D blueprints & 3D model in this game.Designing your own robot can change the game’s difficulty. You can use the 3D CAD&models upload functionality in the Creator Mode.Uploaded robots are able to control manually and with programming.

Program your robots! #

FutureKreate is originally developed for robotics researchers.You can use the industrial standard robotics platform ROS to program robots inside the FutureKreate simulator.Develop an Artificial Intelligence inside the simulator!You can use the ROS connection in the Creator Mode.※Creator Mode needs your robot 3d blueprint (obj, fbx, glb, gltf) to work.

Characters #

Happy Mini 2017 #

**Real Robot(manufactured in research)**Happy Mini is a real Home Support Robot designed by Kensei Demura, by the collaborative research of D.K.T. ltd with Kanazawa Institutes of Technology Demura Robotics Lab. The robot arm was designed by ROBOTIS, OpenMANIPULATOR-X. She is designed to be a younger sister. Happy Mini has participated in a robot competition RoboCup@home 2017. She can read picture books emotionally with the technology of AI/Deep Learning.

Happy Mini GAP #

**Real Robot(In design phase)**Happy Mini GAP is a real Home Support Robot in development. It was designed by several women designers in the Girls Art Project. She is designed to be a mother. She can use telepathy to control many things, with the help of IoT/smart home technology.We have made a plastic mold from the factory, but the development is still in progress.

Holand Loptaro #

Robot in developmentHoland Loptaro is a robot designed by middle school student.Holand Loptaro can pass through a narrow gap.You can experience the vision of the rabbit by changing it to the robot view.

Supported formats for robot avatar upload #

  • fbx
  • obj
  • gltf

Supported 3D Modeling Software #

  • Blender
  • Autodesk Fusion 360
  • Freecad
  • Lego Digital Designer + Leocad

Education Usage #

A variant of FutureKreate was used in Kanazawa Institutes of Technology Robotics Department Class from September 2020 to January 2021.

Restore the Earth! Creative Adventure! #

In the year 20XX, the age of singularity has come.Doctor, athlete, architect, lawyer, clerk, waiter/waitress, cook, mechanic, construction worker, farmer, and many other jobs have been replaced by A.I. and robots.Human beings are freed from labor, and it seemed that the world had become more peaceful…However, some of the dominant human beings started world domination, and WW3 has been broken out.With the use of nuclear weapons, biological weapons, autonomous weapons in WW3, human beings became extinct from the Earth…Only non-dangerous robot beings have survived on the Earth.After human extinction, Earth restoration A.I. system “TENSEI-chan” has made an island.TENSEI-chan called the survived robots to start a new civilization.You have been reincarnated into a robot!Craft and adventure, to restore the civilization annihilated by the sins of human beings. Create the future!


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