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How to Fix My Holy Stone Drone that Won’t Start?

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Holy Stone drones are a brand that has grabbed the attention of a large percentage of the consumer drone market as of late. As far as we can tell, Holy Stone is not a drone manufacturer but rebrands products made by other companies. Still, they do offer quality drones that generally perform well. However, one of the most common problems owners have with these drones is that sometimes they just won’t start. So if this is you, what may be the reason for this, and how do you fix it?

If everything else is okay with your drone, then the most common reason your Holy Stone drone won’t start is if it boots in GPS mode. To fix this, you’ll have to make sure it isn’t in GPS mode so that it can start. You just have to hold the compass button for 3 seconds, and it will exit this mode.

In this article, we will discuss different reasons why your Holy Stone drone won’t start and give you pointers on fixing these problems. 

Why is my Holy Stone drone not working? #

Any drone owner will tell you that at some point in time, they have had a problem with their drone refusing to take off even when it’s fully on, and nothing seems to be the issue. This can be one of the most confusing occurrences for any drone owner.

So, you own a Holy Stone drone that simply refuses to take off, and it’s giving you a hard time? Well, fear not. There are several common reasons that may be able to explain this. They include:

1. It’s in GPS mode #

This is the most common reason why Holy Stone drones will not start. If your drone hasn’t experienced any major crash and, at some point, it simply won’t start, then the reason behind this may be that it is in GPS mode. Your Holy Stone drone will start in GPS mode by default, and for some reason, there may be cases where the drone will not work properly in that mode.

2. Dead battery #

One obvious reason your Holy Stone drone may not be starting/working is if the battery has low power or is dead.

3. Motor lock is on #

On some Holy Stone drone models, there is a motor lock function that will prevent any of the motors from spinning. On the controller, there will be a red lock icon that shows if the motor lock is on. This can be pressed on or off to lock or unlock the motors. 

4. Loose propellers #

Another reason why your drone may not be working is if the propellers aren’t tight enough. What happens in this scenario is that if the lock nuts aren’t tight enough, the propellers will slip on the motor shaft, causing your drone not to start.

5. The drone isn’t registered in the country you’re trying to fly in #

Another issue is that you may travel somewhere and forget to register your drone. You should always make sure that your drone is registered in the country or state you are trying to fly it in; otherwise, the built-in safety system may prevent it from starting.

6. You are in a geo-fenced area #

Most drone companies build geofenced areas into the drone’s software, and Holy Stone is no exception. These areas are ones that are either sensitive or you aren’t legally allowed to fly according to FAA drone laws. Trying to start your drone and fly it in such areas will most of the time be impossible. These areas include near power plants, schools, military bases, national security areas, airports, and historical and tourist locations.

7. You haven’t calibrated your drone’s compass #

Most smart drones should automatically calibrate the compass, but sometimes it must be done manually. If the compass isn’t calibrated, then your drone won’t start. So it’s worth checking whether the compass is correctly calibrated.

8. Software issue #

At times, the reason your Holy Stone drone won’t start is if there are bugs or problems with the software. If this is the case, then the drone will not take off from the ground until the software issue is fixed.

9. Internal damage #

If you recently crashed your drone, it may not be starting because the crash damaged some internal components. Therefore, you’ll have to send it back to the manufacturer to get it checked out or have a technician take a look at it.

How do you fix a Holy Stone drone that won’t start? #

As we have already discussed, the major and most common reason why your Holy Stone drone isn’t starting may be because it’s in GPS mode. Sometimes, your Holy Stone drone may boot in GPS mode, and in this mode, it won’t start, and it can’t take off no matter what you do. Your drone’s battery may be full, and the drone may not have had any major crashes, but if it’s in this mode, then it will not start.

To fix this, you’ll have to make sure it isn’t in GPS mode. You just have to hold the compass button for 3 seconds, and it will go out of this mode. Or depending on the model, you can switch off the GPS mode on your LCD screen on your controller. After this, your drone should start. If it doesn’t, then the problem may lie somewhere else.

If you fix the GPS mode and the drone still won’t start, then you should consider doing the following:

  • Make sure the battery is fully charged and is in perfect working condition.
  • Unlock the motors by short-pressing the lock icon on the controller. 
  • Make sure the propellers are tight enough by tightening the locknuts. Don’t tighten them too tightly, as this may strip the lock nut threads.
  • Make sure that your drone is registered in the country you’re trying to fly in. If you are registered, give the registration process a day or two to take effect.
  • Find out whether geofencing is the issue. You could use Airmap. They have a mapping tool that shows if there are any geo-fences or banned flight zones in your area.
  • Properly calibrate the compass on your Holy Stone drone. Make sure you remove all jewelry and watches while doing this as they may affect calibration.
  • Update the software. If the reason your Holy Stone drone won’t start is because of problems with the drone’s software, then you’ll have to update the software so that any bugs and problems are fixed.

If your Holy Stone drone will not start or isn’t working, fixing it is generally quite easy. Try turning it off from GPS mode and if this doesn’t work, follow the tips in this guide.

Image Credit: Holy Stone


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