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How to Register My Drone with DJI (For Warranty Purposes)

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Most pilots registering a drone do so because it’s required by the FAA or their drone authority.

You must also register with the manufacturer if you own a DJI drone and want to take advantage of your warranty.

So, how’s it done?

You can register your drone with DJI by following these steps:

  • Visit DJI’s website
  • Create and log in to your account
  • Navigate to the Warranty Information on the website
  • Select your drone and input its serial number
  • Submit your registration

It’s a straightforward enough process, but you might require some guidance with it, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. That’s what I’m here for.

Keep reading for all the info you need to register your drone quickly and successfully with DJI and activate your warranty.

Do I have to register my DJI drone for the warranty? #

Yes, in order to activate your DJI warranty on your drone, you must register your drone with DJI.

DJI offers comprehensive warranties for its drones and products. However, you can only take advantage of the warranty if you register your drone with DJI.

The process is fast and forthright (what more can you ask for?), so it’s worth taking the time to do it before flying your new DJI drone.

You’ll have greater peace of mind when you fly, and you can’t put a price on that.

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How to register my drone with DJI #

Are you ready to register your drone with DJI? Here are the required steps.

Step 1 – Log into your DJI account #

Visit the DJI website here. Select the icon of a person on the upper right corner of the homepage near the search bar and Store button. Click the link.

Select Register if you don’t have a DJI account. A separate window will pop up on your internet browser for creating your account. Input your email address and choose a password.

You must enter the password twice and pass a Captcha.

You can also opt into DJI’s emails about software updates and new products and services, but this is optional. Click the Submit button and check your email inbox for a confirmation email with DJI.

Log into your DJI account by selecting the Login option under the person-shaped icon. A separate page will pop up asking you to log in with your username and password.

You can also log into DJI through Google or Facebook.

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Step 2 – Access Warranty Information #

Once you’re logged in, toggle to the part of the DJI website marked Warranty Information. You can find this under the Services or Support tab.

Step 3 – Register your drone #

Next, pick the drone you wish to register and activate warranty coverage. DJI will request more information about the drone, including its location, purchase date, and serial number.

You can find the serial number for your drone on the device or its original box.

You might have to include scanned images of an invoice or receipt if DJI requires a proof of purchase, so hold onto your physical or digital receipt.

Double-check the veracity of your information, then read DJI’s warranty terms. Submit your information when you’re ready.

DJI will send you an email confirmation.

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What does the DJI warranty cover? #

DJI’s warranty protects owners of its products from manufacturing malfunctions and defects.

If you notice an issue with your drone that is not caused by lack of maintenance (or incorrect maintenance), misuse, or crashing your drone, you can contact DJI.

Under your warranty, DJI will repair or replace the product at no cost to you if you send in the item within your warranty period.

Only eligible products are applicable for the warranty, so double-check your warranty terms before sending a remote controller or drone to DJI.

If the scope of repairs or replacement exceeds the warranty terms, you might incur fees, although DJI will still provide the required services.

Your warranty becomes active 90 days after your remote controller or drone ships. The warranty terms vary depending on the product.

Some DJI items are only protected for three months, and the longest warranty terms are up to a year.

Is DJI’s warranty free?

Yes, the DJI Limited Warranty is free. Hopefully, you won’t have to use it, but if you must, at least you won’t have to pay for it.

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How do I activate my DJI drone? #

Before you fly your drone, you must first activate it. Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1 – Firmware update #

Your drone and its remote controller require the most recent firmware update to activate. You can use apps like the DJI Fly app or the DJI Assistant to launch and monitor a firmware update.

Check for new updates, and if you see one, begin it.

Most DJI firmware updates take 10 minutes to finish, but they could be longer. You might notice blinking aircraft status indicators.

No, your drone hasn’t begun bugging out. This is a normal part of the firmware update.

Your drone and the remote controller should both have some charge before starting a firmware update. DJI recommends the remote should be charged at least 30 percent and the drone’s battery 50 percent.

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Step 2 – Turn on the drone and remote #

If you haven’t already, power on the remote controller and DJI drone after the firmware update concludes.

Step 3 – Connect to the DJI drone app #

Download the required DJI app on your smartphone.

DJI apps are available for Android and Apple devices, although some require you to download an APK to get them to work, such as on Android phones and tablets.

After downloading your app, open it up and log in.

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Step 4 – Plug the drone into your mobile device #

Take a USB cable (your drone might have come with one; if not, any USB cable suffices) and connect your mobile device to your drone.

You can also plug your smartphone or tablet into the remote controller.

Step 5 – Activate the drone #

You should see activation instructions on your mobile device screen. Proceed through, following the prompts. You must have a DJI account to activate your drone.

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How do I purchase the DJI Care Refresh? #

Next, let’s switch gears and discuss another DJI service in the same vein as its warranty, called DJI Care Refresh.

First, a bit of information, then we’ll discuss how to purchase it.

DJI Care Refresh is a paid protection plan. You can activate it concurrently with your warranty or purchase a plan as your Limited Warranty comes to an end.

DJI Care Refresh doesn’t protect against the same kinds of damage as the warranty, as it’s designed for natural and accidental wear and damage.

Are you interested? You can select from one-year or two-year DJI Care Refresh plans to purchase.

The one-year plan includes two replacements, with one eligible for Flyaway Coverage. The two-year plan provides four replacements, two eligible for Flyaway Coverage.

Buying DJI Care Refresh for your drone is easy. Here are the steps to follow.

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Step 1 – Browse protection services #

Visit the link above to access the DJI Care Refresh page. Click the blue Buy Now button on the upper right corner of the page.

Step 2 – Find your drone on the list #

Clicking that page will take you to a webpage featuring many DJI drones, with 100 models listed at the time of this writing.

Scroll through and select your drone.

Keep in mind that choosing a drone does not mean purchasing the drone itself. You’re only adding DJI Care Refresh services to the drone.

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Step 3 – Choose your DJI Care Refresh plan #

Under the Select Option menu, you should see one-year or two-year protection plans. The price of the DJI Care Refresh service varies depending on the drone’s MSRP.

For example, a one-year plan costs $79, and a two-year plan is $125 for the Mini 4 Pro. However, a one-year DJI Care Refresh plan for the Mavic 3 Pro costs $239 and $399 for two years.

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Step 4 – Input your drone’s serial number #

Before you can add a protection plan to your cart, you must type in the drone’s serial number. Click the blue Submit button when you’re finished.

DJI requires your serial number to ensure you select a DJI Care Service plan in the region where you bought your drone, as that’s the only way the protection plan is valid.

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Step 5 – Check out #

Once DJI has verified your region, you can continue with checkout. Pay for the protection plan and wait for a confirmation email from DJI. 

Step 6 – Activate DJI Care Refresh #

The DJI Care Refresh plan doesn’t begin automatically. You must activate the service first.

To do that, visit the DJI Care Refresh webpage (link above) and click the dark gray Activate the Service button.

You will receive an activation code from DJI. Type that in, then input the verification code. Next, you must bind the drone’s serial number and input some personal information.

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What does DJI Care Refresh cover? #

The DJI Care Refresh protection plan offers many options for pilots eager to safeguard their drones. Here is an overview.

Camera drone protection #

  • Natural wear and tear
  • Flyaway Coverage
  • Water damage
  • Collision damage

Handheld photography device protection #

  • Natural wear and tear
  • Deformation and cracking
  • Water damage
  • Screen damage

Exclusive benefits #

  • Factory maintenance: The DJI Care Refresh plan includes factory maintenance for some products. Under factory maintenance services, DJI will perform part replacement (for parts with light wear), cleaning, upgrades, and inspections.
  • Extended warranty: You’ll recall that the longest a DJI warranty lasts is a year. Under the DJI Care Refresh program, the drone’s main components protected by the warranty receive extended coverage for the selected DJI Care Refresh terms (one or two years).
  • DJI Care Express: Speedier (yet still efficient) replacements ensure you needn’t miss many deadlines, as you will reliably have your drone back sooner.
  • Replacements: Did your drone have a bad accident? You can request a parts replacement under the DJI Care Refresh plan, although DJI doesn’t offer this service for free.
  • Technical service: The exclusive customer support options you can take advantage of as a DJI Care Refresh member include call and online chat support.
  • Exclusive repair discounts: The DJI Care Refresh program offers a 15-percent discount for some products “within a limited repair expense range.”
  • Free shipping: Send your products to DJI for replacement or servicing without having to pay shipping fees. You also don’t incur shipping costs when DJI sends your items back to you.

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DJI Care Refresh vs. drone insurance – What’s better? #

You only have so much money to go around. Is it worth the cash to pay for the DJI Care Refresh plan or drone insurance?

If you must choose, always go for drone insurance.

DJI Care Refresh is a comprehensive plan. It improves upon the basic warranty coverage DJI offers for its drones and remote controllers, as it extends some warranty protections and offers safeguards if you crash your drone.

However, the DJI Care Refresh is lacking in some ways a drone insurance policy isn’t.

For instance, the DJI Care Refresh program only protects your drone. It doesn’t even extend protections to you, the pilot. Insurance does.

You can also rely on drone insurance for public liability coverage.

If your drone causes an accident and injures someone or incurs property damage, what’s more important? The medical and legal fees you could face, or fixing your drone?

DJI Care Refresh can patch up your drone but won’t do anything for the other liabilities.

Ultimately, having both will offer the most comprehensive protection a pilot can ask for.

You can rely on the DJI Care Refresh plan if you ding up or drop your drone during a flying error and use the insurance if the worst happens and your mishap affects someone else.

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