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Is DJI Mini 2 SE Waterproof? (Here’s the Answer)

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The Mini 2 SE is one of DJI’s newest and cheapest drones. Although its starting price is low, the Mini 2 SE is powerful, portable, and has decent camera quality.

But with all these perks, is the Mini 2 SE waterproof at all?

Unfortunately, the DJI Mini 2 SE is not waterproof, water-resistant, or rain-resistant. If you drop the drone in water or fly in heavy rain, the Mini 2 SE can be permanently damaged.

Why is the Mini 2 SE not waterproof? Can we waterproof it? Does it fly in light rain?

These are some questions we will answer if you keep reading.

Waterproof vs. water-resistant – An important distinction #

There’s sometimes a misconception about the terms, especially if we relate to electronic parts or drones.

A waterproof drone can submerge in the water and remain there for a period without being affected or damaging any electronics.

A water-resistant drone refers to only some level of protection from the water. It can withstand a bit of rain or wetness but is not entirely waterproof.

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Is DJI Mini 2 SE waterproof? #

DJI states that the Mini 2 SE is NOT waterproof.

You should avoid wetting your drone.

Things can happen out of our control, but we should always evaluate the possible water damage to our DJI Mini 2 SE drones.

DJI hasn’t created a completely waterproof drone yet, but there may be other ways.

Can you waterproof the DJI Mini 2 SE? #

There are a few ways to make the Mini 2 SE water-resistant.

However, before we continue, I must state a few warnings:

  • If you attempt waterproofing, do not cover all the holes in your Mini 2 SE. Those can be ventilation gaps where the air gets through to cool down the internal parts.
  • Opening up and attempting to waterproof the drone will void the warranty.
  • The drone will never be entirely waterproof, even if you apply an impervious coating on the parts. Internal circuits could suffer from a lack of direct contact with fresh air and can overheat and burn your drone.

It is a risky process, but these are your options.

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Conformal coating #

You can protect some internal parts of your Mini 2 SE and the outside of the drone with isopropyl alcohol, a UV torch, and some conformal coating.

The conformal coating is a special polymeric product that applies a thin layer to protect circuit boards and electronics. The coating will resist some degree of moisture and water.

To entirely cover a circuit board–particularly with sensors such as an accelerometer, gyroscope, IMU, and others–may negatively impact them.

Also, remember that your drone motors are still exposed, and you cannot apply any coating on the coil due to extremely high RPMs and the need to create an electromagnetic field for the motors to rotate correctly.

Although this method may not entirely waterproof your drone, it may withstand a higher level of rain. 

Did I mention that you’ll void the warranty if you do this?

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Floats #

This is not a method to waterproof your Mini 2 SE but to offer some level of protection when flying above water.

The floats will keep the drone above water if the battery depletes and your Mini 2 SE decides to land in the middle of a lake or something terrible happens.

However, any floats or other accessories will bring the Mini 2 SE beyond the 250-gram limit, so it will require registration.

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Flying DJI Mini 2 SE in light rain #

I have flown a few drones in light rain and drizzle, and nothing happened. 

But there is a risk involved.

Although many drones, including the Mini 2 SE, can withstand a little bit of rain, it’s not recommended.

Water can still enter the drone’s electronics even with light rain or drizzle.

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Flying DJI Mini 2 SE in heavy rain #

If you fly your Mini 2 SE because you want to take aerial pictures of a storm and the drone is caught in heavy rain, that can be an issue.

It will likely not survive. 

As a simple guideline, I have put in my mind if this happens to me and the drone is too far away for a safe return, my approach would be to either perform an emergency landing to avoid the drone falling out of the sky or safely landing it under a tree or cover and manually retrieving it.

The ugly part is that you cannot remotely turn off your drone; only the motors and current will flow through the wet circuits. 

However, some drones have short-circuit protection and will automatically disconnect.

We cannot confirm or deny that the Mini 2 SE may assume this function, but with today’s drone technologies, anything is possible.

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What to do if you crash your DJI Mini 2 SE in water #

You tried to plan your drone shots but had a minor crash, and the Mini 2 SE fell into the water. Is it time to panic?

Probably. Should you do it? No. Not yet.

Although drones are not waterproof, they are fine in many circumstances where they fall into the water. In other cases, it results in permanent damage.

A fortunate person may have dropped a drone into a pond or river, but an unlucky one falls into the sea.

What’s the difference?

The water from the sea and oceans contains a lot of salt. The salty water is known for its electrical conductivity and can quickly short the circuits and damage them.

Any kind of electronics in contact with salty water is hard to recover. That’s just unfortunate.

The saltwater can damage your drone’s internal circuits, and the sodium chloride will act as a corrosion agent after it dries.

As a counterintuitive measure, you must rewash the drone with purified water (with the battery removed).

If you have crashed your drone into fresh water, hopefully, the safety features powered it off instantly to avoid damaging the drone. 

Try to leave it for a while to dry, preferably in a dry environment, to absorb every drop of water.

The ugly part is where the water gets inside and damages the camera. The battery can also be affected.

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Does DJI’s warranty cover water-damaged drones? #

If you have a standard warranty with DJI, this won’t cover water damage.

In that case, you must send it back for repairs and pay for any repair and transport fees. 

If you have DJI Care Refresh, that will cover water damage according to their policies.

Also, if you go for third-party drone insurance, this will depend on your chosen insurance, but most of them will cover water damage drones.

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