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Is the Blade 720 Drone a Scam? Honest Review

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One of the many hobbies you can have in today’s tech-driven world is participating in one of many different activities using a drone. Who wouldn’t want to have a controllable flying object that basically acts as your eye in the sky? And because drones are becoming quite popular, many different types of drones such as the Blade 720 are entering the market. But is the Blade 720 drone a scam?

With respect to its price, you cannot really consider the Blade 720 drone a scam because it does its job in the sense that it flies and takes photos. However, do not expect it to be anywhere near the more expensive brands in terms of its performance given its much lower price point.

There are now so many different drone manufacturers around the globe that it can be difficult to actually decide which ones to buy, especially when the cheap ones are making their way into the market. However, just because a drone is affordable but doesn’t quite perform like the more expensive ones, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a scam. In that regard, let’s look at the Blade 720 and why so many people have had a problem with it.

Is the Blade 720 Any Good? #

Just as in almost any industry, there are bound to be the large players, and it’s the same in the drone market. A few industry leaders hold most of the market share, especially when it comes to the quality and popularity of the products. 

However, even though there are more popular drone manufacturers that certainly have some of the best drones in terms of their quality, there are a number of brands and other names that are making their way into the industry. These brands are introducing drones that are more affordable than the big name manufacturers we are used to hearing about when we talk about drones.

The Blade 720 is one such drone that became the talk of the town in many different drone circles because of what at first glance promises to be a much more affordable alternative to all of the other drone brands you can find in the industry. The many videos and advertisements for the Blade 720 claim that it has a performance that is on par with the best drones available on the market while coming at you at a price that is certainly going to make you wonder why it is so affordable.

In that sense, a lot of people have been saying that it is a scam of a product because it would be completely impossible for a drone manufacturer to deliver something that is capable of standing up to the big names without breaking your piggy bank. So, is the Blade 720 really a scam of a product?

For one thing, when we tested the Blade 720, the most basic thing that we can say about this product is that it actually works. It flies, takes pictures, and can be remotely controlled well enough with your smartphone. In that regard, if you are merely talking about whether or not this product is a scam in relation to if it actually works, well, it isn’t a scam in our books because it actually does work. 

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t overall a big disappointment. Let’s go over its performance and features with a more detailed look.

If you look at the exterior of the Blade 720, the first thing you would notice is that its design is quite similar to one of the more popular drone brands you can find on the market. It certainly doesn’t have an original design and it doesn’t stand out if you merely base it on originality.

But what we can say about its design is that it’s pretty handy due to its foldability—another obvious copy of the other brands on the market. Moreover, it’s very lightweight and is probably lighter than most other drones you can get your hands on. But its light weight probably also means that it was made using plastic that is cheaper and less durable than the leaders in the industry. 

We cannot really test the durability of this product without deliberately breaking it, but the fact is that drones should be light yet durable enough to withstand impact in case they crash (and they probably will).

In terms of how it flies, well, it does fly. The Blade 720 isn’t a scam in terms of whether or not it flies because it will actually turn on and fly up in the sky and respond to your control remotely using the downloadable app that comes with it.

However, whether or not it actually flies well is a different story. It doesn’t seem to be able to reach heights that you will really be happy about because it won’t be able to reach probably 50 feet in the air. As to how fast it can get up there, you probably should sit back and drink a cup of coffee because it won’t be able to get as high up as you want it to at fast enough speeds. In that sense, it isn’t the most responsive or reliable drone when it comes to how well it flies.

Next, let’s consider the camera. Like the drone itself, the camera actually works and can take photos and videos in 720p (where it derives its name from). However, what you will instantly notice about its performance when it takes photos is that it is dreadful.

The Blade 720 seemingly doesn’t come with image stability, because it’s going to give you a lot of shaky videos and blurry photos if you try to use it for aerial selfies or other photography needs. Basically, this drone probably won’t be able to give you clear photos given the fact that its camera isn’t the best and the fact that its image stability is awful.

So, the Blade 720 isn’t a scam if you’re just looking at whether or not it works. It does work. But, as to how well it works, that’s where the problem comes in. It won’t perform at even a quarter of what the best brands are capable of. In short, you get what you pay for because of how cheap this product is and how poor its performance is.

What is Wrong With the Blade 720 Drone? #

While we did say that the Blade 720 isn’t a scam, why do so many people hate it and why do people still insist that it actually is a scam? Well, we could say that there was a little fudging the truth when it comes to truth in advertising. It was advertised as better than how it actually performs.

When the Blade 720 was making waves throughout the internet with its ads, it was advertised as an affordable product that is capable of standing up to some of the best in the industry at a price that anyone can certainly afford.

But, based on how it performed, the Blade 720 doesn’t even stand up against some of the drones that are only a little bit more expensive than it is. It performs a lot worse than it was advertised and is barely even capable of functioning at a basic level when you want to take aerial selfies and photos, due to its poor image stabilization. 

In that regard, what’s wrong with the Blade 720 is that it scammed people into thinking that it can perform really well when it actually doesn’t even remotely do what it was advertised to do. It does work, (at a basic level), but in terms of whether or not it will work in a way that fits your minimum standards, it probably won’t.

Alternatives to Blade 720 Drone #

If you are looking for really good alternatives to the Blade 720 that are just as affordable but perform better, here are some of the names you should look at:

1. Ryze Tech Tello #

Like the Blade 720, the Ryze Tech Tell comes with a 720p camera (the more expensive ones can do 4K videos). However, it is designed by DJI, which is one of the best names in the drone industry. It also comes with a good enough flight time for its price while having features that are great for kids and not just adult hobbyists. If you are interested in this drone, you can check it out here.

2. UDI U818A FPV Drone #

With a 720p camera and about 10 minutes of light time, the UDI U818A FPV Drone is a pretty good cheap drone to buy especially if you are only after the basic features of a drone and not the more advanced ones that you can find in the expensive names. Nevertheless, it is quite large and not as compact as some of the other names on this list.

3. Holy Stone HS160 Shadow #

The Holy Stone HS160 Shadow folds into a compact shape that can be useful for those who want to carry a drone capable of capturing 720p videos. This makes it a good option if you love the outdoors and you want to carry a drone on your next trip outdoors. It looks and performs a lot like the DJI Mavic Mini but it is a lot more affordable and doesn’t have the same level of features considering the fact that this drone is a cheaper alternative. You can learn more about this drone here.

Image Credit: SmartNewTrends


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