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Mavic 3 Pro

2 mins
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Table of Contents

Description #

Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing #

Mavic 3 Pro allows you to fly in complex environments. Eight sensors and powerful computing engine sense obstacles and plan a safe route.
Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing and APAS 5.0 – Mavic 3 Pro ensures you fly safely and create with peace of mind. Eight vision sensors work with a vision computing engine to sense obstacles.

Tri-Camera System #

Hasselblad Main Camera – Mavic 3 Pro has a 4/3 CMOS sensor, 24mm format equivalent, f/2.8-f/11, 20 MP. The Hasselblad 4K drone camera supports shooting RAW photos with a dynamic range of up to 12.8 stops.

Medium Tele Camera #

Mavic 3 Pro camera drone has a 1/1.3-inch CMOS, 70mm equivalent, 3x Optical Zoom, f/2.8, 48 MP; 1/2-inch CMOS Tele Camera 166mm equivalent, 7x Optical Zoom, 28x Hybrid Zoom, f/3.4, 12 MP.

Flight Time #

43-minute max flight time – Mavic 3 Pro gives you more confidence to fly further and spend less time worrying about the battery level of the long-range drone with camera for adults.

Transmission Distance #

Mavic 3 Pro features a transmission distance of up to 15 km with stable signals, presenting a more coherent camera view A professional 4K camera long-range drone for adults.

Battery #

Includes DJI RC and one battery. DJI RC has a lightweight, comfortable feel and 700 nit brightness. It’s a great for DJI long-range 4K camera drones. An affordable remote controller with a screen.

Visual Assistance #

The new Vision Assist provides visual assistance and improved aerial safety in four directions. The 70mm Medium Tele Camera now supports 10-bit D-Log M & HLG color modes, expanding post-processing space.

Specification #

Weight #

1.65 Kilograms

Flight Time #

43-minute max

Transmission Distance #

up to 15 k

Price #



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