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Open Hunting XL

1 min
Drone Simulators Steam
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About This Game #

Open Hunting XL is a hunting simulator focused on creating a customizable experience. Hunt small game with engaging systems tailored to those animals. Go after deer with challenging realistic gameplay or go for a casual day out hunting after tweaking your experience to what you want when hunting.

Adjustable Difficulty #

Adjust the difficulty to what you think is fun. From casual to very realistic everyone gets a good hunt in Open Hunting XL. Use a drone to spot animals easily from the sky or turn off all assists and hunt slowly and carefully.

100% Original Shooting Mechanics #

Open Hunting XL has very unique shooting mechanics. You will have to pull the trigger, watch your breath and much more to get a good shot off.

Planned features: #

  • Highly customizable difficulty settings
  • Realistic animal behavior
  • Systems catered towards small game hunting
  • Rewarding, patient hunting at high difficulty settings
  • Relaxing, quick hunting, at lower difficulty settings
  • And way more since the game is still in early development at time of writing

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