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Parrot Bebop 2 Connection Issues (and How to Fix Them)

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Due to its great features and comparatively low price, the Parrot Bebop 2 has become quite popular among drone owners all over the world. However, like all drone models, even the Parrot Bebop 2 can have some issues that may cause trouble for its users. One problem that you may run across with your Parrot Bebop 2 is having trouble easily connecting to the drone with your smartphone.

Like with any drone, the Parrot Bebop 2 isn’t a perfect one by any means because it still has a few issues. Connection issues aren’t even that rare for drones as many different drones experience such a problem from time to time. But when you do face connection issues with your Parrot Bebop 2, we have an easy fix that should get you up and running again in no time.

How do I fix the connection issues with my Parrot Bebop 2? #

The first thing you should try when dealing with a Parrot Bebop 2 drone connection problem is this quick fix, which usually works to reset the connection:

  1. Launch the FreeFlight Pro app, which you should have downloaded on your smartphone. Toggling a few settings in this app will make a world of difference when it comes to fixing the connection issues with your Parrot Bebop 2.
  1. Tap on the Fly & Film area on the app’s interface. 
  1. Look for the Settings, which can be found on the top left corner of your smartphone’s screen.
  1. Tap on the settings and scroll down to find Network.
  1. On Network, tap WPA2 on the top right to change the connection between your smartphone and your Parrot Bebop 2 to WPA2.
  1. Enter a new password there.
  1. Allow the drone to automatically restart after you established a new password. This will most likely fix the connection issues you have with your Parrot Bebop 2.

If that doesn’t work, here are some other tips that may be able to help you:

  • Always make sure that your Parrot Bebop 2 is running the latest firmware and that the FreeFlight Pro app on your phone is updated to its latest version as well.
  • The Parrot Bebop 2 runs and connects better with newer phones. Try to use a newer phone to see if that solves the problem.
  • The Parrot Bebop 2 should be able to connect with a phone better if the phone is not bogged down by bloatware. Close any background apps that may be open so that the phone can focus on its connection to your Parrot Bebop 2.
  • Make sure that your phone and your Parrot Bebop 2 are not connected to another device such as a Bluetooth device.
  • Try resetting all of your devices such as the drone, the phone, and the controller.

Why isn’t my phone connecting to my Parrot Bebop 2? #

The Parrot Bebop 2, while not as popular as DJI brand drones, is still quite a popular drone with a good following. However, it, like all drones, is not without its fair share of minor issues and problems. 

Issues tend to be common with drones because these are devices that make use of wireless connections that (as you know!) are not the most stable and reliable. That is why the Parrot Bebop 2 may experience its fair share of problems from time to time. And you’re not alone, as there are many people who face a few common minor issues when they are using their Parrot Bebop 2 drones.

One such issue we are talking about is related to the Parrot Bebop 2 connectivity. Many users have run across an issue with their Parrot Bebop 2 drones not easily connecting to their smartphones. 

Getting your drone to connect with your smartphone is essential in most cases to flying your drone, as you need to rely on the flight app on your phone to control the drone. The Parrot Bebop 2 is no different because it works better when you are using your phone to toggle its settings while also getting the feed from its camera while you are flying the drone.

With all that said, why is it that you may sometimes face connectivity issues with your Parrot Bebop 2? Why are there times when you can’t easily connect your smartphone to your Parrot Bebop 2?

While there are multiple reasons why your Parrot Bebop 2 might not be connecting to your smartphone or is facing certain connection issues, there are a few common culprits that you may be able to look at to narrow down the potential causes of this problem.

1. The connection type or smartphone has a problem #

The first reason you might want to look at is the connection type. That’s because there are drones that just simply do better when they are using certain types of connections such as the ones that the newer smartphones are equipped with. 

Meanwhile, some smartphones aren’t completely equipped to handle a connection with a drone. These are usually the ones that are on the older side such as when they don’t have the connection specs that some of the newer smartphones have. 

Also, in some cases, your smartphone may not have enough available memory to successfully maintain a connection with a drone or operate the control app. 

So, try to borrow a newer smartphone, or use one that has plenty of memory available to see if this is the cause of your problem.

2. Bloatware and other connections #

Any device that is bloated tends to face problems on a regular basis. What we mean to say by bloated here is that you have too many apps and processes open. You need to understand that your phone needs to work harder and divide its processing power and battery life when there are too many processes and background apps open. 

When this is the case, your smartphone will have connection issues since it won’t be able to focus entirely on connecting with your Parrot Bebop 2.

The same holds true if your smartphone or tablet is connected to other devices as well such as a Bluetooth headset. That’s because your smartphone won’t be able to focus on only one connection, which is the connection between it and your Parrot Bebop 2.

3. Bad environmental conditions and weather #

Finally, you can blame it on bad weather or even bad luck when it comes to the connection issues you may be having with your Parrot Bebop 2. That’s because certain environmental and weather conditions may be affecting the way your phone connects with your drone. There might be something in the immediate environment interfering with the signal or it might simply be that the weather conditions are not at their best.

Certain features such as powerlines, or an area with a lot of other nearby wireless devices running can interfere with your connection signal. So can areas with high levels of natural magnetic interference. Check with other drone flyers to see if such problems are common in the area you are trying to fly. 

You can try to move to a different location that is open and clear during a good day to see if the connection problems still persist. If you are no longer facing problems, then the probable cause can be pinpointed to the environment and the weather in your area.


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