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Potensic Atom SE Battery (Read This First)

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The Potensic Atom SE is a fantastic entry-level drone capable of decent flight times in optimal conditions. You may need to acquire extra batteries to travel with and fly the drone.

What is the Potensic Atom SE battery, and how do you charge it?

The Potenstic Atom SE battery weighs approximately 103 grams and can hold 2500mAh, which is more than enough to keep the drone in the air for up to 31 minutes. The battery can be charged via USB-C or the Potensic Parallel SE Charging Hub.

In this article, I want to share everything there is to know about the Potensic Atom SE battery, including charging tips and more.

What batteries does the Potensic Atom SE need to fly? #

The Potenstic Atom SE may come with one or two batteries.

This drone’s battery model is DSBT02A, and they are 2500mAh intelligent batteries with safety features.

Before using it for the first time, the battery will be in sleep mode for safe transit and storage, requiring you to charge it to “wake it up.”

Model: DSBT02AWeigh: 103 gramsCapacity: 2500 mAhPower: 18whType: Li-ion rechargeable batteryCharging Voltage: 8.4vNominal Voltage: 7.2vMax Flight Time: 31 minutesCharging Method: USB-C or Charging Hub

The Potensic Atom SE battery is a two-cell Li-ion battery that takes approximately two hours to charge.

It does have a few safety functions, such as smart discharge protection, overcharge, over-discharge, and short circuit protection.

What is smart discharge protection? #

Li-ion and LiPo batteries (amongst other types) cannot remain fully charged for long because the battery will be damaged.

In these scenarios, the smart discharge will slowly discharge the battery to a storage level between 50 and 70 percent for long-term storage. 

This function is automatically triggered in the Potensic Atom SE battery five days after the battery isn’t used, and it may take up to a day or two for the task to be completed.

The battery will slightly warm up when in discharge mode, but the difference is too minimal to impact the battery no matter where you store it.

We recommend storing the Potensic Atom SE battery in a safe place when not in use for safety reasons, and never keep it in luggage, a bag, or between clothes. 

You can check the battery status and information, such as displaying current voltage, how many cycles it has, etc., by accessing the battery info page from the Potensic Pro App when this is connected to the drone.

  • Lower the drone flight speed if the battery temperature exceeds 131 degrees F (55 degrees Celsius).
  • If the battery exceeds 149 degrees F (62 degrees Celsius), land your drone immediately to avoid damaging the battery.
  • The normal operating temperature of the battery should be between 32 and 140 degrees F (0 to 60 degrees Celsius)
  • The battery may last about 200 cycles before battery performance declines.

In case of a battery failure, please contact for support.

Can the Potensic Atom SE use any other type of battery? #

No. This battery model is the only one compatible with the Potensic Atom SE.

Although some drones, like the DJI Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro, are compatible with two types of batteries, this drone does not accept any other batteries.

What is the best charging method for Potensic Atom SE batteries? #

There are two methods to charge Potensic Atom SE batteries: 

  1. Via USB-C cable, which should support most types of chargers (such as a phone charger) to charge the battery
  2. Via the Charging Hub, where you can place three Atom SE batteries, and these will be charged individually in parallel.

When purchasing a charging hub, you should also receive a supercharging adapter that will connect to the hub and fast charge up to 60w.

There is also a USB-A output from the charging hub to charge the remote controller while you charge the batteries.

We recommend getting a parallel charging hub if you own more than one battery.


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