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Potensic Atom SE Firmware Update

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The Potensic Atom SE is an entry-level budget drone capable of 4K filming and weighing under 250 grams.

How do we run a firmware update for the Potensic Atom SE drone?

You must open the PotensicPro app while the drone and remote controllers are powered on and linked. When new updates are rolled out, you must download them from the main screen, then install them from the firmware update menu.

I’ll help you update your Atom SE firmware in today’s article with a quick guide. Let’s get started!

Why are firmware updates necessary for the Potensic Atom SE? #

Firmware updates are essential processes that improve a drone’s performance and functionality, including the Potensic Atom SE.

From extended range, improved camera, stability, smoother flight, and new or better-assisted functions, the firmware updates’ role is to enhance these processes, fix current bugs, and even release new operations.

That’s why it’s crucial to perform firmware updates when requested, not only with the Atom SE but any drone.

The drone and the remote controller must have the same firmware (up to date) for the drone to function properly and avoid any incompatibilities. 

How long does it take the Potensic Atom SE to update its firmware? #

A firmware update takes about 8 to 10 minutes for the Potensic Atom SE. That includes download time and installation.

Sometimes it takes more, many times less, depending on the update size, if there are more updates in the queue, your Wi-Fi or internet connection, and your mobile device.

You can perform one or more firmware updates with one firmware download. It may be released as individual updates or in packs. 

Power on the drone and remote controller to check for updates before leaving the house, or you may find yourself in the field trying to do firmware updates.

This takes time and mobile data and will drain from the battery, decreasing your flight time.

How to update the Potensic Atom SE’s firmware #

Before we begin, you must have the PotensicPro app on your mobile device (Android or iOS), which is the app you need to fly the Atom SE and update the firmware. 

Ensure your drone is linked to the remote controller and you have done the binding and setup process, which is required before the first use when bought as new.

Then follow these steps.

  1. Power on the drone and then the remote controller.
  2. Start the app. If the drone and remote controller are on and connected, you should get a notification with a firmware update on the main screen, which you must download, as it won’t let you skip this part.
  3. The downloading process may take a few minutes, and you cannot use the app during this time. 
  4. Once the download is complete, you can use the app, but beware that the firmware update is only downloaded and has not been installed.
  5. Go to the main PotensicPro app screen to install and enter live view mode. 
  6. Tap the three dots on the top right corner (while in Live View mode) and navigate to the three small dots at the bottom left of the menu. 
  7. Here you will see small blue boxes with firmware updates for each device. Sometimes, the firmware updates are installed automatically; if not, you will find them there.
  8. Tapping on the update will show you the changes in the new version. You can install it from there.
  9. Ensure you have enough battery on your drone and remote controller, and DO NOT MOVE the drone while the firmware updates are installed.
  10. Proceed with all the firmware updates to update your Atom SE and accessories.
  11. After completing all the firmware updates, please turn off the drone and the remote controller (it doesn’t matter the order) and then turn them back on for the updates to be fully active. 

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How often is Potensic Atom SE firmware updated? #

There is no specific timeframe for when Potensic Atom SE firmware updates will be rolled out. It all depends on the emergency of fixing bugs or adding new features.

Generally, firmware updates are introduced at least once every few weeks, but it can be more often. These can be micro or major updates.

Please ensure that you perform these updates from the PotensicPro app only for the Atom SE, as there are more Potensic apps, such as the Potensic-G, which is compatible with different drones.

What are the conditions for installing the Potensic Atom SE firmware update? #

  • You must ensure at least 30 percent battery on the drone and remote controller. It’s recommended to have more, just in case significant updates take longer to install.
  • Your mobile phone must be connected to the internet, either mobile data or Wi-Fi, to download the firmware on the app.
  • When installing the firmware update, do not move the drone at all. Place the drone on a level surface.
  • Do not interrupt the upgrade process, or the update will fail.


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