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The Alpha 001

2 mins
Drone Simulators Steam
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About This Game #

Simulation is a product of technologies in the field of computing, designed to create a model of perception of the world, consciousness and mind in recipients, as well as material objects that surround it. She will make you sweat well to achieve your goal. Many bugs of the universe will haunt you, that’s what you need to deal with! The developers do their best to prevent you from surviving this simulation, but Alpha 001 and his team are stronger than the main designer of the simulation thinks. Fight alone or with friends against every danger you face in this world! Watch your indicators, because they will show how bad everything is with you. Build, kill, improve relations with the village and residents, improve yourself, trade. Conquer new heights, fight for the right to life with evil orcs, and in the future with various monsters! In this simulation, you will have to build a lot, collect resources: chop trees, mine ore and stones, collect leaves and sticks from bushes. Hunting is just as important here as fishing, because you can’t do anything on an empty stomach!

● Multiplayer! Play with your friends in co-op mode!
● Singleplayer! Play alone offline.
● Chest! Use chests in order not to lose your resources after death.
● Repair! Repair body parts, weapons and tools.
● Build! Transform your small village into a huge city.
● Research! Explore the entire virtual world with a flying drone.
● Navigation! Travel to new places using a map or virtual pins.
● Shop! Sell ​​and buy resources to boost the village’s economy.
● Fight! Defend your village from evil orcs.
● Collect! Chop trees, mine ore, collect sticks and leaves from bushes.
● Horse! Use your faithful companion to get to faraway places with the breeze.
● The plot! The deep plot will make you think.
● Save! Rescue robots trapped in cages protected by orcs.
● Loot boxes! Break the glowing boxes and get resources from them.
● Create! Look for special terminals in the open world and build your robots that move around the world, which will be for you as a blacksmith.
● Promote! After building each house, you can go through a mini-game, after which there will be one more inhabitant in the village.
● Mini Games! Play mini-games and get nice bonuses.
● Farm! Grow plantations in greenhouses.
● Treasury! Get resources from the inhabitants of your village in the treasury.
● School! Learn game mechanics while playing.


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