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What Is Payload Mode on a DJI Mini 2? (Explained)

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The DJI Mini 2 is one of the best beginner-friendly and convenient drones. Being a sub-250-gram drone, it packs some advanced features that you can utilize without registering it. That is unless you will be using it for professional or paid tasks.

But today, I will not be going into the various features this drone has since we have done that in detail. Instead, I will be addressing the Payload Mode, a mode that has caused some confusion among DJI Mini 2 users.

What exactly is Payload Mode in the DJI Mini 2?

Payload Mode is an automated feature that detects added weight to the DJI Mini 2. This weight could be from propeller guards or any other payloads you may have added. Once detected, you will get a notification, and the drone’s flight will be limited in terms of altitude and range.

I’m going to share everything you need to know about the Payload Mode, when to use it, and how to bypass it when necessary.

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DJI Mini 2 Payload feature #

As I’ve just mentioned, the Payload feature is an automated feature that limits how the drone flies when you add more weight to it. This often happens when you add propeller guards, but other users have also reported the feature activating when they add other payloads, such as bait or a payload dropping system.

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However, once this feature activates, the drone will consume more power than without the payload. The range will also dramatically reduce to 164 feet (50 m) high and 164 feet (50 m) away from the controller or home point. Luckily, you can bypass this feature when you need to in the following ways.

Switch off the Payload Mode #

DJI allows you to switch on or switch off the payload feature. To do this, go to Safety – Advanced Safety Settings and toggle the Payload mode on or off, as shown in the screenshot below.

Trim the propeller guards #

If you still want to use the propeller guards but don’t want to switch off the Payload mode, you can file down the prop guards to reduce their weight, as the video below shows. However, the prop guards end up looking flimsy and not very effective, but it’s worth a shot.

Why you would need Payload Mode #

Payload mode helps keep your drone safe when you add other accessories.

It’s always advisable to avoid using propeller guards and other payloads in very windy areas since they will drag down the drone, deplete its battery much faster, or even cause a flyaway.

Payload mode also comes in handy when giving your drone to a beginner pilot. Since you may not be able to limit how they fly manually, Payload mode controls how they can fly while protecting the drone from extensive damage if it crashes.

What other modes does the DJI Mini 2 have? #

Besides Payload mode, the Mini 2 has another safety mode, the Emergency Propeller stop. Now, you can accomplish this in two ways.

They include:

  • Emergency Only – This means that the motors stop running mid-flight immediately in the case of an emergency. This could be due to a crash, a flyaway, damaged motors, or when you’ve lost control of the drone.
  • Anytime – In this case, you manually initiate the Emergency propeller stop by simultaneously pushing the sticks inwards or outwards diagonally, as shown in the screenshot below.

Remember, once you initiate the Emergency Stop, the drone will come down very fast, and it could crash. You can mitigate the damage by initiating the Emergency stop when the drone is closer to the ground.

How much payload can a DJI Mini 2 carry? #

A DJI Mini 2 can carry a maximum payload of 0.53 pounds (0.24 kg). How much weight a drone can carry depends on the motor power, the drone’s weight, the number of propellers and the amount of lift power, and the batteries’ size and weight.

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Can you fish with the DJI Mini 2? #

Yes, you can fish with the Mini 2, but there’s a caveat. Just make sure the bait delivery system lies within the drone’s weight limit (see above). A DJI Mini 2 allows you to cast further than you would with a regular fishing rod. Besides, it also has a better camera, longer battery life, and it’s one of the easiest drones to fly.

However, the DJI Mini 2 is quite lightweight, so it doesn’t hold up well in windy conditions. Besides, the DJI Mini 2 is not waterproof unless you waterproof it manually. It also costs at least $500, and you wouldn’t want to crash and waste all that money while you could get good fishing gear for a lot less than that.

How far can the DJI Mini 2 fly? #

The DJI Mini 2 can fly as far as 6.2 miles (10 km) thanks to DJI’s advanced OcuSync 2.0. This system switches from 2.4 to 5.8 GHz when necessary, giving DJI drones one of the most robust connections between drones and controllers. While you shouldn’t fly the whole 6 mi (10 km) due to various regulations, it shows the connection is strong at a short-range.

Can I fly the DJI Mini 2 anywhere? #

You can fly the DJI Mini 2 anywhere you want, as long it’s not a no-fly zone and you adhere to the various regulations of the regions you choose to fly in.

Can you fly a DJI Mini 2 in light rain? #

As mentioned earlier, the DJI Mini 2 and most DJI drones are not waterproof. Therefore, it’s not recommended to fly them in rain or snow. There have been cases where people have flown drones in the rain or where the drone crashed into the water and still survived, but that’s a ticking bomb right there.

Once water accesses the internal parts, corrosion may occur, and the ESC may get damaged. You may not see the effects immediately, but you end up damaging the batteries or even the entire drone. Avoid exposing your Mini 2 to wetness at all costs.

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Conclusion #

And there you have it. Payload mode will only activate when you add extra weight to the drone, but it’s also an optional feature you can choose to switch on or off, so you can choose to use it or not. But it’s advisable to use it to enhance your drone’s safety when dealing with extra payloads.

Image Credit:Photo by Matthew Ball on Unsplash (link)


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