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Zenith Frontier

3 mins
Drone Simulators Steam
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About This Game #

Zenith Frontier is an interstellar strategy simulation game. Explore and colonise hostile exoplanets and help humanity survive the struggles of 2040 and beyond.Zenith Frontier features several novel mechanics in the context of traditional 4X and grand strategy gameplay elements. Experience visionary strategic gameplay set in an evolving procedural galaxy populated by billions ot autonomous citizens and private companies. Build a faction with a rich background and strong identity, then oversee their interstellar efforts to advance their position within the precarious New Space Age.

New Gameplay Features: #

  • A Shared Origin: Factions start in the same overpopulated, suffering home system and compete to expand outwards in the year 2040. This is made possible by the recent discovery of –REDACTED– which allows high-tech spacecraft to slip into subspace.
  • Volatile Subspace: Exploration of this newly accessible subspace is incredibly dangerous. This chaotic region is thick with dark matter and swirling dark energy fields, but the ability to travel interstellar distances in considerably shorter timeframes may be worth the risk. Known safe routes will become critical to sustaining your remote holdings, but beware – subspace is neither static or stable and these routes may change!
  • Information is Essential: Unshielded signals will be destroyed in subspace and must be carried through by comm drones. News that arrives at your capital from a distant colony will be out-of-date – the situation will have evolved and you will have to consider this when planning your response. Additionally, perhaps the illegal hijacking of another’s comm drones will glean some strategic information – and prevent it from arriving at its intended destination!
  • Special Relativity: Spacecraft travelling at incredible speeds and colonies established within deep gravity wells will experience first-hand the effects of special relativity and time dilation. Time will progress more quickly for the crew of your –REDACTED– spacecraft making a long journey at high speeds than the colony they are destined for.
  • Geospatial Resource Pricing: A supply and demand model for price determination within a dynamic economic system that includes taxes, import/export fees and transportation costs mean that resource prices will vary throughout the galaxy. Plan your economic developments accordingly – or invest in this interstellar network infrastructure to take a slice of your rival’s operations.
  • Top Level Direction: Shape your faction from the top down by issuing orders, directives, and edicts to your military staff, governors, and private sector. These are executed autonomously, which can lead to surprising outcomes. This indirect control poses interesting strategic challenges.

Traditional Gameplay Features: #

  • Diplomacy and Politics
  • Research and Technology
  • Military Conflict
  • Management and Governance

Zenith Frontier’s Design Pillars: #

Zenith Frontier is being designed and developed in line with these pillars.

  • Emergence – A rich, living world that generates unique emergent scenarios.
  • Strategic Depth – A semantic network of interconnect systems.
  • Gameplay Over Graphics – A high quality interactive system that priotises gameplay.
  • Self-Directed – The player is primarily working towards self-selected goals in open gameplay.
  • Top Level Decisions – The player provides direction from the top-down to autonomous agents.


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