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Best DJI Mini 3 Pro Accessories

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As happened with the DJI Mini 2, the new DJI Mini 3 Pro is breaking sales records. This drone seems to have it all: a fantastic camera, a brand-new remote controller, ground-breaking vertical shooting, an obstacle avoidance system.

Does the DJI Mini 3 Pro need anything else, such as accessories?

In addition to extra batteries and other items, your DJI Mini 3 Pro needs a reliable professional case to store it in, ND filters to get the best photos from the camera, and a great Micro SD card to accommodate all of your storage requirements.

Today, we present you the top 11 accessories for your DJI Mini 3 Pro. Maybe you were already thinking about some of them but were having trouble deciding between all the possibilities.

We have included our recommendations to make matters simpler for you, so keep reading!

1. Extra Batteries #

Whether you bought the Fly-More combo or the normal version of the DJI Mini 3 Pro, extra batteries are a necessity for any serious drone pilot.

After all, you will only have around an hour of flight time using the three batteries that are part of the Fly-More combo.

The worst feeling is being unable to capture a special moment when you are in the ideal location and at the ideal time.

For this reason, you should always have at least one extra battery than your drone would normally require.

Since DJI introduced the mini-drone category, two different battery types are now available for the Mini 3 Pro.

  • Standard: You may enjoy a 34-minute flight time with the regular version.
  • Plus version: The Plus version, on the other hand, will provide you with a flight time of up to 47 minutes.

Note: When using the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus, the maximum take-off weight of the aircraft will be over 250 grams.

2. Hard-Carrying Pro Case #

The carrying bag is one of the accessories included in the Fly-More combo. If you travel frequently with your DJI drone, this bag is quite helpful in keeping it safe.

There are, nevertheless, more interesting options, such as this hard-carrying pro case.

If you have been flying drones for a while, it has likely started pouring at least once while you were enjoying your drone.

The DJI Fly-More combo bag has a problem – it isn’t waterproof. Even if you keep your Mini 3 Pro in there, it could still get wet!

With a professional hard-carrying case, your drone will be protected from the rain as well as from any impacts from regular transportation.

This is what you can store in this professional case:

  • Cables
  • Controller sticks
  • Extra propellers
  • Up to three batteries
  • Two-way charging hub
  • DJI Mini 3 Pro
  • DJI RC

3. ND Filters #

Neutral Density (ND) filters are a key accessory for your Mini 3 Pro, and these are not included in the Fly-More combo version.

Think of ND filters as “sunglasses” for your drone. The filters cut back on the amount of light, color, or wavelength that reaches the camera.

In short, ND filters give the photographer more control over the shutter speed and aperture in various conditions, making them a must-have accessory.

There are many options to choose from, but we recommend the pack of filters that is currently ranked number one on Amazon.

These filters have a professional design, they fit in your Mini 3 Pro nicely, they are simple to install, and their double layer ensures protection against oil, dust, and scratches, so you can just focus on being creative.

There are two packs to choose from:

4. Micro SD Card #

Undoubtedly, you could give up all the accessories listed in this post except this one. Although it is a necessary part of your drone, the Micro SD card is not offered in any DJI bundles.

Every drone pilot has different requirements, so while most should be able to get by with a 128 GB Micro SD, some could need 256 GB for extended sessions.

Do you intend to capture video for extended periods? Are you merely going to take pictures?

These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before choosing the right SD card for your Mini 3 Pro. 

In short, there are three factors you need to know before you buy a Micro SD card.

  • Size of the SD card
  • Reading mechanism
  • Capacity

If you want to know more about which Micro SD you should buy for your Mini 3 Pro, you can find all the information in the article below.

» MORE: Best DJI Mini 3 Pro SD Cards

However, we are going to make it simple for you and tell you exactly what the best option is.

After considering all the factors mentioned above, we recommend the Micro SD SanDisk Extreme Pro (128 GB).

You can definitely find something cheaper, but this card’s reading/writing speeds and capacity make it the perfect match for your DJI Mini 3 Pro storage needs.

If you are a professional or someone who uses many batteries for their sessions, you may want to consider buying the 256 GB version.

Editor’s Choice

5. Propeller Guard #

A crucial question to ask yourself before using an attachable accessory is whether you exceed the maximum take-off weight. Knowing this is so important because most regions have particular laws for mini-drones under 250g.

There are a few circumstances where you might need to exceed the drone’s weight without it being an issue.

For example, if you wish to use your Mini 3 Pro to investigate a tight indoor area of your property, a propeller guard would help prevent crashes and protect the aircraft.

The propeller guard is used primarily for two reasons:

  • To protect the aircraft from crashing when it hits some obstacles
  • To protect people from being cut off by the propellers

This product’s sturdy design enables the aircraft to cushion impacts with objects like walls and tree branches. Prop guards are simple to install, and doing so won’t damage the aircraft’s body.

Flight performance is unaffected even if the drone weighs more than 250 g when the propeller guard is installed.

Key features of the propeller guard:

  • Safety protection
  • Fast install
  • High-Toughness Material Science
  • Perfect fit
  • Small and exquisite

6. Propellers #

Whether you use propeller guards or not, you will eventually need to replace your propellers when they wear out. This is unavoidable given how frequently mosquitoes and other insects slam against them.

You should always have a few extra propellers on hand. They are inexpensive, and a pack of 24 should last you for a while.

Before purchasing spare propellers, take into account the following:

  • This design is fully compatible with the DJI Mini 3 Pro.
  • The tips of these propellers differ from those of the originals. As a result, they are less noisy, but the originals are better at preventing injuries to people.
  • They are simple to install, and the box comes with the necessary screws. If you misplace any of them, this is incredibly helpful.

7. Propeller Holder #

We just discussed how some things, like insects, can harm your propellers. When you fold and store them, they could also suffer damage. If you utilize a propeller holder, you can simply avoid this.

Let us have a look at the features of this propeller holder:

  • The propeller holder is a perfect fit because it was created especially for the DJI Mini 3 Pro.
  • Since it’s simple to install and remove, the drone will not be damaged.
  • It’s made of soft silicone so that it will not scratch the body of the aircraft.
  • This straightforward but helpful item will help you avoid damaging your propellers.

It is crucial to note that even with the propeller holder in use, you will still be able to put the drone in the professional case that we previously described because it is compact and thin.

8. DJI RC Lanyard #

Many drone pilots have voiced their displeasure over the weight of their remote controllers. This is difficult to experience if you have only one battery.

However, if you use numerous batteries each time you fly, you may have some hand fatigue by gripping the remote controller.

In addition to that, not having a lanyard can be a problem if the controller slips from your hands, as it could land on the ground and break.

The simplest solution for these problems is to utilize a lanyard to help you alleviate this discomfort.

In addition, it serves two purposes: It helps to overcome hand fatigue and prevents you from dropping the RC.

You can purchase a lanyard for both the DJI RC and the DJI-N1 controllers.

9. DJI RC Tempered Glass Screen Protector #

If you’re like most drone pilots, you cover an electronic device’s screen with tempered glass as soon as you get it. Why not do the same with this tempered glass screen for the DJI Mini 3 Pro?

Here is what you need to know about them:

  • Protects your screen from scratches and explosions.
  • Excellent tactile response.
  • The rounded corner technology prevents the glass from easily breaking.
  •  The glass gets attached to the screen thanks to a technology that does not require any adhesives, resulting in a bubble-free attachment.

You might wonder, “but why buy a pack of two?” Well, because then you’ll have a spare piece of tempered glass in case the first one breaks, to protect your controller right away.

10. Landing Gear #

The way a drone lands is among the things that are most frequently criticized. In many instances, the drone touches its belly as it descends, leaving scratches over time.

Additionally, if you have to land in a place with vegetation but do not have a landing pad (for whatever reason), then small plants may get into the propellers, resulting in the aircraft’s loss of control and crash.

The best answer to these and other landing problems is to buy landing gear for your Mini 3.

Our recommendation is currently ranked number one on Amazon for new products. The landing gear will increase the height of the drone by 21 millimeters, which is just enough to avoid the previously mentioned issues.

Unlike the majority of drone landing gear, this one can be folded, allowing you to store your aircraft without removing it.

11. Controller Sticks #

This article would not be complete without mentioning a shockingly well-liked item – remote controller sticks.

Some pilots don’t like the feeling the original sticks give them, and others simply don’t like the color or think the sticks are not long enough for them to fly comfortably.

Spare controller sticks are also handy if you lose or misplace the originals.

Regardless of which situation suits you best, you can purchase a spare remote controller stick for either your DJI RC or DJI N1 controllers.

Pilots, that is all for today! We hope we have helped you select the DJI Mini 3 Pro accessories you need to take your drone experience to the next level.

Are you still hungry for more drone info? That’s okay, as we have plenty of articles here at Droneblog.


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