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Can the DJI Avata Freestyle? (Explained for Beginners)

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The Avata is a fantastic FPV drone released by DJI with Normal, Sport, and Manual Modes.

Can the DJI Avata freestyle in Manual Mode?

**The DJI Avata can freestyle but at a high risk of tumbling. There are a few factors to remember, such as that Avata is a Cinewhoop, which may not be ideal for freestyling, and there are settings you need to change to freestyle with Avata. **

As you can see, there are several reasons why the DJI Avata might not be the best drone to fly acrobatic freestyle.

If you decide to do so, remember that key settings and variables are involved, which we’ll discuss ahead!

Can the DJI Avata freestyle? An in-depth overview #

Avata is an FPV drone, the second released by DJI. We all know that the DJI FPV can freestyle well.

Not many drone pilots know that although the Avata is a Cinewhoop FPV drone, you can also freestyle.

It is slightly trickier than the DJI FPV, but possible.

There are a few reasons why Avata may not be the ideal drone to freestyle, including:

  • Avata does not have stability when taking sharp turns.

  • The battery placement changes its center of gravity, massively impacting its ability to freestyle compared to other FPV drones. Avata is at risk of losing its stability and tumbling.

  • The drone motors are not as strong as custom FPV and DJI FPV motors, negatively impacting freestyle performance. 

What are the required settings for DJI Avata to freestyle? #

You must do a few things before you take off and freestyle for the first time, especially if you buy the Avata new. Let’s go over them now.

Remove the remote controller spring tension #

Before flying the Avata in Manual Mode, remove the remote controller’s spring tension.

The reason is that, comparable to a standard drone, the Avata does not hover in Manual Mode.

You need to have 100 percent control of the RC sticks. Otherwise, you will instantly lose control of the drone if the stick remains centered. 

Disable the M Mode Altitude Limit #

Toggle to Gain & Expo in your Settings > Remote Controller and disable the M Mode Altitude Limit before you manually fly the DJI Avata.

This will allow you to eliminate restrictions limiting your ability to fly in Manual Mode and, ultimately, freestyle.

If you don’t disable it, you won’t be able to flip with the Avata.

Change the remote controller settings in Custom Mode from Sport Mode to Manual Mode #

Switching the settings to Manual Mode is required if you want to freestyle. Avata will be limited to Normal and Sport Modes unless you change this setting.

How do you freestyle with DJI Avata? #

Freestyling is a learned skill that takes time and practice and involves many risks.

If you want to start freestyle acro with your DJI Avata, my advice is don’t

Practice with another drone that will allow you to enjoy the freestyle experience and, even before that, strengthen your FPV skills.

I personally had hundreds of hours of practice in Liftoff Simulator before I even took my first FPV drone outdoors, let alone freestyle.

You won’t need as many, but you do need a dozen hours of practice in a sim, at least!

Simply remember that the DJI Avata is not meant to freestyle, and although you can do that, you might not always enjoy the experience.

The experience is terrible compared to freestyling with a DJI FPV drone or any other FPV drone in which the frame structure is created for this type of activity.

» MORE: 9 Best Drone Flight Simulators

Freestyle with DJI Avata – what else do we need to know? #

  • Try to freestyle in an open field with tall grass to avoid unwanted crashes.

  • Always ensure you stay away from people and buildings (even from abandoned buildings at first before you learn and know to freestyle better with the Avata).

  • Respect the drone laws in your country or territory – remember that flying FPVs will mostly require you to have a spotter with you.

  • Before you start to freestyle with Avata, learn to control the drone and fly cinematically (for smoothly learning to micro-adjust the Avata in flight).

  • If you want to freestyle with Avata, ensure your camera angle is between 20 and 30 degrees.

  • Set the controller rates accordingly for freestyle. For instance, I will recommend you set the following rates by going to Settings > Control > Remote Controller > Gain & Expo.

Center SensitivityMax RateExpoRoll1509500.45Pitch15010000.45Yaw15012000.45

FPV pilots often use the above-mentioned rates (or similar) to freestyle with Avata. Other pilots may use other rates, but these are good to freestyle with Avata.

The expo rates will only affect your control in Manual Mode and not Normal or Sport Modes.

If you input the wrong settings, you will mess with the ability to fly the Avata and even risk crashing it.

What are the riskiest parts of freestyling with DJI Avata? #

Remember that your drone will risk crashing by taking any sharp turns with your Avata when you freestyle.

Flying and freestyle in higher winds will increase this risk exponentially, where your Avata may tumble even on smaller turns.

Another risk of tumbling when freestyling with Avata comes when you attempt to dive with the drone at high speeds and then take a sharp turn close to the ground to stabilize it. 

In this case, you will have a big chance of losing control of the drone, although it may not be your fault, but Avata’s aerodynamic and drone structure.

Note: Never freestyle with your DJI Avata or any drone unless you have enough experience in simulators, or you will surely crash your drone.


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