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DJI Mini 3 / Mini 3 Pro App (Read This Before Downloading)

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Once you get your new drone, it’s tricky to understand which apps to use. DJI has several apps, but do you need them all?

The truth is, you only need one to fly, from the two that are compatible with this drone.

The only two DJI apps you can use with the DJI Mini 3 Pro are the DJI Fly app and DJI Assistant 2. The DJI Fly app is a must for navigation. The DJI Assistant 2 can help with managing firmware updates, sensor calibrations, and recording flight data.

So, we came up with this quick-to-read article to show you what you need to know about these apps, how to use them, and when.

DJI Fly app #

The DJI Fly app is intuitive, allowing you to use all the drone features from one single interface.

You can use it for navigation while recording at the specs you choose. It displays crucial drone information for a safe flight.

It helps you share your multimedia with the DJI community, and it also works as social media. The app is packed with features needed for a complete and safe experience.

The app works on your mobile device when you use an RC-N1. And it comes pre-installed in the DJI RC.

The DJI Fly app isn’t compatible with all mobile devices, so you have to ensure that your phone will work. To check it, please see here.

iPhones must have at least the iOS 11 version installed to download it from the Apple Store.

If you are running an older iOS version, you must install the DJI Fly for older iOS versions (link).

It will send you to a page with a QR code that opens a tab with the button to download it.

The DJI Fly app is not available in the Play Store. To download it, scan the QR code to the right side of the Android icon. It sends you to a page with a “Download Android APK” button.

Once you click on the download button, a warning prompt pops up. That’s completely normal, as you are not getting the app from the Play Store. This app is safe, and you don’t need to worry about that prompt.

Now that you have that covered, we can talk about the features available in the app.

Fly Spots #

Fly Spots is an incredible feature for planning your flights. When you enter Fly Spots, it will take you to the map of your location. It shows you where you can fly and how you can do it safely.

This feature alerts you to nearby zones with restriction levels. The red zone lets you know you can’t fly in that area unless you have permission.

To obtain permission, you must send some information explaining why you have the authorization to fly there to DJI FlySafe.

The way to contact them is by emailing or by completing the Online Unlocking form.

Using the drone for professional purposes makes it easier to get permission quickly.

The DJI app will show you the restriction zone depending on your country, its prohibited areas, and regulations from civil aviation authorities.

Please read our article here to get a deeper understanding of the zones.

» MORE: How to Unlock Geofencing on Your DJI Drone (Step-By-Step Guide)

Academy #

Let’s say you are a complete beginner. DJI’s got you covered.

The Academy feature takes you by the hand with a complete set of tutorials. They teach you how to fly the aircraft and where you should do it first safely.

Press the Academy on the top right corner of the screen, and you’ll see the drones. Once you click the DJI Mini 3, a new page appears with complete newbie tutorials up to advanced stuff.

Album #

Within this section, you can access the pictures and videos you have transferred to your device from the drone’s microSD card.

Here you can use the QuickTransfer (if your country supports 5.8GHz) by pressing the lightning bolt on the top right side of the screen.

The coolest feature here is the create option on the bottom right side of the screen. With a click, you can start editing your saved footage.

Use the templates to make stylish vlogs and cinematics. Or you can use the Pro option, which enables you to edit the video manually.

SkyPixel #

This is the social media side of the DJI Fly app.

From this option, you can access the posts of millions of users. Follow other pilots and their incredible footage. Like, comment, and share those shots on your feed or social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

You can share your videos and photos too. It only takes seconds to join the community.

Profile #

The profile feature is where you control all your drones connected to the app. Select the one you intend to use, and it will start pairing.

On top of that, it comes with other options you should consider that increase app value.

You won’t need another device other than your DJI RC or mobile device connected to the RC-N1, to have a full experience of what DJI offers you.

On the top right-side corner, you will find the headset icon. Click it to get support, make an inquiry, or claim.

Access the DJI forums to ask the community and solve questions. It also serves as a newsletter, posting news about drone contests and activities.

You even can access the DJI store and start purchasing necessary equipment within minutes. One of the key Profile feature options is the “Find my drone.” With this feature, DJI helps you recover your drone by following the steps we outline in this article.

» MORE: “Find My Drone” – How to Use on DJI Drones (Step by Step Guide)

Connection Guide #

Finally, we have the Connection Guide button.

This could be the most helpful step-by-step guide you will find to connect your mobile device, RC, and drone.

By pressing the button, you access the interface where you find all drone models. Tap on the Mini 3 Pro, which will explain what to do for a successful pairing.

DJI Assistant 2 (Customer Drone Series) #

On the other side, we have the DJI Assistant 2. It’s not a device app, but rather computer software.

However, it’s helpful when you seek to update the drone and RC firmware separately.

It’s fundamental if your drone can’t auto-calibrate. Advanced calibration is only available through this software, following the on-screen steps.

And finally, this software serves as a flight Recorder reader and display. Your aircraft saves telemetry information, such as the flight path, drone speed, and direction.

Thanks to DJI Assistant 2, you can now access this information from a specific flight.

Read our article on DJI Assistant 2 for more information on how to take advantage of all that this software has to offer.

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