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Can You Fly the DJI Mini 2 Without a SIM Card?

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The DJI Mini 2 is one of the best mini drones that is a great choice for both beginners and experienced pilots. It offers a variety of features and settings that allow you to capture stunning aerial footage and photos.

Like any other DJI drone, you need to connect the smartphone to the controller to access the DJI Fly app and its features.

But some new users often need clarification about whether the smartphone or tablet needs the SIM card, considering you often need a SIM card in regular usage.

So, can you fly the DJI Mini 2 without a SIM card?

Yes, you can. You only need the SIM card for cellular data when you need to connect to the internet, and you can use WiFi for that. The DJI Fly app doesn’t need cellular service to operate.

Please keep reading to learn more about how the DJI Mini 2 functions and why you may not need a SIM card.

Can you fly the DJI Mini 2 without a SIM Card? #

It is important to note that the DJI Mini 2 does not require a SIM card to operate, but it does rely on a wireless connection to function correctly.

You may need a wireless connection on your smartphone to access certain features of the DJI Fly app, such as real-time video transmission or downloading maps for offline use.

You may also be unable to update the firmware or access other online features of the drone. However, the drone’s primary flight controls and camera functions will still be available without an internet connection.

As a matter of fact, it’s always available to fly your drone when in airplane mode to prevent background apps, calls, or texts from interfering with your drone activities.

Even the DJI Smart controller, which combines the features of a standard controller and a smartphone, lacks a SIM card slot, and you can only use a hotspot to access the internet.

As such, you can establish a WiFi connection, download everything you need, and switch on Airplane mode if you have the SIM card.

If you don’t have a SIM card, then you will be fine since you won’t have to worry about interference. Besides, having the mobile device dedicated to just operating the drone without access to cellular service will help save the battery power.

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How to fly the DJI Mini 2 without a SIM card #

To fly the DJI Mini 2 without a SIM card, you must ensure a wireless connection between your smartphone and the drone. The DJI Fly app, available for Android and iOS devices, allows you to access its various features and settings.

To establish a wireless connection between your smartphone and the DJI Mini 2, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your smartphone and the DJI Mini 2.
  2. Open the DJI Fly app on your smartphone.
  3. Make sure that your smartphone is connected to the same wireless network as the DJI Mini 2.
  4. Go to the “Connection” tab in the DJI Fly app and tap “Connect to Drone.”
  5. The app will search for available drones and should find the DJI Mini 2. Tap on the drone to connect to it.
  6. Once the connection is established, you can control the drone’s settings using the app.

Can you fly the DJI Mini 2 without cellular data? #

Yes, you can. As mentioned earlier, the DJI Mini 2 doesn’t need cellular data to fly.

You can use a hotspot for an internet connection and update what you need to update and fly the drone while in airplane mode or without the SIM card.

Can I fly the DJI Mini 2 without an SD card? #

It is possible to fly the DJI Mini 2 without an SD card.

The SD card is used to store the photos and videos captured during a flight, so if you do not have an SD card, the drone will not be able to save any photos or videos, and all you will have are backups of lower quality.

However, the drone can still fly and transmit a live video feed to your smartphone or tablet through the DJI Fly app.

It is worth noting that using an SD card can be beneficial for several reasons. For example, an SD card can store a larger number of photos and videos, which can be helpful if you plan to capture a lot of footage during your flights.

Additionally, an SD card can help protect your photos and videos from being lost if your smartphone or tablet runs out of storage or the DJI Fly app crashes during a flight.

Can you fly the DJI Mini 2 without the app? #

Yes, you can fly the DJI Mini 2 without the app, in which case you will rely on the controller. But you should only do this as a last resort.

The DJI Fly App gives you access to intelligent flight modes, telemetry data about your drone, warnings, and notifications, and live footage of your drone. And unfortunately, the DJI Mini 2’s controller lacks a screen.

While you could shoot blind and still come up with good footage, you risk crashing your drone since you have no idea how much battery power is left, the nature of the connection between the drone and the controller, and you won’t know if you are allowed to fly in the area.

But if the DJI Fly App crashes while in flight, you can control the drone back home or initiate the RTH.

Can I fly the DJI Mini 2 without the controller? #

No, you cannot. Like most other DJI drones, the DJI Mini 2 comes bound with the controller.

The app handles the telemetry, intelligent modes, and other settings of the drone, while the controller provides the physical control of the drone.

DJI didn’t make it possible to control the drone from the app like you would with the Ryze Tello. You can fly the DJI Mini 2 without the app, but you can’t fly it without the controller.


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