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Democracy 3: Clones and Drones

1 min
Drone Simulators Steam
Table of Contents

About This Content #

What challenges are to come for the politicians of the future? Mass unemployment due to the automation of factories? or will this lead to a leisure society and equality? Will ubiquitous drones lead to better law enforcement and less traffic congestion or to widespread crime and infringement of privacy? Should we give the go-ahead to human cloning? will climate change cause problems for our country? Are we going to run out of rare earth metals? or oil…? The people look to YOU for leadership in these turbulent times. Can you keep the country happy and prosperous as we head to the 2020s and beyond?Includes…New Policies:

  • Human Cloning Research Grants
  • Drone Strike Act
  • Electric Cars Initiative
  • Climate Change Adaption Fund
  • One Child Policy
  • Mars Program
  • Antibiotics Ban
  • Mandatory Microchip Implant
  • Home Fabrication Grants
  • Rare Earth Metal Mining
  • Driverless Car Laws
  • Synthetic Meat Research Grants
  • Internet Currency Taxation
  • Anti-Gravity Research Grants
  • Vertical Farm Subsidies
  • Electronic Direct Democracy
  • Green Electronics Initiative
  • International Fusion Research Project
  • Farmland Acquisition Program
  • Limit Automated Trading
  • Automation Tax

New Situations

  • Cyclones
  • Food crisis
  • Drone Protests
  • Rare earth crisis
  • Real estate bubble
  • Luddite Riots
  • Antibiotics-Resistant Bacteria
  • Water shortage
  • Weather Prediction Technology
  • Virtual Reality Market Leader

Plus new dilemmas, new events and some new simulation data…


Liftoff® – DJI FPV
1 min
Drone Simulators Steam
WarBirds – World War II Combat Aviation
5 mins
Drone Simulators Steam
2 mins
Drone Simulators Steam
RealFlight Evolution – E-flite P-47 Razorback 1.2m
2 mins
Drone Simulators Steam
Grenade Drone Simulator
1 min
Drone Simulators Steam
RealFlight Evolution – E-flite EC-1500 Twin 1.5m (updated for 2023)
2 mins
Drone Simulators Steam