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2 mins
Drone Simulators Steam
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About This Game #

Stacks:Space is a space-themed base builder card game with rogue-like elements. Buy booster packs to get new cards, discover craft recipes by stacking cards together, create structures, manufacture drones and droids, defend your base from enemies, visit distant planets, and more!DISCLAIMER: This game is inspired by Stacklands, but it is not Stacklands, and it is not a sequel to Stacklands – it is a completely independent project that feels and plays differently from Stacklands.

Options and Features #

  • Created with Stacks:Engine, a card game framework that is heavily inspired by the Stacklands and Cultist Simulator games
  • ~370 cards to collect and use in Stacks:Space (~370 cards in Stacks:Village mod)
  • ~100 craft recipes (some cards could be crafted via multiple recipes)
  • 7 unique bosses to defeat
  • 1 base location + 12 visitable quest locations (incl. shops)
  • Astronauts / Settlers have trainable attributes: Strength, Agility, Endurance, Intelligence
  • Various scenarios – each having different starting conditions, different end-game goals, or even a different location
  • Game Tutorial included for the first scenario
  • Daily Challenge Mode – an option to have a relatively quick game run with random goals and restrictions each day
  • Modding support

Combat #

Both ranged and melee combat modes are supported (no combat box!). Melee units will move toward the enemy as soon as they see it. Drag your card next to an enemy card (do not stack them!), and you’ll see them punching each other. Ranged units will shoot their projectiles immediately.

  • Stacked cards – the ones doing crafts – do not engage in combat, but could be attacked by an enemy card.
  • Some enemies prefer to attack resource cards instead.

Modding support #

Stacks:Space is moddable! The built-in mod management interface allows near-infinite extension of a game. With just a tiny bit of JSON knowledge, it is possible to create and add new cards, recipes, scenarios, locations, and even completely new games. This game is so moddable that it already includes Stacks:Village, a fantasy village sim, as a mod – accessible via the top-right corner of the starting screen. See this youtube video for gameplay details. The comprehensive modding manual is a work in progress, please stay tuned.


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Drone Simulators Steam
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