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DJI Mini 3 Pro Unable to Take Off (Solved)

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The DJI Mini 3 Pro is among the best and most reliable drones. It would be a shame to get a big red error when you want to fly your drone: unable to take off.

Is there anything you can do? What causes the DJI Mini 3 Pro “unable to take off” error, and how to solve it?”

The DJI Mini 3 Pro is unable to take off for many reasons, including internal component issues, failed calibrations, geolocation problems, bugs, and software limitations.

In this article, we’ll examine in more detail what causes this Mini 3 Pro error and how to get your DJI drone in working condition again. Make sure you keep reading!

There could be a variety of causes why your DJI Mini 3 Pro won’t take off. The list is extensive, as we showed you in the intro.

Let’s go over the various causes now so you can pinpoint what’s wrong with your drone.

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1. Geolocation Restricted Flight areas  #

One of the most common reasons the Mini 3 Pro won’t take off is that the DJI Geofence may block you.

This happens when you attempt to use your drone close to an airport, military base, or other restrictive airspaces where flying drones is forbidden.

Because the Mini 3 Pro and other DJI drones have an active geolocation map that is often updated, DJI will assist the drone pilot in respecting the practicable laws of where you cannot fly the drone.

There are two possible solutions here:

  1. The simplest way is moving your location to an area without geolocation restrictions. 
  2. The most complex method is to unlock the geolocation legally for a specific area you are restricted. How do you do that?

Head to the DJI website Geo Map (link) and check if you are in a “red zone.” If you are, that’s why you can’t take off. Scroll down to Unlock a Zone (link) and log in with your DJI account. 

Go through the process and explain why you want to request a specific area to be geolocation-unlocked for your Mini 3 Pro.

Beware that in many circumstances, you will need approval from the restricted airspace (e.g., a letter from airport administration). In most cases, a drone pilot will be rejected without strong reasons to validate the request.

Remember that unlocking a geo zone will not give you the right to fly in that area. You will still have to ask for permission for that. But hey, we solved the issue of why you can’t take off if geolocation-based.

2. DJI gimbal calibration error – Error code 40011 #

If you got an error with the code 40011, it’s likely because your Mini 3 Pro gimbal is not calibrated and will not let you take off.

To solve this issue, you need to calibrate the gimbal yourself. How do you do that?

  1. Place your Mini 3 Pro on a perfectly flat surface. 
  2. Ensure the gimbal cover is removed and no filters are attached to your camera, or you risk damaging your gimbal.
  3. Turn on your drone and remote controller and select Settings > Control > Gimbal Calibration.
  4. Start the calibration process. It takes a little time to calibrate the gimbal automatically.
  5. If it’s still not working, do a manual gimbal calibration and ensure you follow the instructions on-screen. 
  6. We recommend contacting DJI support if nothing works after several automatic and manual calibration attempts.

3. Aircraft missing parts – Error code 1610004B #

If you are unlucky enough to get this error, attempt restarting your Mini 3 Pro.

If restarting the drone doesn’t work, attempt a factory reset. It should eliminate this error if you got it randomly.

Another solution is to use DJI Assistant and reinstall the current firmware or roll back to the previous one (if the error appears randomly).

But if nothing works, you must contact DJI and probably schedule a repair.

This error may also arrive either after a firmware update or after a minor or significant crash, and if any internal parts are disconnected, damaged, or burnt out. 

Alongside this error, you should get more errors ranging around the same code, reflecting on current issues resulting from this (such as sensor error).

4. Unable to take off – Error code 30064 #

Another common error code that will not let you launch the Mini 3 Pro can result from either a firmware conflict or a hardware-related issue.

The most likely reason is a software issue. If this happens, use the DJI Assistant 2 to reinstall the current aircraft and controller firmware or roll back to another version.

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This error can arrive under many circumstances, but the most common are software glitches, bad firmware, hardware problems, compass calibration, and more.

5. No GPS Signal (beginner mode)  #

The beginner mode of the Mini 3 Pro allows you to learn to fly the drone first by limiting your speeds, flight distance, and other factors until you learn the basics.

Remember, the beginner mode is fully assisted and requires a GPS signal for the return-to-home function to work, hover, and land safely.

In the unlikely case there is no GPS signal, and you are in beginner mode, you may not be able to take off.

6. The aircraft is not activated #

DJI requires all their drones to be activated before the first time you use them.

Moreover, in some countries and territories around the globe, you will also have to register your Mini 3 Pro.

By not doing so, you may be restricted from using the drone altogether, including the inability to take off.

7. The firmware version is too old #

It’s happened to me several times with several drones where I could not lift off at all just because my drone was gathering dust for too long.

The solution is simple in this case: update the drone and remote controller DJI firmware to the latest version.

8. Different firmware versions #

The firmware may not be too old, but different firmware versions could exist between your Mini 3 Pro and the remote controller.

Ensure you run both the drone and remote controller on the same firmware.

If you had problems with the latest firmware and were required to downgrade the aircraft firmware to an earlier version, ensure you do the same with your remote controller if you can’t take off.

9. The drone is not linked to the controller #

Although this sounds ridiculous, have you changed controllers and cannot take off? The controller and drone may not even be connected. Things can happen.

Do you have a live image? If so, there is no problem. Otherwise, consider linking your new RC to the Mini 3 Pro if this is the issue.


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