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Description #

The H520E is designed with the inspection industry in mind with six-rotor systems that allow for stable, precise flight, long focal-length lenses that allow the sUAS to fly at greater distance from an object and data storage that may be shared instantly from the ST16S/E Ground Station or delivered directly in 4K/2K/HD video or 20 Mp still images.

Even in high-wind environments, the Yuneec H520E sUAS system is able to hold position, allowing the solution to fly even when a manned inspection would be deemed unsafe. Exclusive flight speed control offers slowest speed above stall flight for maximum precision in challenging environments. H520E’s landing gear retracts out of the way to give a full, 360 view fo the world to capture important data in the field.

The H520E Hexacopter and the ST16S/E remote control communicate directly, so there is no involuntary data transfer to servers in China, Germany or anywhere else in the world. Neither flight data nor images, videos or logfiles are forwarded to external servers and remain in your possession.

All of our H520E cameras are hot swap-capable on our sUAS platforms, allowing for significant time-savings through not requiring a power-down/restart of the USA system. This also allows for consistency of data-storage, rather than using multiple storage devices and locations.

Specification #

Up to 28 minutes of flight time
3 km range
Max 2,5 kg (takeoff weight incl. copter).
The H520E uses GPS and GLONASS

Price #


Flight Time #

25 min

Max Speed #

72 km/h

Max Transmission Distance in UK/EU #

1.6 km

Weight #

1995 g


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