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Holy Stone Drone Won’t Start: Here’s What to Do

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Flying a drone is an experience quite unlike anything else. Drones are quite sophisticated machines, and they have countless systems that can stop working without a moment’s notice. Holy Stone drones have become a popular choice for lots of people all over the world, but if you head over to any Holy Stone forum, you’ll find frustrated pilots trying to figure out what’s wrong with their drones, with one common problem being a drone that won’t start. So, how do you fix a Holy Stone drone that won’t start?

If your Holy Stone drone won’t start, try these fixes: charge the batteries fully, replace the batteries if they’re damaged, update your drone’s firmware, leave your drone out to dry if it was exposed to moisture, and consult a technician to help fix your drone if it has crashed.

One of the most perplexing things that can happen to any Holy Stone drone owner is their drone refusing to start. As we have already mentioned, drones are sophisticated equipment, so it’s quite understandable that you may find it hard to identify the cause of such a problem. The good news is that the more flight time you rack up and the more experienced you become, the better you get at identifying and solving problems with your Holy Stone drone.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons your Holy Stone drone may not be starting, and of course some suggestions on how to rectify the situation. 

1. Charge the battery to full capacity #

One rookie mistake that many drone pilots make is not charging their drone batteries adequately. Whether your drone is new or old, it’s always a must to check and ensure that the batteries are fully charged before you power up your drone.

A Holy Stone drone that has a battery that isn’t sufficiently charged may refuse to turn on. The worst-case scenario would be that the drone may start and end up falling from the sky once the little charge the battery had runs out.

If you’re having problems with your Holy Stone drone turning on, the first thing you should try doing is charging the batteries to full capacity and then try starting it once again.

2. Check your battery for damage and replace if necessary #

In most cases, the reason your Holy Stone drone isn’t starting is battery-related. One common mistake many owners make is forgetting the basic care and maintenance tips for their Holy Stone drone batteries. If you don’t take care of your drone’s battery, it may become damaged over time. Trying to start a drone with a damaged battery attached won’t work. It’s also quite dangerous as the battery can easily explode.

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To check whether a damaged battery is the cause of your drone not starting, you’ll have to attach a different battery to your drone and then try to start it. If it starts with a different battery, the cause of the trouble was most likely a damaged or worn-out battery.

3. Check drone for signs of damage if it recently crashed #

If you haven’t crashed your drone anytime in the recent past, this might not be the issue. However, if your Holy Stone drone crashed at some point in the near past, then this may be the cause of it not starting.

It’s quite the common story; you were flying your drone happily until out of nowhere, you crash it on the ground or into an obstacle while flying. Miraculously, your drone looks good, but the problem is that it won’t start. In this scenario, your drone may look perfectly okay on the outside but have severe damage on the inside.

If your drone crashed and won’t start, there’s a huge possibility that some internal components were damaged, rendering your drone unable to start. Unless you have excellent technical knowledge, you should not attempt to fix the drone. It would be better to let an expert take a look at the drone, and they’ll assess the damage and help fix it.

You can contact the manufacturer for suggested repair locations, or take it to a drone repair technician near you. 

4. Update the firmware #

Your drone’s software is at the center of your drone’s operations. It controls lots of things, from battery management, flight inputs, and much more. So, it only makes sense that for your drone to be fully operational, it has to have reliable firmware.

One of the reasons your Holy Stone drone may not be starting is if the drone’s firmware is faulty in some way or if it’s out of date. Since the firmware is such an integral part of the drone’s operating system, you will have to fix it before your drone can start.

The first thing to check is whether there’s a new update available and if it is, complete the update right away. In some cases, there may be a bug in your current firmware version, in which case you can revert it to a previous version. 

5. Check your drone for water damage #

Flying your drone in heavy fog or rain may sound like a great idea, but the thing is that it may cost you your drone. Unless your Holy Stone drone is designed specifically for flying in wet conditions, allowing it to get wet can cause it to refuse to start up. Water can also compromise your drone’s battery and cause a short circuit.

If your drone did happen to get wet, remove the battery and allow the drone to fully dry out. Do not attempt to start the drone while it has any moisture on it. 

How to fix a holy stone drone that won’t start? #

For the most part, fixing a holy stone drone that won’t start is usually fairly straightforward. By way of recap, here are some tips that you can try to figure out why your drone won’t start:

  • Make sure to turn on the drone according to the owner’s manual instructions. If you try to start the drone in the wrong sequence or don’t hold the button down long enough, it may not start. 
  • Make sure your Holy Stone drone batteries are fully charged. Your drone will not start unless the batteries are sufficiently charged. 
  • You should also make sure that the batteries are in perfect working order, and if you find out that the batteries are damaged, you’ll have to replace them.
  • If you suspect that a crash is why your drone isn’t starting, you’ll have to consult a technician who can then help you fix the damaged parts and get your drone to start up again.
  • If your drone’s firmware is out of date, you will have to update it. Ensure you are using the latest version of the firmware so that the startup sequence for your drone is executed correctly.
  • If your drone was exposed to moisture, remove the battery and leave it out to dry. Do not try turning it on when it’s still wet since this may cause a short circuit.

Follow the tips in this guide, and your drone should be up and running again in no time. If the trouble persists, you may have to consult a technician. 


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