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Holy Stone HS720 Camera Not Working (And How to Fix It)

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For those who want to enjoy drone flying and aerial photography, there are some drones that won’t hurt your budget. In that regard, the Holy Stone HS720 is a good drone to choose if you are just starting out as a drone pilot and you are not willing to spend a lot on your new hobby. But one problem that some Holy Stone HS720 drone users report is that the camera doesn’t always work. So, how do you get the Holy Stone HS720 camera to work?

In most cases, the reason why the Holy Stone HS720 camera won’t work is in relation to the version of the app you are using and on the OS you are running. Try updating to the latest version of the companion app. You can also try using an iPhone because Holy Stone drones don’t do as well with Android.

When it comes to drones, it’s fairly common to experience technical problems that are not related to the hardware but are due to software issues. The Holy Stone HS720 is one of those drones, and the most common reason for the camera failing to work is related to bugs in its software. In some cases it may be a problem with the camera itself, and in those cases, it’s your best bet to try to take it to a service center or to contact customer support depending on the issue.

Why isn’t my Holy Stone HS720 camera working? #

Let’s get real for a minute and say that not everyone is ready to shell out hundreds of dollars for a good drone that comes with the best brand in the industry. There are plenty of people who might want to try out piloting a drone first to see if this hobby is for them but they are not really ready to invest a significant chunk on an expensive gadget coming from one of the most popular drone brands out there.

Thankfully, there are inexpensive and affordable drones that come from Holy Stone to give you a good way to start out drone flying without forcing you to spend a lot of money on a new hobby that you are not sure you will really end up loving and doing for a long time. Drone flying is an investment because drones are expensive. But Holy Stone drones such as the HS720 tend to be on the cheaper side.

But as you might expect, a cheaper drone is going to end up going hand in hand with more glitches and technical issues. One of the issues that people tend to have regarding cheaper drones like the Holy Stone HS720 is that they don’t always work as smoothly as some other drones do. To be specific, one of the problems regarding the HS720 is that its camera won’t always work when you connect the drone to the controller.

One thing to understand here is that drone cameras are supposed to work together with your smartphone. They use the smartphone as the screen that show what the camera is viewing. That means that you need to make sure that your HS720 drone is connected to your smartphone for you to make use of its camera. But there are some cases where this doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. So, what is the cause of the Holy Stone HS720’s camera problems?

1. Outdated Companion App #

The first reason why your Holy Stone HS720 might be facing camera problems could be that you are using an outdated version of the controller app on your smartphone. Drones, regardless of which brand you are talking about, are particularly sensitive when it comes to outdated apps, because the newer apps are supposed to fix the bugs and issues that the previous versions of the app may have had.

This is especially true when you’ve updated the firmware of the drone, but haven’t made the same upgrade to the controller companion app. 

This fix here should be relatively simple. And something as simple as updating your companion app can fix a lot of problems regarding your HS720 drone, not just issues with the camera. To do this, just go to your phone’s app store and then download the latest update. In many cases, drone app updates are there to fix some of the issues related to your drone.

2. WiFi Interference #

Meanwhile, another possible reason why your HS720 camera isn’t working or isn’t appearing on your phone’s screen even though the drone may be flying well can be related to network problems. 

Most drones such as the Holy Stone HS720 rely on a Wi-Fi connection between the drone and the phone to establish a connection. So, if you are connected to a mobile data network, the connection you have with that network may be interfering with the one you have with your drone.

To fix this problem, before connecting your drone to your phone, turn off your mobile phone’s mobile data network first. Or, better yet, to make sure that there are no connection interruptions, put your smartphone into airplane mode and then leave the Wi-Fi connection on so that the only connection your phone has is the Wi-Fi connection it has with your drone.

3. OS Incompatibility #

Another reason your Holy Stone HS720 camera isn’t working could be that you are using an Android phone. There are no specific reasons why this is an issue but Holy Stone drones just don’t seem to do as well with some Android phones, although they have no issues with certain Android phones coming from certain brands. This is a known bug that is common among Holy Stone drones such as the HS720.

It is no secret that Android users often face issues with the Holy Stone HS720. In some cases, it isn’t merely a camera issue but also causes flight problems such as the drone disconnecting from the phone from time to time. Some HS720 drones do work just fine with Android phones but the Android phones that work with Holy Stone drones tend to be limited to certain brands.

However, there are no known camera issues when you’re using an iPhone to connect to your Holy Stone drone. So, if you have an iPhone, try connecting your HS720 with it to see if it still has camera issues. Using an Android phone is one of the most likely causes of the issue with the camera problems between your drone and your phone.

Image Credit: Holy Stone


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