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How to Fix the Problem with My Yuneec Camera App?

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Like most drones, Yuneec drones come with their own companion apps that allow you to easily control the drone and use its camera. The Yuneec apps are designed specifically to give you complete control over the drone’s camera, and the apps are labeled “cam apps” instead of the catch-all flight app that most drones have. Sometimes, however, you might run into a problem with how the app is functioning. So, how do you fix the problem with your Yuneec Cam app?

To fix your Yuneec Cam app, the first thing to do is close all other apps to allow your phone to focus on the Yuneec app. You can also try restarting the phone, or uninstalling and reinstalling the app. If you are using a newer phone, you can try using an older phone with your Yuneec Cam app instead.

Like almost any drone brand, Yuneec is not free of issues regarding both its hardware and its software. Yuneec drones may end up having trouble with the app itself. These issues could include trouble with getting the app to work properly, or could even mean the app won’t connect with the drone. 

Let’s look at the most common issues causing problems with the Yuneec Cam app so that we can remedy them with quick fixes to get you operating smoothly as soon as possible.

Why isn’t my Yuneec Cam app working?

When it comes to operating your drone, it’s imperative that you connect the drone to your phone. Most Yuneec drones are made to operate with the use of smartphones to not only control the drone’s flight and other features but also to view the camera feed and control the camera. This is done by using a companion app that allows you to connect the phone with the drone and use the app to control it.

Most Yuneec drones also have an included remote control for you to control the drone’s flight. The companion app is specifically designed to access smart flight features, and for the camera controls, depending on which Yuneec drone you have.

However, there are times when your Yuneec Cam app isn’t working properly, or won’t connect with the drone. This means that you won’t be able to use the drone’s camera or probably even fly it if the drone won’t connect with the phone via the app. But why is this happening? What are the underlying issues that could be causing this problem?

1. De-clutter a bloated phone #

Probably the biggest reason why any drone won’t be able to easily connect with a phone through the companion app is related to a cluttered or bloated phone. This holds true for the Yuneec Cam app as well, which might struggle to run smoothly or connect with the drone when you have too many apps opened.

When we say cluttered or bloated, we are talking about too many apps and processes open at the same time. The phone will be using its processing power to run multiple apps at the same time and will have a limited amount of memory available to properly run the drone app.  

Of course, if some of those apps and processes also require the internet, you won’t be able to properly use the Yuneec Cam app because you need to connect your phone to your Yuneec drone’s own Wi-Fi system. The Wi-Fi signal will experience interference, or at the very least will be slowed down by trying to connect too many apps at the same time.

So, the logical thing to do here is to close those apps and processes and only leave your Yuneec Cam app running. Make sure you don’t just close out the open screen of all other apps, but actually shut them down, and check that there’s nothing else still running in the background.

If your phone is approaching its limits in terms of storage and available memory, this will also slow down or impair its ability to run the camera app. In this case, you may have to delete old files on your phone, or even delete a few unused apps that are taking up space. Remember to reboot your phone after doing this to be able to access the newly freed-up memory.

2. Reboot your phone #

I just mentioned this, but it deserves repeating. Once you’ve closed down other apps, or made any other changes, a reboot is in order. Sometimes, a simple restart can fix things for one reason or another. Try restarting your phone and see if it clears up the bugs you’ve been having with the camera app.

3. Update app version and drone firmware #

Another reason your Yuneec Cam app might not be connecting with the drone properly could be due to an outdated version of the app or drone firmware. Logically, when the app is outdated, it won’t have the capabilities to control or connect with a drone that is up to date with its firmware.

Of course, if the drone is also outdated in terms of its firmware, this can cause problems especially if your Yuneec Cam app is updated. The two won’t be compatible in that regard. As such, having one or the other outdated will surely cause issues when it comes to connecting your Yuneec Cam app to your drone or to the ability of the app to run smoothly.

To fix this, make sure you are running the most up-to-date version of the companion app available. Sometimes there are bugs with a particular version of an app, so updating will give you the best chances of getting rid of those issues. Also, check that your drone’s firmware is also updated.

4. Uninstall and reinstall the app #

If you tried updating the app or if it is already up to date but that fix didn’t work, you might want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the same Yuneec Cam app. There is no easy way to explain why this works but it just seems to work at times when it comes to some apps. Try doing this to see if it works for you.

5. Use an older phone #

If you have an older Yuneec drone that uses an older Yuneec Cam app, then there is a chance that your drone was designed with older phones in mind. When that happens, the drone might not be compatible with the firmware version or the capabilities that your newer phone might have if you are using a newer phone. This can cause connection problems between the two, especially if the drone is on the older side and is already several years older than the phone you are using.

If nothing else has worked, try using an older phone especially if your drone is on the older side as well. That’s because some Yuneec Cam apps may only work optimally with phones that were manufactured close to when the drone was released. Newer phones might not be fully compatible with the older drone or its companion app.


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