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Immortal Space God

1 min
Drone Simulators Steam
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About This Game #


After an unwinnable war, survive against all odds. #

Immortal Space God is a space combat simulator with survival crafting elements. You regain consciousness in a hangar. Damaged and abandoned, barely capable of building and launching fighter drones. This is all you need to repair your ship, find a proper base of operations and claw your way back from the brink.

What will you – the player – be doing? #

  • Engage in ship to ship combat using fighter drones – if they die, just build some more.
  • Gain schematics and resources to build new craft and upgrades.
  • Customize your ship(s).
  • Repair and build up bases of operations.
  • Explore an open world, filled with hostile craft, platforms and various locations.
  • Gain wingmen to take on bigger threats and challenges.

For Void Destroyer 2 players – what’s different? #

  • Greater focus on combat – smaller scale fights, but more detailed including destroyable subcomponents.
  • Simplified controls and flight mechanics.
  • Greater ship customizations – including changing weapon loadouts.
  • No economy, build using ore and components.
  • Destroying ships yields crafting material, ship and upgrade schematics.
  • Less story and more player progression freedom
  • More challenging combat – again smaller scale fights, you can’t bring 234309 ships to the field anymore 😉


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