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Potensic Atom SE App (Explained)

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If there’s a drone worth every penny for its easy-to-fly and fun functionalities, it’s the Potensic Atom SE.

What app is the Potensic Atom SE uses and how does it work?

The Potensic Atom SE uses the Potensic Pro app for Android and iOS. The app controls your drone while allowing you to see what you record.

In this article, we’ll explain the basics of the Potensic Pro app, like how to set it up to work with your Atom SE.

We’ll even dive into its interface, explaining every corner of this app. You’ll become a Potensic Pro specialist after this article. So let’s begin!

How to download the Potensic Pro app #

The first step in using the app is downloading it to a suitable mobile device.

As a rule of thumb, only use mid-range cell phones or above. Any iPhone will run the app smoothly, and any quality Android device will also work.

You can download the app directly from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can also follow these steps:

  1. Go to Potensic link from your Android or iOS device.
  2. The first option is the Potensic Pro app. Tap on download.
  3. That download link automatically identifies if you’re using Android or iOS.
  4. If you use an Android smartphone, the link redirects you to download the Potensic app on the Play Store. When you access it with an iPhone, it redirects you to download the Potensic app on the App Store.
  5. Download the link to install the app on your device.

Can I use any mobile device to run the Potensic Pro app? #

On the hardware side, it gets a little bit more restrictive. Due to the Atom SE remote controller’s form factor, you only can use the Potensic Pro app with a smartphone.

Your device must fit the remote controller holder, as it only has space for certain smartphones. Mobile devices measuring 8.5x160x100 mm or 0.33×6.30×3.94 inches or below fit in this remote controller.

Phones like the iPhone 14 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra won’t fit!

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Setting up the Potensic Pro app #

Now that you have the Potensic Pro app on your phone, its time to set it up as follows.

  1. Insert your mobile device into the Atom SE controller.
  2. Connect the cable that comes with your drone to the smartphone. Depending on the cellphone, you need to use a USB-C, micro-USB, or lightning cable.
  3. Press the remote control power button for one second and hold down for six seconds. The button is located on the left side.
  4. Your smartphone should start charging, showing that the smartphone and controller are correctly connected.
  5. Don’t pay attention to the cable debugging prompt. Just proceed to open the Potensic Pro app.
  6. Register an account on the Potensic Pro app with your preferred email address or log in with your Potensic email address if you already registered.
  7. You should now see the Atom SE side of the Potensic logo on the app view. That confirms your smartphone has identified the controller.
  8. Press the Atom SE power button for one second and hold down for six seconds. Your drone will power on and automatically connect with the remote controller and cellphone.
  9. The app view displays a blueish Enter Device button after linking. When that button is gray, your drone hasn’t paired with your remote controller and smartphone.
  10. Tap the Enter Device button to open the camera view.

Potensic Pro app interface #

As you now see, setting up the Potensic Pro app. Now let’s review every feature of the app.

Main menu #

There are seven buttons or icons in the app view. Let’s start with the three vertical lines on the right-top corner of the screen. Once you tap this icon, a menu pops up with five options.

The first option is the video tutorials, where you can find videos to help you take off or calibrate your drone correctly.

Below is the instructions option that links to the Atom SE user manual. There, you’ll find the PDF manual in your preferred language.

The third option displays your current flight records. Once you tap it, you’ll see the flight duration, the distance and height of your flight, and the max speed at each of those values.

When you want to access a previous day’s flight record, go to the fourth option, which displays the flight log with all the flight records by day.

Connection guide button #

You’ll see your device’s connection status on the screen’s left corner. It should light blue when correctly paired.

When you open the app, the phone icon will light blue.

When you connect the phone to the remote controller, the controller icon becomes blue. And when the aircraft pairs with the other devices, the blue drone icon indicates you are ready to open the camera view.

Enter device button #

To enter the camera view, click the Enter Device button. You’ll be taken to the camera view immediately.

Bottom horizontal menu #

This horizontal menu has three options. By default, the app opens on the homepage, Equipment.

Then there’s the gallery. You can find all the videos and pictures you take with your Atom SE.

Don’t worry if the app asks you to accept some permissions the first time you enter the gallery. Grant those permissions, as the app is safe to use.

The last icon of this menu is the Me option.

Once you click that icon, the app opens a different menu with your profile picture and email.

Here, you can report a problem, attaching flight logs and screenshots and a short message with your issue. Potensic will contact you with a solution.

Another cool feature in the Me option is the find a missing drone. Once you click it, the drone emits a beacon to track your location.

Be aware that you should first enable the permissions for this option to work.

Flight interface #

The most interesting side of the app is the flight interface, commonly known in the drone world as the camera view.

Here, you can watch what the drone sees with its camera. Also, you’ll find several icons to interact with.

Camera view: Left-top portion #

The first icon is a button on the left-top corner which returns you to the homepage by tapping it once.

To the right of this icon is the connection status of your Atom SE. When the drone is connected to the controller and mobile device, it appears as connected.

This prompt varies from connected to disconnected when flying in a high-interference area, so avoid using the Atom SE in congested locations.

Below these icons, you’ll see two others. When tapping the arrow pointing upward, the Atom SE automatically takes off.

That icon then turns into an arrow pointing downward, which you press to land your drone or RTH automatically.

The robot face icon allows you to use Smart Flight modes, of which there are two.

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Intelligent Modes #

The Intelligent Mode has three toggling features, with the headless button being the most important for beginners.

When headless mode is active, the drone will always move the way you expect. If your stick command turns your drone to the right, the drone will turn to the right.

Although it sounds obvious, it’s not. When headless mode isn’t active, you might command your drone to turn to the right, but it turns to the left.

So if you’re a beginner, we recommend you use this mode frequently until you get used to flying the drone.

The lock/unlock button locks or unlocks the engines.

This feature is helpful when you land your drone and want the control stick commands disabled. That way, you secure your drone from unintended stick commands.

With the attitude on/off button, your aircraft will stop or drift in the air after releasing the throttle stick.

Flying your drone with the attitude button off will give you a more FPV-like experience as your drone drifts. Be aware that in areas with obstacles, you can crash the drone easily!

Intelligent Flight #

The other Smart Flight feature allows you to use Circle Me and Follow Me to make your aircraft follow you in an orbital path or any direction while filming you as a cameraman.

With waypoints mode, you can set up to 30 points, creating a path your Atom SE follows while filming.

Camera view: Right-top portion #

You’ll find many icons and buttons on this part of the screen.

The first is the Flight mode icon, which also serves as a button. Tap it to change between video, normal, and sport mode, with the default mode being normal.

If you want to achieve smooth recordings or crisp pictures, use the video mode, which reduces the speed of the drone to fly stably.

If you want more action, go to sport mode for increased maneuverability and speed.

The next icon is the head/headless mode that notifies you of the mode you’re in. It also works as a quick tap button to toggle between the two modes.

Another crucial button is the three dots icon. Here, you can change system settings such as the remote controller mode and RTH altitude.

You can also find vital information, such as the battery health condition and the aircraft serial number.

The other icons display informational data such as if your Atom SE is flying by GPS, visual downward sensor positioning, or altitude mode.

Camera view: Left-bottom portion #

Going to the bottom portion of the camera view, you’ll see map and telemetric data.

The map is powered by Google Maps, so rest assured it’s accurate. You can check for restrictions by regulations and plan your flight path.

To the side, you’ll find data such as distance from the remote controller and altitude from the take-off point.

You can also track the horizontal and vertical speed of the drone. This data is valuable to keep the drone within its 4km flying range limit.

Camera view: Right-bottom portion #

Finally, we have the right side with buttons you’ll surely tap more frequently.

The first and nearest to the left-top portion of the screen is the switch to toggle between camera or video. Once you tap it, the red button below switches between the shutter and the video recorder.

Below the red shutter/video recorder button is the shooting mode button. When you click it, you can set camera parameters such as exposure, picture, or video format.

Finally, the last icon is quick access to the gallery. You can view your pictures and videos previously saved on the microSD card by tapping this icon.

Can I fly my Atom SE without the Potensic Pro app? #

You can control your drone without connecting it to the app. You’ll even be able to fly it across long distances.

But should you do it?

We recommend you avoid it at all costs, as you will lose sight of it.

The reason is that your Atom SE could lose its self-positioning aids due to not having the GPS working. Then your drone won’t know where it took off, so it can’t RTH either.

It’s a very unsafe way to fly the Atom SE since you can crash your drone or lose it.


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