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The Greatest Penguin Heist of All Time

4 mins
Drone Simulators Steam
Table of Contents

About This Game #

The Greatest Penguin Heist of All Time is the one and only 1-8 player CO-OP physics-based heist game featuring a bunch of kleptomanic penguins. You’ll experience a blend of physics-based platforming with stealth, strategy, action, and CHAOS.Being inspired by old school stealth and heist games along with modern physics platformers, Penguin Heist aims to breathe new life into the genre with a modern physics engine along with multiplayer. You pick your mission, your loadout, and you set out on your mission. Use your tools, weapons, and wit to infiltrate, steal, and exfiltrate as well as you can. Unlock new weapons and items by completing quests and exploring the maps, and get the sickest penguin drip by spending your hard earned money in the clothing store.Choose stealth and complete the game without killing anyone, choose chaos and blow everything up with high-tech weaponry, or anything inbetween. No matter what level of expertise you are on, Penguin Heist will offer a challenge for everyone. If not, you can have fun slapping your friends with bananas and baguettes.

  • Online CO-OP with up to 8 people playing together
  • 13 very different heists with several side quests
  • Alternative game modes, such as pizza baking, zombie survival, and PvP
  • 100+ quests spread across the maps
  • 100+ weapons and items
  • 100+ clothes and skins
  • 19 unique skins
  • Diverse playing styles from stealth to explosive chaos
  • Heist planner with custom loadouts
  • Daily challenges
  • Realistic penguin nooting

Penguin Heist features a variety of heist locations that all have their unique flair. One heist will have you stealing boats full of fish, another might have you stealing valuable works of art, and yet another may require you to kidnap an prized chef. However, it is the job of a penguin to figure out the way that they want to execute their heist. Loud or silent, lethal or non-lethal – there is no right answer… there is only the way you play!

Weapon Store #

As you progress through the game, you will unlock new weapons, tools, and items. These range from normal guns to drones to explosives to food. Each item has a special feature that can be used to complete a heist. See a pair of penguins guarding a door? You can blast them into oblivion with dynamite and a minigun, you can poison them with stinky fish, you can lure them away and sneak in, you can distort gravity and run past.Get your gear from the Weapon Store. While it has the regular stock guns, you might want to check out the more unconventional weapons and items available.

Clothing Store #

While a penguin can be proficient with every weapon and know heisting in and out, what is a penguin without style? Customize your penguin’s skin, headwear, facewear, and clothes.You don’t need fancy loot when you’ve got style… well, you need the loot to buy clothes, but you get it.

Post Office #

As an addition to the regular stores, the Post Office offers special deliveries as well as unique and epic items.Check out the daily deliveries at the local, cosy Post Office! Make sure to keeps your Penguin Stamps at hand, becuase here you pay with them instead of good old Fish Coins.

Library #

In Penguin Heist, items and weapons are unlocked by finding blueprints. These can be obtained from completing quests or by exploring. Some are easy, others are hard, and that’s why one of the features of the Library is to provide hints to the player.Needs help on your heisting journey? Make sure to check out the Library for hints!Disclaimer: Please note that this is a physics game. The penguins have simulated joints and the controls are therefore not as responsive as your average game. You may find the controls “janky”, which is completely the result of the physics simulation.


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