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Volarious Intelligent Tether System

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The Mavic Pro is a fantastic drone. There are plenty of Mavic owners who have professionally utilized these aircraft. However, there are situations where you just want to keep the drone in the air longer or remotely monitor an extensive area without flying Beyond the Visual Line of Sight. That’s where Volarious comes in. Volarious is a gadget that turns your DJI Mavic 2 into a persistent device that can fly while connected to a box that’s connected to a car.
It’s a great concept. Take an off-the-shelf Mavic 2 and add the ability to collect data for an extended amount of time – or even across multiple countries. Of course, the data is dependent on the application.
However, there are several use-case possibilities where an operator may just want a drone to maintain a particular area for an extended period of time. Consider crowds, civil unrest, or even the usage of Mavic 2 drones by firefighters in firefighting. There are several applications that may arise, and there are plenty of Mavic 2 drones on the market, making this concept feasible.

Volarious V-Scout #

The V-Scout is a battery-free device that can be attached to a Mavic 2 and tethered to anything else via its aerial. It’s an innovative concept: Using a unique battery, it connects a Mavic 2 to a box that unwinds the tether automatically and senses it with a sensor to keep it taut.


Drone with stationary box #

The nice thing about tethered systems is that they can supply power for an extended period of time. That implies the Mavic 2 will stay in the air as long as you are willing to check it. That’s enough on its own, but adding a stationary box on the ground takes things to another level. It’s not feasible for a passenger in the truck to control the drone from inside. And should it be required, that vehicle could drive away.
The Carriage Box can also be mounted on the vehicle for quicker set-up. The system is built to open the box while the car is in motion, allowing the drone to take off as soon as the vehicle comes to a halt. Police officers in some tactical situations might not wish to leave the protection of their police cruiser’s cabin.

**Higher altitudes ** #

The line can be pulled out to a length of up to 60 meters. That’s almost 200 feet above ground level, which should be plenty for the majority of aerial surveillance or data gathering operations. Remember that as you climb higher, your resolution decreases. Other benefits of mounting the V-Scout on a vehicle include better access and increased visibility.

Based on feedback we obtained from public safety officials after using V-Line, volarious developed the V-Scout. They wanted to have the endurance of V-Line but on a mobility device so they could deploy faster and execute more operations. The enclosure keeps the system waterproof and can be permanently placed on the car.

Exclusive niche #

Previously, tethered systems have been costly. This gadget, which works with a popular drone model, is reasonably priced (though you’ll need to get a quote).
The ability to fly for hours would be pretty helpful in a number of scenarios, particularly by First Responders and enterprises. Some situations may require the ability to maintain an eye-in-the-sky for many hours. This is a fantastic invention.
Now let’s talk about the Volarious V-Line intelligent tether system. However, it’s a previous release than V-Scout. The Volarious V-Line is a remote tethered system for the DJI Mavic 2 that extends the flight time of the Mavic 2 series by more than 2 hours. The intelligent tension cable management systems allow one person to operate the drone for lengthy periods of time safely. V-Line is more than just drone gear. It’s your better-tethered drone solution.
The V-LINE Mavic 2 Tether Station has the following characteristics:


High Tolerance with intelligent cable system #

To allow for a continuous and complete recording of data and information throughout your mission, we recommend adding a battery with unlimited power. This feature allows you to continuously and fully capture data and information over an extended period of time. With a Mavic 2, you can fly for more than two hours on a single set of 4 TB47S/TB48S batteries. Alternatively, you may keep a tethered drone in the air indefinitely by using the main power source with an AC adapter.
The Mavic system’s tether keeps the cable taut and simple to use because it senses tension and adjusts as necessary. Tethering a drone has never been more secure.


Quick Swap #

Batteries can be swapped out in the field, and the Mavic 2’s flight time extended even more without having to land the drone. Batteries are hot-swappable and may be changed in a matter of seconds.

Control with app #

The Android app allows you to remotely check on the system and make essential changes using your phone or tablet.


Powerful Design #

The onboard CPU receives real-time information from embedded sensors and utilizes that data to continuously adjust all components to prevent overheating. The V-Line is an intelligent tether system for Mavic 2.
The V-Line system is compatible with similar-size drones, allowing you to cut your overall tethered drone expenses. V-LINE is designed to be compact and light with an outer protective casing. V-LINE is extremely mobile since it is small and portable, and you can transport it from one job location to another quickly and simply. You may rest confident in the fact that the drone and tether system inside V-LINE’s robust casing is safely contained. It’s so convenient to have a wireless keyboard in your car when you’re on the road. You may use a Wireless Keyboard in Your Car With V-LINE.
Simply connect V-LINE into the back of your vehicle, and you’re ready to go!


Compatibility #

V-Line is compatible with sUAS drones, DJI Mavic 2 Series, Autel EV0 II series, and any similar size tethered drones, allowing it to reduce the overall tethered drone cost.
The V-LINE actively tethered system continuously senses tension and adjusts, ensuring that the cable is neat and straightforward to use. This allows you to reach up to 60m altitudes with complete control and extra flexibility by calibrating the drone hovering altitude made of Mil-spec grade micro-cable material. V-LINE’s lightweight and compact protective casing makes it very portable, allowing you to move it swiftly and effortlessly from one job site to the next swiftly and effortlessly.


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