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3 mins
Drone Simulators Steam
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About This Game #

This is a platformer, 2D MOBA game with shooting robots. An 5v5 PvP arena where the goal is to destroy the enemy team’s core or capture the base on the center and keep it. You can customize your weapon and robot by choosing different equipment, which you can acquire by reaching higher levels.Capture the base in the middle to support the advance. While you’re dead, you control a small but deadly drone.The matches are approximately 20 minutes long.The game supports solo, LAN and online matchmaking. (…and simulation games where you only observe bots in spectator mode)On an icy planet, the robots of two bases fight each other to destroy the energy core of the enemy base.If the game successfully finds an audience, we plan to add a lot of new content and features to it.This game is the basis for our later developments with the real goal of creating development solutions to develop our future multiplayer games.We develop the following functions, maps, or equipment according to demand. You can vote for our next developments on our website.The game is designed to work with selfhosted sessions, so it will work offline, without servers.

Short Lore: #

WarBots are designed for WAR at a giant scale.Humans created a whole planet to produce, test and develop warbots and send them out across the galaxies to eliminate potential threats. The Main Constructor’s AI designed to protect life, but since its launch it didn’t contacted any and also didn’t heard anything about its makers. The Main Constructor is now fully operational and running tests on WarBots.

Drones #

When the player’s WarBot is destroyed, a death sphere is spawned. Until the player respawns, they take control of this small but deadly drone, allowing them to continue wreaking havoc on their enemies from beyond the grave.Drones are vulnerable, but when dies, it explodes.

Color Game #

In the Color Game, if you press a square, the one you pressed, and the adjacted ones are changing color. If the full panel have the same color, and its not controlled by that team, the neutral base changes side to that team.If you got stuck, after a few seconds, it will show you what to change next.After the the neutral base is captured, the control panels will be unavailable for a short period of time.

Equipment #

Equipment is an essential part of the game, offering a wide variety of weapon modifications and gear that can drastically alter your stats and playstyle. With each equipment and weapon modification offering a unique combination of advantages and disadvantages, players must carefully choose the best setup to match their preferred tactics. Whether you’re looking to improve your durability, increase your speed, or boost your damage output, there’s an equipment or weapon modification that can help you achieve your goals and dominate your opponents.


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