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DIY Simulator

2 mins
Drone Simulators Steam
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About This Game #

DIY Simulator is teaching everyone how to build DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) objects like electric skateboards, drones, power banks, portable speakers, wireless chargers and many more.

  • By having a day and night cycle, you need to sleep because if you get tired, you cannot work.
  • The assembly system (building system) is user-friendly, you just need to go to the garage and interact with the workbench and a simple menu will appear. From that menu, you can choose what object to build, you can see the parts needed and the final cost (if you buy the parts from the store).
  • In the bedroom, you can find a computer that has a few applications:
    • File Manager – is used for reading and showing texts and images
    • Browser – is used to buy parts
    • Mail – is used to see orders/quests
    • Bank – is used to see transactions and balance
    • 3D Printer – is used to write to USB stick models for the printer
  • The parts will arrive after 1 to 3 days in a box, at his mailbox. Sending an object (or more) to the owner needs to be done in the same way and will be done at the mailbox, but the boxes will be picked when the courier comes. Later in the game, you can build your own car (from parts) and you can go and pick and/or ship the packages if you don’t want to wait.
  • Sleeping is not the only thing you need to do, you also need to drink, eat and to go to the toilet.
  • Buying food and water can be made from the local market.
  • Low on money? No problem, you can find used or not working parts/objects at the traders from the scrap yard and you can get the good parts and create a good and new object.
  • Be careful, outside the village are wild animals like wolves and boars. The safest way is to go with your car, or if you don’t have one, just ..don’t go! They can kill you, or damage your car.
  • By using your mobile phone, you can see your orders, emails, and bank account.
  • You can use the ATM from the market to withdraw or deposit money.


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