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Does DJI Avata Have Follow Me Mode? (Explained)

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Avata is the latest FPV drone released by DJI with extraordinary features packed in a little Cinewhoop frame. Of all its characteristics, does Avata have a follow-me mode?

DJI Avata has no follow-me mode or Active Track features like standard DJI drones. Despite this, Avata lacks any avoidance sensors. It’s a drone made to be flown in Manual Mode.

There are reasons behind the absence of features in Avata. Shall we have a look over all this information together? 

What are follow me mode and Active Track? #

Follow-me mode is a semi-autonomous feature allowing the drone to follow a subject via object detection, controller flow, GPS/GLONASS, and other hardware and software methods.

This mode is helpful as a drone can follow the subject automatically, allowing us to engage in different activities than controlling the drone.

Activities such as cycling, running, and vlogging might benefit from Avata’s follow-me mode if there existed one.

Active Track is a more advanced feature in DJI drones that allows the drone to perform more automatic functions than follow me, such as orbiting around an object.

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DJI Avata and follow me mode – what do we know? #

DJI Avata is the second FPV drone created by DJI. 

DJI adds Active Track and follow-me mode to the majority of its drones. Yet Avata does not have a follow-me mode or Active Track.

We lack such features mainly because Avata is not meant to be an automated drone. It should be flown in Manual Mode without any active sensors.

After all, Avata’s primary flight modes work best with flying in full Manual Mode.

Can any firmware updates enable follow-me mode on DJI Avata? #

The lack of a follow-me mode and Active Track is related to the lack of software and hardware components in Avata.

The drone also does not have adequate computing power to assess and scan the surroundings or any physical sensors to allow for any of the mentioned functions.

Therefore, a follow-me mode cannot be enabled in any way on DJI Avata, not now nor in the future.

What else must we know about the DJI Avata and follow-me mode? #

  • Because DJI Avata does not have a follow-me mode or Active Track, it does not have any other similar autonomous or semi-autonomous features.

  • Avata is an FPV drone, and until now, there have been no FPV drones on the market with follow-me mode.

  • The follow-me mode is often found on simple drones like the DJI Mini 3 Pro, DJI Mavic 3, etc.

  • The market looking for a follow-me or Active Track features on an FPV drone is nearly nonexistent, hence the reason this was probably never considered a priority for DJI to add more autonomous functions to this drone.

  • A drone’s follow-me mode uses advanced camera features to recognize objects and subjects, whereas the camera will always follow the subject.Avata in Manual Mode has a fixed camera angle; hence an FPV drone can’t have a follow-me feature in Manual Mode.

  • Even if Avata had follow-me mode, performing any activities with the headset, such as walking or running, would be difficult.

If you want a drone with follow-me mode, what do we recommend instead of Avata? #

Now that we understand why it may be difficult for an FPV drone to have a follow-me mode, what about a drone that already has one?

Here are some great options.

  • DJI Mini 3 Pro: This drone is fantastic for its size under 250 grams, excellent battery life, and Active Track and follow-me mode.

  • DJI Mavic 3: A more professional and robust drone with omnidirectional avoidance sensors and advanced Active Track and follow-me features, the Mavic 3 performs better than most drones on the market.


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